May. 4th, 2011

o Minecraft

May. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
grifstar: (07G - Teito - Sopretty)
So I was playing around with world seeds in MC just for the hell of it (because I had map ADD in that game and always starting over as soon as I get settled into a place). I heard of some really awesome ones online, but I wanted to try to discover a really neat one on my own.

'Kunpuu' = Appeared on a beach (pffff)
'Castle in the Sky' = coincidentally gave me a really big lake. Which is actually where I'm hoping on making a floating island/castle at someday anyway)
'Thal is a fishbitch' = Desert, lolwhut
Random Reborn pairings = Nothing all that special. 5927 did have an interesting cave but that was about it
'Revvycakes' = Had a cool overhang, more sand

Not finding anything that really stands out that much. They are all still just pretty ordinary maps

However..... when I put 'Teito is a princess'?


Clearly MC agrees with this. And this is barely even half of what I saw there

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