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... So here I am, stuck home, having a diet constisting mostly of nasty medication stuff... and still don't see any of it helping ~___~

On plus though, another day away from the zoo is good..

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Feb. 7th, 2006 07:33 am
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.... pain....... so much....... pain....... *hacks out the other lung* x_x.

This is gonna make today an interesting one, indeed.
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So yeah, I went to job fair number 2 yesterday.. I already knew that day was gonna be a crappy one.. Especially when you swear to god feel like you're coughing up blood X_x;. Turns out, they ARE gonna see if there's anything I can do there and call back within a week... But now I honestly would rather work someplace else. Becasue the pay sucks ass and I bet I can find someplace else that has better.

In short, all it seems like the trip did pretty much nothing to me, aside from sitting in frggin' cold weather for about 2-3 hours and making me sicker. To the point I think I was coming down with a flu, and had to stay in bed practically the whole day.

This morning though I been doing MUCH better. Finally was able to eat something, being that ate almost nothing yesterday and I was actually starting to black out if I stood up for too long.... ^^;. But no more headache, no more sick to stomach feel.. just an annoying cough that makes me think I just have a cold now.

..... And annoyance #2 is that I feel like the last person to know that I can use 6 icons now ~_~

sigh.. ;-;

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:33 pm
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.. yes.. what a lovely 2006 this is indeed.

For one.. I miss my pole lamp. Though I am getting at least somewhat used to my room being as dark as it is. So that is the plus.

But if there's one thing I hate most about being 'sick', it's being in that fine line of not really sick where you're pretty much down for the count, or barely anything at all and only there to make life hell(like a border line cold that I seem to have).... And also gets you into the mood of "Well, I ain't feeling all that well to do this/that", and having that issue of eatting when nothing at all sounds good.

... That, and I blame the crappy 24hour rain, and there's supposibly another 2 wind/rain storms at least coming in soon.. hopefuly they won't be nearly as bad where it'll be completely dark by 4pm and I'll be waking up in the middle of the night becasue there's wind and water pounding at my window ~.~
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... I can't believe it's been all day and the sever is still locked down....

.. also find to hard to believe I'm gonna be going to southern CA again in only like 2 days... o_o;




Also, I like to know why I suddenly feel like crap and probably gonna go to bed after I'm done writing this...

EDIT: Before I leave though... this is what happens when two current fandoms intertwine with eachother XD;;

Clefiea: *checks to see if SoD is alive yet* >.>
Clefiea: nope ;_;
Clefiea: stupid hackers had to mess with it... why the hell would somebody want to cheat like that there anyway? >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno... what happened exactly?
Clefiea: dunno for sure, just that somebody was appearently duplicating items for themself and such O.o
Clefiea: but I can't imagine they would have to lock down the sever for like, 8 hours now >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Agh. Stupid bastards. I swear.
Clefiea: yup... P. Stone abusers XD;;;
Clefiea: then again... just where does all of that summoned stuff come from exactly.... O_O;;;
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno o_o;
Clefiea: .....
Clefiea: ........ so that's why you hardly find normal towns people in those cities XD;;;;;;;;;;
Clefiea: or maybe that's where all the unwanted mobs/npcs go XD
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Well, I know where the mobs/npcs come from.
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: They rain from the sky! x3!
Clefiea: XD
Clefiea: and they stay up there if stuck on eachother O.o

(copied/pasted)"Clefiea: CelticFoxFyre: Wait... If you raise the dead in those games... Does that make them Homunculus?
Clefiea: ummm..
Clefiea: I don't know... o.o
CelticFoxFyre: lol
Clefiea: though I guess that does kinda work for EQ... considering when you die your stuff is left behind.... though I can imagine looting your corpse would be a bitch to do XD
Clefiea: XP
Clefiea: well, it is true XD;;;

*ded* x_x

Sep. 7th, 2005 07:50 pm
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If anyone finds some pinkish looking gunk laying on the ground someplace, please inform me and gimme the where abouts on it... I believe it oozed out of my ear at some point and I kinda want it back..... -_-

I got hit with something really nasty it seems ><. I wasn't feeling so hot this morning, but I went to school anyway, couldn't think straight for the life of me though.. And then afterschool I felt fine, so did a hike to the anime store(got a new figgie, heh). Then had my mom drive me home.. Felt a bit tired still so I wanted to take a short nap... Laid in bed for like 4 hours(only slept like less than half of that because everyone and thier dead grandmother seemed to have been over here and had to make as much noise as possible ~__~). After that I just been feeling completely miserable.. Trying to eat and sleeping the whole day(or more exactly, trying to ignore everyone, rolling around everywhere, unable to breathe some of the time and overheating -_-)

