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So yeah, I went to job fair number 2 yesterday.. I already knew that day was gonna be a crappy one.. Especially when you swear to god feel like you're coughing up blood X_x;. Turns out, they ARE gonna see if there's anything I can do there and call back within a week... But now I honestly would rather work someplace else. Becasue the pay sucks ass and I bet I can find someplace else that has better.

In short, all it seems like the trip did pretty much nothing to me, aside from sitting in frggin' cold weather for about 2-3 hours and making me sicker. To the point I think I was coming down with a flu, and had to stay in bed practically the whole day.

This morning though I been doing MUCH better. Finally was able to eat something, being that ate almost nothing yesterday and I was actually starting to black out if I stood up for too long.... ^^;. But no more headache, no more sick to stomach feel.. just an annoying cough that makes me think I just have a cold now.

..... And annoyance #2 is that I feel like the last person to know that I can use 6 icons now ~_~

sigh.. ;-;

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:33 pm
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.. yes.. what a lovely 2006 this is indeed.

For one.. I miss my pole lamp. Though I am getting at least somewhat used to my room being as dark as it is. So that is the plus.

But if there's one thing I hate most about being 'sick', it's being in that fine line of not really sick where you're pretty much down for the count, or barely anything at all and only there to make life hell(like a border line cold that I seem to have).... And also gets you into the mood of "Well, I ain't feeling all that well to do this/that", and having that issue of eatting when nothing at all sounds good.

... That, and I blame the crappy 24hour rain, and there's supposibly another 2 wind/rain storms at least coming in soon.. hopefuly they won't be nearly as bad where it'll be completely dark by 4pm and I'll be waking up in the middle of the night becasue there's wind and water pounding at my window ~.~
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Stuff I got this year:
- Wild Arms 2
- Makai Kingdom
- FMA Movie Poster
- Ouroboros necklace
- Secret of Nimh(hurazh for oldskool movie)
- Madagasscar(meh..)
- Libra book
- Chocolates
- Tape
- Pirate shirt
- Purse thingy
- Other weird necklace thing(which I don't actually care much for being that the "chain" ish shitty and bulky)

.. actually I quite dig the stuff I got this year. I really did wish I got those celphone straps and cloths though.. becuase those are HECKA rare... Oh well. Maybe I'll buy them myself later this week, seeing how I have more than enough money to do that.. they aren't that exspensive after all. Plus supposibly I have more stuff that's still coming in, but it seems strange they would still be coming in when I got stuff from that store already.... blah.
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Ever hate it when, you get an awesome, 'great' idea to get yourself out of the hole your in, but then somebody has to just go and ruin the moment and determination completely.....? ~_______~

G - Grif(Me)
M - mom

G - *sitting the car at the bank, overhearing some annoying guy a cellphone. Who something brought something about and then I think of something to do when I get home*
M - *Comes back and starts the car up*
G - *about 3-5 minutes later* I was thinking.. maybe I should go online and job search. I'm sure I can probably find something I can do for somebody just working on the computer. And that way nobody has to worry about driving me to and from places.
M - *somehow ignores everyone I just said* Yanno we are going to need to have a discussion later about what you should be doing in the next 3 months. Or else I'm seriously going to take that computer away from you.
*insert rant about how I don't have a permit, and not wanting to go to DMV to get a new one, and STILL not realising I have a driving phobia appearently. Then going on and on about how everyone has had to do everything for me because I don't do any of it. And so forth*

..... And that was only the very tip of the iceberg... I just HAD a solution right THERE. Why the fuck did she just ignore it?! And I still don't see how getting out of high school early really effects the amount of driving me. In fact, STAYING in high school probably makes it more of a hassel than driving me outside of it if not just the same amount.

