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I don't really use these emotes anymore. They are considered retired from here on:



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All Plurk emotes collected so far, for viewing pleasure. Because my script seems to be constantly not working anyway.

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[community profile] paixaorpg is now at DW! 8D (and ugh, so much stuff to work on now orz)

Actually I might change my mind and import Emizel's entries after all, for some reason I thought he had more things than he did. But apparently not. Teito's I know I'm not gonna bother with, though. It's really not worth it. (I reeeeaaaally need to play him more too)

Probably once tags actually happen, I'll get those paid accounts >>

.... I'm honestly not sure what to use this journal for since I use my Plurk for everything now. I'm betting this thing will be ignored in a month or so orz


Dec. 24th, 2011 09:38 pm
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Finally a testing post. In the mean time, got a couple more RP accounts:

[personal profile] warsfailure for Konatsu from 07-Ghost
[personal profile] mind_over_matter a username I always wanted for a KHR mist user, possibly Chrome since she has always been another muse I wanted to pick up. (Nothing else I could turn it into another Fran)

All the other ones I have already:
Teito Klein (07-Ghost) [personal profile] twice_promised
Almaz von Armadine Adamant (Disgaea 3) [personal profile] unlucky_hero
Emizel (Disgaea 4) [personal profile] trademark_skull
Enma Kozato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [personal profile] under_sky
Fran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [personal profile] rananebbia
Raimu Bito/Rhyme (The World Ends with You) [personal profile] lost_the_game

I still need to give icons to all of them (with the exception of Emizel who just has his default XD). Especially if Paixao moves /o/


Aug. 15th, 2011 07:28 pm
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So much stufff so little time.

Main reason I wanna get this out though is that I've pretty much moved over to Plurk. Just like a bunch of other people. This journal isn't going anywhere though, since I still use it to check all of my fandom stuff/news, but there's going to be a couple changes and most likely this will be used even less than it already is.

Basically the only stuff you will be seeing here from now on are:

- Stuff in regards to selling art
- Personal stuff or rants
- Memes
- Pretty much anything too big to post on Plurk

.... Which now that I think about it, that's pretty much what I do here already. With the exception of the first part. So yeah, just fewer updates then XD

IF YOU HAVE PLURK THOUGH AND WANNA ADD ME I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER. Because I'm a complete attention whore. Out of all the big popular social networking site out there right now it's actually by far my favorite.
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- Got the new August items.
- Pimp Ditto (Kinda 'meh' about the nature. But whatever, special sprite)
- Shiny Whismur, randomly showed up when I was looking for a male and female Skitty, go figure.
- I GOT MY EXTREME DITTO ;A;. I can now go and get my Ryohei somedaaay And it'll cost me millions.
- Changed Frau's nature. I'm a little mixed about it though, even though it was one of the natures I wanted in general XD

All in all, nice morning /o/
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Nice to have a somewhat living LJ again. orz
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... s-sigh.

Once again I feel like doing nothing but stress out.

I swear my mom is so terrific at causing pain and misery to everyone else that she can do it without being physically there. Of course I think the only reason why this has been brought up recently is because of her stupidity of "Come visit me in Hawaii! Let's spend even more money we don't have!" and then bitching why the fact none of us want to see her. Other than we all never want to be around her anyway.

How about you go pay off your fucking three hundred thousand debt you put us all in first. Then maybe we'll talk >>

... In all reality though I think things might be improving soon. And if not, I think things are looking out much better for myself at least. Since it's now pretty much official that I'm working for a company Mark's making with video and audio editing. Though now I'm not sure how much that's gonna get away with my art idea. Really want to try both if I can.

TimeKeeper might finally be a comic now, in some other good news. I was brainstorming some ways of how I can possibly begin it now and it's my best way so far... Although it kinda changes a couple things I also had planned, most of which can be easily improvised and actually make more sense now anyway.

So yeah, Karn might be one day shown to the rest of the world ;A; Assuming everything goes right.

And if by some chance I start making more money at this other company thing, who knows I might quit from Safeway. Although I'll loose medical coverage again so maybe idk :|
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Looks like I'm finding more and more snags in the road of getting this fanart merchandise thing going.

Outside from getting a seller's permit (which shouldn't be too hard, I just need to go to downtown San Jose and fill out some paperwork by the sound of it), my printer isn't gonna be able to cut it, which was something else I was afraid of. Granted I can't tell what my inks are at right now, but I just took some test prints of something I been working on recently and the quality is shit.

Unless there's some more settings I can play with that can, which I highly doubt. I'm gonna need to get a new one that can print in higher detail, which I imagine won't be cheap at all.

It seems like whenever I have a moment where I can finally stop spending money every week, something else like this comes up orz.

