Feb. 24th, 2011

grifstar: (KHR - Tsuna - Dying Will)

... Yanno the more I actually think about it, I think I did enjoy Don Bluth films way more than I did Disney growing up. Although at the time I had no idea what the difference was at the time >>

And thinking about it even more, I think Land Before Time is actually my favorite movie of... well.. all time (/killed off screen for bad pun). I even blindly believed that the sequels were actually 'cool' for awhile since I was in that age bracket of not knowing better yet, and never realized just how horribly they actually assraped the original story ~_~

Hnnnnnnn, I want my childhood back ;^;. They seriously don't make this shit like they used to anymore. If I was writing for kid's movies, this is the kind of stuff I would try to make too.

EDIT: This is another kinda amazing AMV on the same topic. My inner atheist gagged a little upon hearing that the song and rest of the band is actually all Christian rock music, I honestly would have never guessed had I not looked it further.

It's... still a really sweet (and depressing) song, though D:. At least taken in that context, not the contest it was originally meant for... buh >>.

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