I even had plans of doing a ton of things for school and other things beyond that today. But now.. I'm so god damn pissed and depressed, it's a damn miracle I'm on the computer right now. I think I migh do round two once I'm done though.. I'm tired of sobbing now about all of this >.>

.. I'm also really wanting to therapy again. Not so much for me, but just so that my mom can flippin' now about just how much damage she does to me... I bet she's even knows about any of it... -_-

EDIT: Well, that went smoother than I thought it would be.. and all is alot better so life is good ^^;;
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I'm having such mixed feelings about tomorrow. I'm glad after that I'll be finally OUT of those classes(though I'm doomed to be in US History again, which is probably the one I been hating most ~______~), plus the two days of sanity after that. One the other hand... I think I got majorly burned this time ><. Well, after halfway when I had to leave and miss out on a ton of things.

This whole damn week(and a half) too I was CONSTANTLY getting on my English teacher's ass about what should I do to make up for the things I missed. But he just goes "Oh, you're doing find.. you're probably one of the best students I have.. yadda yadda yadda"..... I'M MISSING LIKE A TOTAL OF 10 ASSIGNMENTS!! HOW THE HECK SHOULD I BE GETTING THE A I HOPE TO HAVE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS WHEN I'M MISSING LIKE 80% OF THE WORK?!(well, about 4 of them or so were this annoying topic about taking illegal drugs, which I absolutely refused to do for my own reasons >.>) I even was going to do some creative writing to make it up, but he NEVER gave out what I should really do for that(and there was no point trying to work on something if he not even going to take it -_-), and I can only really bother him at lunch but for like less than a minute.

... and now it's too late to do any of that ._.

... and so far I have majorly bombed all of the US test crap, all because my brain really doesn't want to start working properly until lunch or so ~_~. I can't help it that I can't do mornings, no matter HOW early I go to bed. And I rather have a not so study-craming class at the beginning of the day anyway... And of TOP of that, I hate history.

and THANKS to how that class is set up, I have to have it TWICE a day. Just for a semester's worth.. meaning, I am gonna have to deal with it again to complete it ~__~.

So, my total credits worth for this whole time:

English - I'm thinking 4, unless I turned into a teacher's pet somehow durring this time , 5
US History - Honestly, I should get a 3 or 4. Being that I been crashing and burning there alot ><
TA - 5
Business Math - 4.... I still dunno why the hell they kept me there when I already TOOK that class and could just have a different elective than completing one that wasn't even going to get me 5 to begin with ~_~.

Total: 16-18.. when I really need 20 if I hope to even GRADUATE by December.. Meaning I'm gonna have to really go into overdrive or something to make up for that.. but I feel even my next one is gonna be just a hellish.

.... yanno.... I think I'm gonna have a little talk with a few staff people tomorrow.. I think I may have to do some extra elective things.... or face the hellish flames of mom .______.


Oct. 1st, 2005 05:42 pm
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.. Okay, so my b-day wasn't too bad this year around... Still.... sissors.... Why the hell SISSORS?! I swear, she has a weird ass obsession of buying me sissors for me every goss damn b-day/Christmas x_x(either that, pointless 'school supplies', very bizarre nick-nats I'll never use other than dust collectors, or clothes that don't fit me or just stuff very insulting to my fandom(s))

Side note though.. Pokemon XD is quite fun (I think my inner child is always going to be a fan of those games).

Seriously though.. How am I hard to buy for? -_- There's plently of things I want, just that places I go to never has them, or something else. But throw me into some anime/gaming store(IRL or online) and I'm freakin' set XD. Well.. probably better off it being online.

..... and telling people what I exactly want is just.. blah. It's supposed to be the thought that counts, not "hey, get me this cuz I like it", or my favoirte, "I'm getting you something very expensive that you really shouldn't have and you better like it or else I'm calling you a spoiled brat and you should be thankful you got anything, even though the thing isn't anything you wanted ever to begin with" ._....

.... And off topic to all of this: Make the loud people leave that invaded the house and take up personal space in certain rooms ._.
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*ahem* due to the fact I can't fine a decent uploading host for my videos, people are just gonna have to poke me, and have to get them personally from me by IM.