I'm really hoping this does work out in the long run. At the moment I'm just gonna touch up and finish what I've made so far and figure out what I can do next week, since this probably won't be happening any time soon.
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I'm seriously thinking about taking a shot at making some chibi fanart to use to make pretty things you would find in the artist alley at anime cons. (Particularly keychains as I now just FINALLY found what the plastic cases used from them are and where to find them.) I figure whatever money I can make from it will be my funds to by fun things from now on rather than just using everything I make from working part-time. It's also something I think I'd enjoy doing a whole lot more anyway so it'd be really cool if I could doubtfully turn it to something much bigger down the line. Annnnd it'll make me want to draw again too, besides just screwing around in photoshop.

At the moment I already really want to try making a set for 07, possibly some things for N1 too. Both of which probably seem like terrible choices when their fandoms are so small, but at the same time I do want to keep my 'quirk' to be things that generally go completely unnoticed by the mainstream and give fans of those rarer fandoms something special for once. Even if I still think my art is crap anyway.

Right now I'm sort of 'reverse engineering' an FMA keychain I got several years ago at AX, now that I finally got it to open. I'm just using it as an experimentation to test out different kinds of paper, and most of all, how good a finished 'product' will actually look. Before I end up buying like, 50 or so more of these and realized this ain't gonna work after all.

Gonna try to get some stuff drawn later |3
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Okay I was gonna post something that wasn't a youtube video for once, but..

Bones, are you fucking serious? Did you not learn from Shambala and 2003 yet? orz

Yes FMA is awesome but please, it's over now, stop making original stuff for it cuz every time you try you fail horribly.

Excuse me while I somehow crawl into a corner and cry for a bit. Knowing me I'll probably end up seeing this just because I can but... auuugh.
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.... Why does everyone else make awesome shit in MC but me? >:


Jun. 25th, 2011 05:12 am
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Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Why the hell did I think a 6am shift would be okay?

Because I guess I really enjoy the idea of a pathetic less than 4 hour sleep, good going self.

Swear to gawd, I'm finding the person that quit and murdering them
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So I come to find out that the light switches in both bathrooms all of the sudden stopped working. No rhyme or reason, other than it's probably the circuit breaker being stupid again At least that's what I'm hoping what happened because I'm at a lost what else it could be.

Calling Mark over tomorrow to check it since he knows more about electrical stuff than I do. It just means now I have to try to get up even earlier than I hoped. And just... yeah. I love getting paid and all, it's just times like this that make me also remember the other reason why I hate being employed, I swear to god it's like these companys just know which hours are gonna make everything else the most frustrating for you. Like yanno, giving you an early shift on the ONE DAY you have other things you suddenly have to take care of.

Oh and while I'm at it, Heald College: Stop. Fucking. Calling Me. Stop sending me crap in the mail. Stop everything. I thought I told you months ago, I'm not fucking interested.

Ugh.. how can so many things go wrong in less than an hour..
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Technology seems to really hate me right now. Or at least my desktop does.

My internet cable finally died out yesterday, so I spent almost $100 getting a wifi card and a couple of other things, like a microphone that actually worked. Then of course, said internet was dead anyway for the next 3 hours after I got back anyway.

Things were fine for awhile after that, up until my computer randomly just froze on me later that night :|. By then I was too tired to do a thorough virus scan but I couldn't find anything, and I'm thinking about doing some defragging before I go to work.

I'd just really appreciate it if I didn't have something breaking every goddamn single day. Or at least the moment I fixed something else.

In other news my mom is leaving tomorrow. Maybe after that I can, yanno, have some normal weeks again.
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... B-best half an hour I think I've had all day ;;
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So I finally finished Madoka Magica last night.

I'm just... what.

Did ANYONE manage to make sense out of that last episode? orz

tbh I think I'm actually rather disappointed at where it ended up going anyway. I loved the concept behind it all, and I loved the dark mindfuckery theme it had, but somewhere along the way I think it kind of just missed the point. Or at the last second the writers wanted to make everything "AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER" due to how bad things still were by that point and they only had 20 minutes left.

.. S-sigh, why do I have to work so early? D|
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I had this weird dream last night about a extinct bone dragon that was found in a vending/gachapon and put back together and it was actually still alive.

... So I took it to school and scared the shit out of everyone there because they used to be fearsome and dangerous, even though mine was fairly tamed.

.. Actually iirc about that world, most of it's animals were dead for some reason. In fact the calls I was in was mostly about kids reassembling bones of them, except none of those ever started moving afterwards.

It was just, really weird.

And oh, Happy Doomsday everyone.
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Only had my 2nd day at Safeway and sadly enough, I think I actually do love it way more than my older job at Michaels.

Mostly because I'm not forever grounded in one area for 4+ hours and the only person forced to cashier for the entire shift, and people actually help you about where stuff is rather than only give you some register training and how to work the phone and then expect you to know everything. It's not like I didn't get along with anyone terribly at Michaels it's just that it got old fast being almost treated like shit everyday and on top of it occasionally getting bitched at by stupid customers.

Not that Safeway is the most glamorous job and I'd still rather avoid it completely if I could. It's just the little things I really appreciate about it, like having so much more freedom.

And just, income, I miss having that lovely thing too ;A;
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... Who fucking calls at 4am?


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