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Once upon a time which was probably less than 24 hours ago, a happy little artist, who is a frequent user on a happy little forum named Gaia, decided to try out a somewhat different little avatar sytle than what she normally did. Thus, This Little Avi was born. About another few hours passed, and then suddenly the happy little artist met a little bunny. Now, those who have never met a little bunny before, they don't like to leave until you do what they tell you to do. But the happy little artist had enough for today and wanted to sleep. But the little bunny didn't want the happy little artist to sleep. And so, the little bunny begun to gnaw on the happy little artist's head until she got up.

It was now morning, and the happy little artist was still tired becuase the little bunny didn't leave her alone at all. In fact, because the little bunny was so bored last night it wanted another little bunny to keep it company. However, it turned out that the other little bunny was a different little bunny, that the first little bunny really liked. And so, what two little bunnies do best when they are together, they multipled and made baby little bunnies that want to play and bite as well.

Now the happy little artist had to deal with more than one little bunny, but quite a few. Luckly, the happy little artist had lots of freetime in the happy little school. And so, the happy little artist begun to draw to make the little bunnies happy little bunnies. After the happy little artist got back to her happy little home she completed This Little Drawing. The little bunnies became VERY happy little bunnies and enjoyed the drawing.

However, the now very happy little bunnies still didn't want to leave the happy little artist, and instead they wanted to see more. The happy little artist didn't know what to do then, other than to make more happy little drawings. Luckly, after having several attemps of doing this sort of little drawing, the happy little artist had improved quite a bit, which pleased the very happy little bunnies. They were so happy, that they actually begun to help the happy little artist draw it. After about an hour to take, Another Little Drawing was born and not finished yet. After the other little drawing, the very happy little bunnies had thier fun today and continued on with there lives. However, they warned the happy little artist that they will come back for more very soon.

To Be Continued...


May. 3rd, 2005 07:52 pm
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... Why? Why THAT teacher of all people?! ><

Actually other than that I been liking what I have so far. Since I have a better idea as to what I need to do on those elective stuff. Made a really spiffy picture for art class too (I want OUT of that class though.. dammit this is my 3rd time taking it and I'm sick of it! >_<).. But now she isn't obsessive over though horrible looking self-"portraits" things.. god, those were just AWFUL ><, I still refuse to make something like that...

Also for creative writing, I started to write up a "fanfic" for Cale and his sister(who I never gave a name too. Yet now I'm thinking about making her stay no named, it just seems more interesting that way ^^). Basically their own little prequel thing, cuz I have a few plans with them. I swear, Cale is just WANTING to take Nat's place as being the main in that story I'm doing.. I have more ideas with him than her. But, I think telling it from Natalya's view is more easier to follow. And it doesn't seem as akward to me.

And I also like to take this time to say..... no smell is stronger than a Sharpie... *coughs* >


Feb. 17th, 2005 04:58 pm
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New person )

Silly Issac.. I still have no real idea where he came from
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Been doodling some more today.. Still need to finish that now picture I want scan for deviantart, heh.

A new character has suddenly popped to me earlier this day. A random indian/native American-ish hawk-girl. Still have no idea where she came from, just sorta came instantly. Has no name yet either. Actually chances are, she might be Raynis, or possibly the new Tairra. Well, I have several ideas on how I want Raynis to be, one of them was in fact a hawk-girl(or harpy). Regardless, I kinda like this "hawk-girl". The joys of random drawing, you never really now what you might get sometimes from it, or actually start.

Funny how I been drawing lots of animal-like people lately. Not sure if it's just some fad I'm going through.

Lately I been having that problem of writing completion. I start one thing, move on to the next, loose inspiration and go back to what I started first. Right now Black Wings and Timekeeper are fighting. I started a little of Black Wings, then ran into a few problems. I'm sure many people when writing have had the problem of having two events but unsure of how to transition it. It's quite a nusiance. Also they are completing because I have good ideas for each, leading to unsure of what to do first.

