Jul. 22nd, 2011

grifstar: (N1 - Ash - Facepalmage)
... s-sigh.

Once again I feel like doing nothing but stress out.

I swear my mom is so terrific at causing pain and misery to everyone else that she can do it without being physically there. Of course I think the only reason why this has been brought up recently is because of her stupidity of "Come visit me in Hawaii! Let's spend even more money we don't have!" and then bitching why the fact none of us want to see her. Other than we all never want to be around her anyway.

How about you go pay off your fucking three hundred thousand debt you put us all in first. Then maybe we'll talk >>

... In all reality though I think things might be improving soon. And if not, I think things are looking out much better for myself at least. Since it's now pretty much official that I'm working for a company Mark's making with video and audio editing. Though now I'm not sure how much that's gonna get away with my art idea. Really want to try both if I can.

TimeKeeper might finally be a comic now, in some other good news. I was brainstorming some ways of how I can possibly begin it now and it's my best way so far... Although it kinda changes a couple things I also had planned, most of which can be easily improvised and actually make more sense now anyway.

So yeah, Karn might be one day shown to the rest of the world ;A; Assuming everything goes right.

And if by some chance I start making more money at this other company thing, who knows I might quit from Safeway. Although I'll loose medical coverage again so maybe idk :|

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