Keep in mind, these were all takened by a digital camra, and at the most can only be a minute long. Thus the quality of most is rather low, and some are at bad cutting points(mostly for the firework clips). But, it was the best I could do, and also can't be redone so easily.

Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Clip 1: Starts off at the part with the three doors(though the youth door on the right can't be seen), up to the point in which you see the bridge and flaming eye/very large skull/head statue for the first time. Not much can really be seen in this clip though, for that my camra has problems picking up dim lighting(even though I never thought those parts were really that dark to begin with O.o). Also rather blurry because the jeep you're in is being shakened around.. if you have/ever ride that thing you will know what I mean. XD

Clip 2: Just after the dart room, with Indi hanging on the rope and the boulder coming up behind him(which the camra didn't seem to pick up). Then goes up to the very end and back into the loading dock, in which you can see the a little bit of the jeep in front of us.

Splash Mountain:

Clip 1: Just after the very first drop before you go inside. In which you find the infamous 'America Sings' geese and frogs, then the part with Brer Fox and Bear(and the awesome donkey XD). Then seeing Brer Rabbit and the turtle. Basically, the first minute just about of the ride, lol.

Clip 2: Before the last and biggest drop. Starting at where Brer Rabbit gets caught, leading into the scenes of the opossum and rabbit families(opossums on the right, rabbits on the left). Then getting to the vultures before you start climbing up for that last drop. There's also a little segment just before the drop, but I didn't want to risk taking it, because I probably wouldn't have enough time to put the camra away so that it couldn't get wet. (and I'm SO glad I did......... *coughes up more Splash water* @_@)

Clip 3: And then the finale-ish thing with the riverboat and among other things. Pretty much explainitory(sp?)


Clip 1: Beginning of the Haunted Mansion part they have(though I couldn't get the very beginning of it being that the camra was being stubborn about turning on for some reason). It's too bad my minute ran up before the part when it gets really awesome(they seriously have something going on in every corner of the area just about, kinda making a curve around the castle). One of the best things about the whole firework show they have now, they actually made the enitre park involved into it, rather than all in one place.

Plus, ride-themed fireworks is just badass XD

Clip 2: As we call, the "Wanko" part of the fireworks. You'll probably understand why when you see it lol..... God I love those vultures XD.

..... DUN MAKE ME GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! *sobs* D:
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Ahhh... feels kinda good to be home again, not that I had an absolute bad time, but you know..

I still need to get some of my 'goodies' uploaded. Prehaps a few of them might be things some might like to see.. I dunno how well some of it is gonna look though =/.

....... and now I feel so behind the times as for what is going on in the rest of the world ._.

Movin' out

Sep. 21st, 2005 11:50 pm
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Well... going down south over the weekend... again. And will be gone for the next 5 days or so.

So, see everyone till next Monday, or Tuesday at the lastest ^^;

..... I probably should have gone to bed like one or two hours ago >
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WHO THE HELL KEEPS CALLING ME WITH THIS NUMBER?! >< My phone went off like twice during second period, and almost got busted because of it. Checked my messages later during lunch and they didn't leave anything. Then last period it went off again, almost would have gotten into trouble again(thank god I have such a good rep at that school otherwise my phone would have probably got takened away -_-;)

Then after school I had my phone on to check more on it, about 3 minutes later I got a voicemail. Which I couldn't understand a single bit of it(mostly because the person was talking really fast), only it had something to do with a morgage(sp?) company, some stuff that sounded real estate related, and having to fax something. So I think it had something to do for my mom.. but the weird thing was that the person who called referred it to MY name, and I can't see how they could have gotten our numbers mixed up like that.

sigh... -_-
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I feel like I'm in a regular high school again ><.

US History is gonna be annoying, not really 'hard', but just annoying ><. In the time I had(which I'm in there for 2 periods due to 'so much information to learn and not enough time'), I could have EASILY gotten more than half through the first chapter. Instead, I had to hear an hour lecture and a movie to watch on something that to me, can get the idea in probably a fourth of that time(Plus, nearly all of it was things I already knew and/or from the World History)... And so far it doesn't seem like I can just move at my own speed ><.