As for Element Seeker... Sigh. There is still some bugs I must fix. Plus this the other two are more fresh and new they are actually easier. ES, well, it still needs several facelifts. Lots of characters are still getting shifted in it. Just recently I decided to kill off another character because she was lacking 'importance' save for a few things.

The curse of being multi-tasked.. You get pulled into so many directions at once before you have the chance to do anything with it.
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Be amazed, now (alot of it hasn't been fully sketched yet either, heh)

I been having this strange creative spurt and I seem to still have a desire to draw right now..
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Erm, yes. Due to some random bizarre feeling, I want to do fanart. I have no idea how or why. I think my fandom has finally takened the best of me.. That's what I get for being with bad crowds.. Heh. I swear, that stuff really does grow on you when you don't pay attention to it.

In other news though:

Yey for Tiacon )

Eventually I will make that art site. Pics like the one above will be what you'll mostly see. Also all my "Character Times" will be transferred there. Meaning I want have those as random entries anymore.. aww...

However I'm having hosting problems.. Don't really want it to be the "pgamers" site that NB keeps offering.. hmm...

In the meantime I want to update my playlist some.
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Recently my computer has been possessed by more spyware demons. Evidently they went too far so I had to attemp to remove them. So I did (sure enough about 80% of them have probably returned back since then due to whatever reason). Then I left for about a half an hour, came back and continued reading my mail (which I left opened when I left..). However the first thing I clicked on caused that 'endless popup chain' to appear. Which I used to get that tons of times awhile back. Managed to break free from that them suddenly my computer wanted to shut down on it's own but stop about halfway through x.x;. I couldn't really do much about it. Luckly though task manager was still fuctional and I could restarted the comp from there. I think everything is working fine now. I'm a bit nervous though. Since I almost thought that my computer was going to crash.. Bad Eifa bad, no more drinking for you.. In which, I want to do a CT for now:


Elf In Futuristic Atmosphere. That is actually what it stands for. Yet ironicly, the name "Eifa" itself came sooner than the meaning.

Eifa has had some evolutional changes. At some point when I was first starting RM2k I wanted to also make a sprite comic, which would feature mostly characters from the rpgs I would make. Like with most webcomics, the author puts themself somewhere in the comic as well, normally for side fillers and whatnot. Which is normally more common in sprite comics, but not always. Anyways, I wanted some type a 'cohost' for my comic as well. As a patner that my 'sprite-self' could have. Later own while looking at some default sprites I had I found one of a sci-fi-themed elf charater. Normally, you never find a elf in a futuristic theme. In irony of this, I decided to based a character of this sprite plus use it in the comic. Thus, the manager Eifa was created.

Then shortly after I sold that comic idea for scrap. But I still loved the Eifa thing. So she was saved. Later I had an idea for another comic called "Offset". Which once I was to get some of my other works ready, it would be when everyone was going to act out of their roles, more or less, and live more in the real world. A pardoy thing to be more exact.

In the comic, Eifa was going to be someone that lived in my computer(my older one that barely wants to work now..). In which she was the caretaker of my computer and keeping it out of harm's way. Another edition of Eifa was that she was a expert hacker living somewhere else and helped out with my site managing and other computer problems.

Finally IRL I got my new computer (which is the one I own currently). Sure enough, I gave it the fitting name of Eifa. And my next computer would be named Eifa 2.0 and so forth, unless something happens till then. Ironicly too the color of my tower matches the color of Eifa's clothing. Which I found kinda amusing.

Thus Eifa is now the symbol of my computer. To whatever happens in it effects her too and vice versa. So if my computer was a real being, Eifa is what it would be like. Which is why I have refrence between the two.
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I blame my hyperness

My poor mistfis, since I kinda mentioned them before, here is part of my list. Hopefully there will be an opening for some of these.