I'm still feeling really hot... and dizzy... should probably go back to bed but I doubt that's gonna get me far.

killer meme

Sep. 6th, 2005 09:26 pm
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Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See Grifstar's results. )

Btw Julie, thank you for leaving the nice parting gift of making me sick too.. cuz I can't think of why else my voice is getting shot(well, sore throat that makes me unable to talk without wanting to rip vocal cords out to remove the pain it causes ><)
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Well, my day is crud now.. everytime I try to move my side(s), stomach, waist, and/or all of the above want to start dying on me and make life hell.. got so bad that I already had to lay down like three times day and wait for it get better (usually about somewhere between 1-2 hours ><). Which then makes me fine more or less until it comes back and then, well, wash, rinse, repeat ><.

On the other hand though, it's kinda good, becuase now I don't have to go out and visit. Seeing as there is lots of people here for a party most I don't know and/or care to see right now..

Chain of Memories.... Very interesting game O.o. Interesting twist compared to the first game that's for sure(here's something you don't expect to see: 3D cutscene for a GBA system... actually it didn't look too bad either, KH PS2 graphics and all O.o). I almost forgot that somebody gave me a rom of that game.. So, I took the time to fiddle with it. All I can say is...... that game is not keyboard-friendly ><. Especially in battles. But maybe I'll get used to it. Nothing else reconfigure the keys and make it easier to play ^^.

Also really bad stuff rustled up at the RP guild awhile back...... n00b infestation ><;;. People not playing thier parts right(and/or not knowing the character all that well and just being one sided, which is even worse sometimes >< ), not following rules properly, n00b speech (.... >< ), all that stuff. But finally it got settled, resulted into some banning, rollbacks, and minor shutdown for new things to be added... and taking the time to get Chisaii completely moved XD;;.

Still, it was like a 4 or 5 new members in a row(well, save for one, ^^) who turned out to be n00bs of some sort.. And I felt like some nazi for having/wanting to chew out and correct each one.

..... my prophecy is correct.... it's going to be n00bs that will kill and butcher that series ><... Damn you mainsteam distributers with no respect for what you are selling other than "popular = more money"... damn you to hell ><. I really should commit the n00b/dubbie holocaust someday...
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Well, been kinda busy this last week..

For reasons unknown my jaw has been hurting... alot >< . I'm not sure why, actually I've noticed it before if I eat something hard the right side goes into a spazim sometimes. And now it just does it whatever and it's more painful than before. Took some Advil, which did seem to help a little but still... I dunno what caused it and how to fix it, actually I think my meddling with it is what made it worse >< .

..... I almost had a job D:. Was trying to get work at our local fabric store, but then one week and probably 5 unsucessful visits later comes out that there isn't any opennings there right now and are only looking for people to hire in their 'sister store' that's about a half a hour drive from us... and me being car phobiaed(is that even a word... O.o?) doesn't help.. But, that's what I get for getting my hopes up for once.. ><

And I found out that the anime store I go to somewhat weekly to is probably gonna now longer have those FMA keychains I was trying to collect.. Which saddens me but I never got the one that I wanted in the FIRST PLACE I started collecting them.. damn Japan and their putting collectables in random unknown boxes >< ... So, my hope now is to maybe find the one I'm missing at Expo, nothing else.... Ebay may become my best friend XD. Cuz I seen some floating around in there(though I have no account.. damn being creditcardless >< ). Or the store I go to gets lucky and finds more.. then I shall be more happier ^^.

For now though I'm just ramsacking it's cards and other figgies. Want to get every FMA thing that I see right now and interested before the series gets old and rare (which I don't see happening ANY time soon... but the fact that there's a wave of Bleach coming in, I'm getting a bit worried). Cuz I KNOW how that sort of merchandise works >.>.. Only missing 3 more figgies, though the fact there wasn't a Hughes last time I was there made me worried.. But, maybe there's more hiding somewhere. Nothing else, I got a toss-up between Winry or Riza next time I'm there... hmmm...

Otherwise, still RPing, still wanting to murder my teacher....... *chuckles*.. Count Iggy.. *busts out laughing uncontrolablily* XD ...... I'm probably gonna go to Limbo for bringing that up again... >.>;;
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Guess who was lying in bed till 3pm wanting to die?! .... Yup, my sicky-fluness decided that it wanted to pick on me some more... it was not fun >.>..

Sigh.. *hides in a corner and rots*
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Gah, whatever hit me, it hit me good ><.

Yeah, it's been a rather awful day for me. Got up feeling horrible, only stayed up for a hour then went back to bed for another 7-8 hours (I think in total I've gotten like over 20 hours of sleep in the last 2 days). Finally stayed up since then because I was sick of sleeping. Tried to eat something again and almost blacked out then from being so dizzy (and probably hungry), which wasn't very fun. Though after I finally ate something I started to feel much better.. Still have the dizziness though..