Hehehe... yey for Disgaea letting me know words(or just reminding me of it, heh) that are rarely used and having it appear in a discussion. And people say playing video games is bad XD.

I am now also the TA for the class that was orginally environmental science. Which is kinda fun because that guy is pretty cool (despite the long lectures that have been going on..). Which is basically me sleeping the whole time until I get poked and asked to do something. Which in this chase today was, stapling a bunch of packets, suddenly finding out the packets were botched up and missing pages and then having to get copies of the missing pages. Then go to the people with the new packets, take the staple out by hand, add the pages where they went and restaple it(I'm so glad I have somewhat long nails right now, though having to do this like 14 times nearly killed them ><). Was annoying to do, but in a way better than feeling like a slouch all day thought..

.... I think so one wants to kill me in English @_@... I'm so praying tht guy is gonna allow alternatives to certain requirements ><

And looks like I'm stuck in that math class, cuz appearently I didn't 'complete' the class despite getting like an A+ and having 6 credits when only 5 is needed >.>

*instert other stuff that happened today*

First Day

Aug. 29th, 2005 04:02 pm
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And so I finally begin school...

Got chewed out by my mom for staying up passed midnight last night.. even WHEN I really didn't fall asleep until like 1:30 or later, AND got up like an hour before her -_-;;;. So.. yeah.. Used the extra hour to get everything packed and ready, import different mp3s to my player (XD;;), and other things.

So yeah, got there, everyone was packed in the main room like a herd of cattle @_@.. With free dohnuts that no one wanted and sat there the whole time (must've been poisonous or something XD). And it turns out... that damn art teacher is GONE!! *insert holy music*.. And the guy that kinda took her place is kinda cool. I can already see my English class is gonna be a bit painful possibly, but awesome guy to just to.

My schudule was actually botched up, being that I got thrown back into classes I already took and fully completed. But now it's getting fixed.

Classes I have this 6 weeks:

- US History
- US History
- Env. Science(getting changed)
- American Lit. (aka: English, heh)
- Business Math (getting changed as well, I believe it's becoming art now. Which now the pervious English/History teacher is doing)

Mmmm... Bagels of the gods.. I have miss thee so X3

So yeah.. Afterschool I wanted to swing to the nearby Rite Aid to get a jounal/notebook for American Lit/English(being that we sorta needed a particular one which I didn't have). And then without ANYTHING being said at all about it, this little event happened...:

*walks up to the counter by myself to pay for the journal*
Person at the cash register: ".... Aren't you Julie's sister?"

THEY KNOW ME ALREADY D:!! And I barely go in there too....>.>.. <.<.. *ish scared*... we don't look that similar do we? o.o; (but yeah.. my sister works there, in fact I also just put my soul up for auction there too so I could be doing the same as well ._.... too bad she's also moving away in a week though ><;;)
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Indeed, the long awaited slide show I been wanting to do of my D-Land/AX journey *coughcoughnearlytwomonthsagocough*.

Slide Show part one (warning, kinda big pictures) )

Next time: the AX pictures~! ^o^
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Hehehe... I was being very bad last night/morning....



.. Bunnies were saying no to sleep ;_;

And in other news... one of my fish just died ._.. Still dunno why though, he seemed fine awhile ago.. Well, it least it wasn't as painful and distrubing to watch when the bigger one was dying... *sudders*(was like still alive for another 1-2 days floating at the top on it's side.. it wasn't pretty x_X;)


1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2) I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3) I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

*goes back to reading more manga*
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Was in a rather happy mood today, but now it got more blah..

Last night was a total waste of time IMO for me. Had to leave somewhat late in the day and stay there all night doing what? Sitting backstage in a freakin' cold theater room doing absolutely NOTHING(save for pulling on a rope like twice) for 4 freaking HOURS >.>;;;...