Kenic is quite an oldie. Orginally part of an even older series (before Element Seeker took it's place), Legends of Beneara. Old stuff, there was so many flaws in it. So eventually I sold the whole story for scrap and rebuild a new one. In fact that was how Element Seeker came to be. Most of the characters came from it in fact, just with some major evolvements. Even the first ES was quite bad. I think that series has been through about 4-5 revamps. Quite a bit when you think about it.

Anyway, Kenic was originally from LOB. When I killed that, I tried giving him an openning in ES, perferrably in the 'main cast' since he was kinda part of it already. He was originally a shapeshifting-enchanter type of person. He didn't have that much character however. But overtime it developed into the "scolar" type of person. In ES though, there wasn't much room for a shapeshifter, so more changes were needed in order to make him fit.

Kenic's background now basically stands at this: For all his life he wanted to be some type of fighter. His parents however were very wealthy and believed that having Kenic learn to fight was unnecessary, not to mention dangerous. So instead Kenic spent all his childhood going to private schools or getting personal lessons on various fundamental things. By the time Kenic could finally do things on his own, it was already too late to do his dream of being a fighter. He was already used to the ways of education to start down a completely different path. Thus he begun to use the knowledge he knows for 'tractical advice', rather than doing actual combat which he hoped for. The rest kinda goes from there.

A much newer name. This one is a bit more complicated as for being a misfit or not. The name itself is in use, but character that it was originally gonna belong isn't, if that even makes sense. Currently the keeper of this name belongs to a fox girl that I made sometime back, based off of Gaia. She already has an opening in Black Wings, but I still don't find the same so 'fitting'.

The "fox girl" sorta just came to be but not really. I was trying to make a decent avatar on Gaia using the fox ears and tail, without using any kimonos since that has been done over billions of time. So then I slapped some things together and got this. And for some reason since then, I just loved how she looked, then made it into an actual character. Thus creating the "fox girl".

Seeing how Black Wings has mostly half animal people in it, I though it would be a good place for her. The avatar seemed to have had this "dead serious/irritated" look, so I kinda added it to the personality. Actually she kinda reminds me of Izumi from Fullmetal Alchemist characterwise for some reason. Also adding more irony to the fox style, I have not yet seen a serious half-fox character. Or anything with big ears and a fluffy tail for that matter..

Has now been officially added due to sprite problems. If you saw how Sparr looks, you would probably understand why.

Sparr was gonna be the "comic relief" sort of person for Tales of Nargaria (the rpg). He is in fact a Guardian, but one of the very weaker ones, probably the weakest in fact. Not to mention not the most liked by other Guardians. To give some spoilerish-stuff. The Guardians are all trapped in huge pieces of crystal and scattered all across the world. Usually hiding someplace like underground caves. If part of the crystal is broken off, it turns into a "summoning stone" of whatever guardian was inside of it. For some reason though, Sparr's crystal completely thawed out. Making him the only "awakened" Guardian out there. Afterwards he also joins your group, being the only monster-ish looking character you get (unless you also count Ecko I suppose).

However battle animations were gonna be a pain in the ass to make. Let alone a in-game sprite. I still really hope to have him in there. On the count that he would help out, plotwise. But at this point it's coming out as being impossible ;.;..

Sparr is also another oldie, has been with me or a very long time. Strangely though he hasn't changed much
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Since a have some free time now (unless I get dragged out some more.... grr....), gonna do another CT, cause I'm kinda overdue, wee. Ignore the millions of typos because I'm too lazy to fix them all


Another character for Black Wings. Probably my other fav aside from Nat. Originally Cale was gonna be the name of somebody else in that series, but I decided to finally give it someone else.

Cale is also a Sinner, but also known as a Slayer(people that kill Sinners, sometimes also called Exorcist). About three years ago when he was still human his village was attacked and burnt to the ground. Only suriviors was him and his sister (who still has no name). During the attack they remain in a secret hiding place until it was safe to come out. Cale leaves for a few minutes in search of seeing if anyone else was still alive. Then comes back later to find his younger sister laying on the ground near death. Probably would only last for another 2-3 days. A group of Sinners were the ones to blame (which were also responsible for the attack), but were long gone from there. Unsure of what to do, Cale sat there until something appeared before him.