And now I have so much insomnia now that it's not even funny ><.


Mar. 20th, 2005 10:57 pm
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Yep, I be sick.. again -.-. Probably gonna lie low for the next few days.. Even thinking seems to hurt me now...

*crawls back to bed*


Mar. 19th, 2005 11:05 pm
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Shhh.... I'm not backing time up, really... It only appears as though I'm doing it..... >.> <.<.. ^_^

Seriously, I really wasn't thinking striaght last night. I did alot of stupid things.

Was so tied up in things online (RP, beautifying piccie, IMs, making my LJ entry, all that other stuff). I looked at the time noticing it was about 11pm going, "Oh, I need to get off very soon and tape fma." Then 35 minutes later.. "Oh shit!!" >_>;;.. Thus I had to stay up another 3 hours later or Julie might rise hell.. Which had a few problems of it own. 1) Actually managing to stay up that late, and 2) Managing to not get caught. In fact around 2am I could have SWORN I heard my mom running around in her room, which was bad.. And I only had 30mins to go too. But I think she went back to bed and didn't know I was still up thanks to ninja stealthiness.. mwahaha. So all is good in that area... which brings us into today.... or something like that.... right ^_^. But stupid me didn't post the damn LJ entry from last night, closed the window forgetting I even wrote it ><

... Except I have a REALLY bad sore throat now. Dunno if it's from staying up as late as I did or from something else. But I just had some hot chocolate and it's doing better now.. Dunno if I can talk yet though, too afraid to try. Gah, why am I getting so sick again?! ><

And earlier today (or yesterday I guess?) I saw Robots. Meh, I didn't think it was that great. It was once again one of those movies where I was dragged it see. I can't say I've seen worse, but I'm seen much better. Though the movie seemed EXTREMELY short compared to some other stuff I've been seeing lately. Maybe it was just me though..

And I got 2 new amvs added to my collection. One of them awesomely kewl and shiny(hehe, I like that word XP) and the other.... happy and bouncy, lol.
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That was fun, felt really awful halfway through the day. Still dunno if it really was what I ate that caused it, but that's what I think(and seems the most reasonable).. Damn poisoned ramen ><. I had really to help it either. So I spent like a good 3-4 hours feeling miserable. Oh what joy. But it went away eventually, and I was happy again.

Also I would love to bring up the fact that I REALLY hate bottled store-bought water.. I can't believe people actually drink that stuff ><. It's the worse water ever. I been having water issues at school lately. For reasons unknown, they don't sell water at lunch, or any drinks for that matter, just some cruddy vending machine that sells soda and other stuff that wouldn't go well with what I normally eat at school. But luckily(if you wish to call it that) sells water.... Which I've noticed now make me feel sick for awhile about 5 times already. I remember one time I figured "hey wait, I could just dump out the pastic-aftertaste water and refill it!" So I did... and appearenly the water at Central taste like dirt and very unclean which quite frightened me O.o;.. So I'm never trying that again..

So there you have it.. Someone really is trying to poison me.. One ramen, water, and cream soda at a time.. o.o;;
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Now I was starting to loose my voice >_<. Which is quite annoying. However I got to stay home. Seeing how it's rainly has hell outside which would only make it worse. Since then though I do feel much better. I think I can finally start talking again without having to do a low whisper otherwise it would turn out really froggy. However knowing the other expriences I've had with colds like this, I'm gonna be even worse tomorrow morning. So now I'm felt with nose issues and coughing/sneezing mostly..

My arm is still having issues whenever I move it, but it's not as major as it was before. I actually was a bit worried that I might have fractored something in it. But I don't think so now.

And now I been left under 'quarantine' since we have people over here currently. So I'm stuck in my room, heh. Actually I might begin watching Kino today.. and if I remember which episode I was on in Slayers I might do that too. Still need to finish Ragnarok and Fruits Basket however. Blah. Also I might do some more drawing if I'm inspired enough..

Sigh, and now I shall be FMA-less for the next few months most likely *gonk*. Oh well, it's for a good cause... I think.. except there was a bit of a waiting list of other people wanting that series from me XD.
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Some dimpshit at school wasn't paying much attention to where they were going. Or who/what was in front of them. So they instantly opened a door right when I was crossing by. Thus, I was attacked by the door. However sure enough the door knob was on the same level to my elbow. And so I got jabbed a door knob in probably one of the worse places on my arm. Ever since then my right arm aches whenever I try to bend it in a certain direction. In fact it usually hurts to move it at all, even to type. Stupid idiot.. She probably didn't even realise that she hit me -_-. I shall hunt that person down for not being so careful..