Never again.. Never again.. I don't care if they drag me by the hair, I am NOT doing that over and over for the next whole week ><. "Being a Techie is fun" they say, "You met great people there" they say, "You get to learn new things" they say.... >.>

Granted, it probably wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for a few things:

- Honestly, I don't mind going out and doing things(what little time I do so). But going someplace and having nothing to do to me is a total waste when I could probably get so much more done if I was just to stay home doing my own projects.
- If I wasn't the only actual techie THERE. At least then I would have someone to talk to. Plus, nobody really gave me any actual instructions of what I should have been doing. Other than: "You, pull the certain at such and such time"..... ok.... and.... when is that? o.O..
- If the damn theater room wasn't like a damn icebox(like 20 degrees or something) and the only thing I could wear was a black t-shirt and jeans.... I swear, my hands were starting to go numb like after the first 2 hours x_X.
- And if I was getting something in return for all of this. Because seriously, I felt like I was just there for nothing other than freezing my ass off. Oh yey, my name on a program... joy >.>. *sarcasticly waves hand around*..

As I said... Never again... and probably never wanting to tech EVER again >.>.


But in lighter news, I found a new Disgaea soundtrack.. and the bgm tracks are much longer than from the older one I had XD (plus it has intrumentals in it too, and one that I was looking for w00)
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Ahh... nothing like having your kitchen soaked in Raid... the smell of death XD

stupid ants.... >.>

But anyway, it seems that there is a pretty good chance I'm gonna go to PMX now (Pacific Media Expo). Random con that I didn't think I was gonna do until getting talked into it o.o;. Plus, after AX, it's kinda even harder to resist them XD.

However because of AX my cash is very low... -__-.. Though I know my mom is gonna pay for me getting down there, and hopefully gonna help with the pass(not preregistering this time though.. plus I doubt it'll be nearly as big and long as that was x_x) for my other money, if I don't make anything by then, will have to be from selling soul to fangirls with Ed.. ^^;;;;..... god.. that's gonna be so weird doing that XD;;

So yeah, Dan, try to like, get those days like, open and such. Because I'm gonna have to probably crash at your place n' stuff (I think I'm comming down on the 2nd, but I dunno for sure). Becuase I think your the last person depending if I can go or not. Though it's probably just for driving to and from. Unless you wanna go there too... but maybe I'm just going over the barrel here =/.

I hear that it's also suppose to be some sort of film festival, but I could be wrong..
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First another quiz bump, why? because it's fun XD

Fear my Sirius Tanto weilding Edwardism )

Well, I'm gonna do it now. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna try to get up really early and do that 'application gathering' at all stores around my area and see if I can get hired.... may even try that fabric store again. Tomorrow is suppose to be really cool outside... well.. not the killer 90+ weather anyway -__-;

Also I'm having thoughts for next 'con season'. Deffinitely want to do AX/Expo again, and there's like a 8/10 chance that I will be doing that again. And if I have the cash, people to go with, and (we will hope) driving license, I want to do Fanime next year as well.

But... I still dunno who can all go to those... and it makes me sad ;_;..
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... Ever hate those days that just seem so wanko it doesn't like it really happen and/or you only see parts of a day happening but it's in no order.. it been.... weird O.o.

I have no idea why I even went to school day. There was NOTHING. Four damn hours of NOTHING. I should have just stayed home, seeing as I only got less than a hour of sleep last night because so many damn things were keeping me awake and overactive. And the time I actually did feel run down I only have like 30mis till school. So yes, I was dead tired the whole day -_-

It feels really weird spacing out in class though. Plus it's a pan in the ass trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep when in class. But sure enough, I was completely knocked out a few times (and started to drool on my backpack twice ><;;). And then whenever I got up I would seriously have memory blanks... which... wasn't good O.o. WAA! I dunno who I am anymore!! *runs*

Finally though I exactly got home about 20-30mins eariler than I should have. Same reason, plus everyone else was doing it. So yeah, called Mark, waited several minutes for him, then got a ride home and just laid in bed ever since. Which didn't take long because about 2 hours later my mom gets home and starts bitching about a table. Damn yelling woke me up and then being that I was 'awake' I had to go help.. bah... being not quite living at the moment and lifting heavy objects don't mix. So, yeah, I actually snapped back at her and now not tired at all anymore even though I need it. Plus now I'm just really lightheaded and groggy.... ;_;
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Well, been kinda busy this last week..