Sure enough, it was a Star. He knew the risks of them, and knew why they were considered forbidden. But with it's help, he could have his sister back. In return though, it would make him a monster like those other ones. Eventually he couldn't refuse, and did something he wished never happened.

The Star was known as Phicylese, also known as "The Destoryer". It goes after the weak-willed ones and tries to manipulate them. However it doesn't always keep it's promises. Usually the Sinner from it looses all thoughts and goes on a berserk rampage, killing anything it sees. Many fear that Star, but fear even more of those who were victims of it.

The Star promised that it would keep Cale's sister alive, and would completely recover her once Cale had done enough work in return. Cale's form completely changed to a half-demon/gargorle creature. With his left arm becoming a enormous claw(that signifies "Phycilese's curse"), which is said to be able to crush anything.

Since that event, Cale's job was to destory all that opposed him, once he had killed enough people Phicylese would bring back his sister. And of course, the first thing on his mind was to gain revenge on the Sinners that started it all. And then to defeat all the other Sinners just like them (thus became a Slayer). However there was a catch to Phicylese's plan. Everytime Cale killed something he turns more into a demon. And by the time Cale reached the approved number that demon would consume him.

Cale is different than most Sinners though. He can control his appearence and look like a normal human. Also his age adds another level on unexpectance(age is roughly 12-14) since there isn't any Sinners that young. Or at least very few.

Also I gots a pic I want to color now, yey
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As I somewhat promised a few days back, I would explain who Karn was. So here it is:


The main character for my yet another possible story idea, "Timeraiders"(which has now evolved into "Time Keeper", and is still evolving like most of my titles). My first real attempt to make a time traveling story.

The story mostly focuses around the Chronik though, which is supposibly the one and only clock that controls the flow of time. Without it, time would be nonexistant. And without time to keep the rhymn for everything, the universe (and whatever lies beyond it) would be absolutely nothing. So it was important that the Chronik was kept in a safe place, and in good hands. Therefore a "Time Keeper" was chosen.

At this point, the Time Keeper was Celphia. However due to a huge war, she was killed leaving the Chronik unguarded. However before her death she sent it off into a unknown place. That way the Chronik would be left undisturbed until a new Keeper takes her place. The legend spoke that the first person to touch the Chronik and was proven "trustworthy" by it would become the new Time Keeper(aka: "Celphia's Heir"). However many gods and other high spiritral beings tired to find it but failed.

By some random twist of fate, Karn was the one to find it. However, the Chronik is meant for a god(or anything else that lives in an astral realm). But Karn is only human (living in time period somewhere around 16-1800s). Not only that but when he touched it he was sent roughly a thousand years into the future. The sky is now blocked by a huge metal shield, and humans were killed off to extinction.

The rest kinda continues from there... Actually I'm starting to really like how this one is going..
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yey for no school =P. So I felt like taking this time to go over some more of my characters in "Element Seeker" (that title needs a serious name change =/)

My dark elf and is one of Clef's best friends (which is very bizarre to see because dark elves and normal/light elves aren't suppose to get along). At first I was gonna have her be a magic user like Clef but instead she became more of a warrior. Partially due to her backstory. Basically her father is captain of the guards from the place she's from. To dark elves, it's a very high title, almost as important as royalty. Since Neona is a girl (obivously) and the next heir to the throne was in fact a prince, there was gonna be an arranged marriage for the two of them. Neona hated that idea greatly and ran away from the kingdom and lived a secret life. Unlike most dark elves though Neona didn't have any hatred to the "light races" and remained neutral with them. Also Neona has owns a huge halberd thing that she barely uses(which I still can't seem to draw ^_^*). Partially because it's very heavy, where it goes when she not using it... nobody knows... o.o