Good thing I'm left-handed though. Otherwise this would be a much bigger problem. It sucks when you can only move one arm.. I feel so handicaped and limbless *gonk*

Which also sucks too because it's difficult to draw.. In which I was hoping to do today. Since I rediscovered my old sketchbook, hurzah.
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(Appearently LJ was having some issues awhile back, atleast it's back and running again =P)

I had this really weird Disgaea dream last night O.o.. I don't remember most of it anymore, but it was bizarre nonetheless. Wasn't a role play one though. Come to think of it, I recall having a role play type with Disgaea once before that was quite interesting. Except I wasn't someone from the game(in which normally it was), but I wasn't myself either. Appearently it also had something to do with discovering/solving some mystery about this town that was located on the side of a chiff. In which most transportation was done by 'airship'. Yet there was also water in the air too in which the ships floated on O.o. Actually now remembering it it sorta reminds me of something you might see in Skies of Arcadia XP. There was a bit of a stream at the very bottom though. But it was shurounded in fog and whatnot which made it hard to see. But you could tell that it was down there. Also everything had that really bright gold/yellow/orange/pink sunset color to it.

But yeah, appearently it had to do with sovling some 'mystery' (which I completely forgot what, but dreams are very vague like that). At some point though Laharl got into some fight with the people there. I remember something about mocking his height too, which got him more pissed off (think Ed if you will, lmao. Not sure if I knew FMA at the time though). Anyway, appearently Laharl got beatened up, so we went back to our 'ship thing'. Then he got annoyed again about the nurse (with his whole 'women thing' and all..), so Flonne did her, umm.. Flonne-ishness to reason with him and such.. that's about the only part that realy sticks to mind though.. I remember Gordon and Jennifer being in there somewhere too. But thats about it.

It was still a very bizarre dream though, but too bad I can't remember the one from last night =/.

Still feeling a little groggy from sickness. Stupid cold. Now it's mostly nose issues though, and a bit of a scratchy throat. Annoying thing..

Also with my bangs being as long as it is now I realised if I was to dye it purple and move my hair to the side I could look alot like Heimdall from MLR with glasses XD. That would be another interesting person to cosplay as.. But the height would be majorly off.. yes, I was that bored today


Jan. 2nd, 2005 08:26 pm
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Appearently I was starting to get a sore throat a few hours ago, now it seems to be really kicking in. Not even really sure what caused it. I haven't been outside all day today. I would imagine maybe that would cause it since it has been cold and rainy (actually it's been raining for about the whole week nonstop, hurzah). Also having that 'hungry-not hungry' thing going on again. When I feel like eatting something, then I eat something and I feel really sick afterwards. Then I get hungry again about an hour later and it repeats. It's really starting to annoy me, and it ain't feeling very nice either..

Arcadia is addicting.. I feel really far into in it yet I don't. Something tells me that game is gonna be kinda short. But still, atleast I have some new rpg to try out.

Otherwise, nothing too new to report. Someone make school go away for another week or so though.
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Heh, had a little of a hangover this morning... not the drunken/wasted kind. But it wasn't the pleasantest thing in the world.. Something appearently didn't settle in right. So I pretty much spent my whole day laying in bed, oh what fun -_-.

Blah, I don't get this anymore.. One minute I'm told something I do is negative, then minutes later it sounds like my choice would be actually a good thing. Like the whole "home school" thing. My mom won't let me because she thinks I'll slack off. Well.. I wouldn't be slacking off so much if the current school situtation wasn't so time consuming in both directions. I know the stuff well, most of it I can probably do wheelies around. Just that I hate the time needed to constantly learn it and the overall atmosphere that I have put up with. I can probably get the same information in about half of the time they give us at shcool, if not less. Thus why I want to do it all independently. Get it out of my way much faster so I can multitask other stuff that will be helpful later.. Like job, driver's license, world domination, yadda yadda.. As well as my own happy stuff, wee. Pretty much everyone wins.. So I fail to see how that is all a bad idea..

I will not rest until I get online classes instead of public schooling... Well... You know what I mean.. I doubt I can stay awake for a few weeks. Would be awesome though XP.

Oh yeah, I also burned 5 cds last night. And have like 4 more still ready =P. I love my computer... even though it gets very bitchy at times...
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Fear my new avatar/user pic.. Even though I didn't really like how it kinda pixelated itself. Unless my computer is screwing with images again. But something for the holidays I guess.. *shrugs*

Starting to get yet another headache >.<. Probably because my mom has been probing my head all day. I really hate that. The constant nagging, chew-outs, obivous questions, random favors, all that irritating stuff.

But there's been too much chaos lately... I just wanna hide in a corner... or hibernate. No like cold. Someone make the cold go away *hides*

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