For reasons unknown my jaw has been hurting... alot >< . I'm not sure why, actually I've noticed it before if I eat something hard the right side goes into a spazim sometimes. And now it just does it whatever and it's more painful than before. Took some Advil, which did seem to help a little but still... I dunno what caused it and how to fix it, actually I think my meddling with it is what made it worse >< .

..... I almost had a job D:. Was trying to get work at our local fabric store, but then one week and probably 5 unsucessful visits later comes out that there isn't any opennings there right now and are only looking for people to hire in their 'sister store' that's about a half a hour drive from us... and me being car phobiaed(is that even a word... O.o?) doesn't help.. But, that's what I get for getting my hopes up for once.. ><

And I found out that the anime store I go to somewhat weekly to is probably gonna now longer have those FMA keychains I was trying to collect.. Which saddens me but I never got the one that I wanted in the FIRST PLACE I started collecting them.. damn Japan and their putting collectables in random unknown boxes >< ... So, my hope now is to maybe find the one I'm missing at Expo, nothing else.... Ebay may become my best friend XD. Cuz I seen some floating around in there(though I have no account.. damn being creditcardless >< ). Or the store I go to gets lucky and finds more.. then I shall be more happier ^^.

For now though I'm just ramsacking it's cards and other figgies. Want to get every FMA thing that I see right now and interested before the series gets old and rare (which I don't see happening ANY time soon... but the fact that there's a wave of Bleach coming in, I'm getting a bit worried). Cuz I KNOW how that sort of merchandise works >.>.. Only missing 3 more figgies, though the fact there wasn't a Hughes last time I was there made me worried.. But, maybe there's more hiding somewhere. Nothing else, I got a toss-up between Winry or Riza next time I'm there... hmmm...

Otherwise, still RPing, still wanting to murder my teacher....... *chuckles*.. Count Iggy.. *busts out laughing uncontrolablily* XD ...... I'm probably gonna go to Limbo for bringing that up again... >.>;;
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Lately I been somewhat things of plans to... well.. make my life better.

Issue Number One: The con that I wish to attend.. It's probably one of the biggest 'risks' I ever tried to pull off. But I dead serious about it. I had just a few ideas of how to convince people to let me go, and I gonna try whatever it takes even if it kills myself.

Issue Number Two: Money. Currently I don't 'really' have any money coming in... save for... erm.. leftover lunch money (hey, I don't eat much ^^;). Which isn't gonna pull me throughout all my life. I been hoping to get a job, actually for the last few months actually. And it's always because of 'little' things: No car/way of transferring, too young, not enough "people" skills, school gets in the way, not hiring, etc.

Actually recently I was told that I should work at this fabric store that sits only a few blocks from us, about 15-30min walk from where I live. I actually really like this idea.. Better than working at some drug store or an awful fast food place. So I'm gonna look more into that.

Issue Number Three: Driving. Currently I still have my driving phobia(though I must admit it's getting better now). Which many seem to fail at comprehending what that means.. it doesn't mean I HATE driving, or choosing NOT TO drive for that I'm possibly LAZY or SPOILED as which, many seem to think.. and call me... It's because I'm AFRAID to. There? Happy now? Does that make EVERYONE feel better?

Dammit, why does everyone keep thinking it's my fault and that I just simply hate it out of laziness? Do people that fear heights simply choose to do so? Do....



dammit.. I'm just going to start crying so I'm just going to shut up for now.. >< ...

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