No series is complete until it has some highly skilled mechanic that is only 12-15 years old =P. But first, I should probably explain a bit more about the whole "human/elf" conflict thing. Elves believe in magic, humans believe in technology. This eventually lead to a big civil war over which was better (yet really, they are pretty much both equal). The war continued until the continent was split into two (which was often called "The Division"). To the west was the influence of elves, the east was the influence of humans. And so even to this day that wall remains. In order to keep the fantasy theme of the story though, "human science" is different from others. It's actually connected to crystals that humans started digging up. Over time they found ways to control the power in them, which is now used to power machines and whatnot. Which now lots of humans depend on the crystals because of what they can create with them. But that's more or less what it's like.

Anyways, the knowledge about the crystals has gotten to the point where it's possible to make huge objects fly. Which lead to airships. Lino is actually a captain of a special airship called the SF01 (long story..). Not many would actually think he's the captain though, because of his age. To put a long story short, he inherited it, crew and all. By the time he could actually read though, Lino focused all his studies on how to be a pilot for airships and mechanics. Which is why Lino is often thought to be a genius. The rest more of less goes on from there.

My other "tree hugger". Tairra is another EQ-based character. She has a strange gift however. You see, animals talk to each other in different forms of telepathy. for example, a deer can talk to a rabbit, but a deer can't talk to a fish. This is because there's different "channels" of the telepathy. So far the known frequencies are forest, sea, sky, ice, and desert. Some animals can know more than one though. For example most birds know forest and sky. For some reason though, elves and humans can't hear them. But somehow, Tairra can understand the forest. In return, she acts as an guardian to animals. However due to this she remains isolated from everyone else.

Tairra has a wide range of other magic, in fact she is consider and elemental as well. Most magic is healing related though. But like Gilaric, some of it revolves with nature too.

Random Quote of the Moment:
"I DON'T WANNA BE A RED ROCK USED FOR EVIL! ... I'm scared... hold me.. *gonk*" ~ me, Gaia Online
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Sigh... Sounds like Bush won -_-.

I feel like adding yet some people I like to draw (even though it's been a long time that I have) out of the spir of some moments: Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are consciences. Basically to make fun of those classic situtations when somebody starts taking to a mini angel and devil version of themself trying to figure out what to do. Yin is the angel, Yang is the devil. Their names originated from the Chinese symbol, obviously. Which basically means good and evil is in everyone. Fitting name for a conscience..

On of the best things I like about them though is the overall interaction between them. I mean, nothing like the old fasion "good verus evil" conflict, only takened to more humorful ways. Actually the "comic" I had plan to make for them was probably gonna be the only thing that I was going to stay comical. Most of the things I'm going to do aren't going to be very.. um... happy go lucky. But then I also recently thought up some other things. Some which might get rid of my comical rating, so meh.

Anyways, to get a better outlook. Yin is the logical careful one. Not so big on the justice/rightfulness things, but as long as other people can benefit from it. More philosophical than anything else. However he can get a pretty nasty temper if provoked hard enough.

And then there's Yang. Yang isn't afraid to speak his mind, no matter how blunt and cruel it may be. Much more laid back compared to Yin, and pretty much the opposite of him. Yang is pretty much out for fun and doesn't care if people get hurt from it. Also he likes to manipulate people quite a bit. He just tells things how they are, immoral or not.

I can't really say which one I like more. They both have their ups are downs. I'm still debating on if they should be a comic or not. For now though, they are just slapstick drawings. Whenever I'm down and need to think of something witty, just draw Yin beating the crap out of Yang, it always works, lol. Also random note, they are actually brothers. Twins to be exact. However despite maturity, Yang is really the oldest.
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yey boredom. Due to it, I want to continue some more character overview:

Natalya Mikhailov:

It's amazing how far a randomly generated Russian name can go. First started out as just a different name for me, then just somewhat recently on Gaia it got a life of it's own o.o.

Natalya now holds the title of main star (pun not intended) in my latest story idea, "Fallen Stars of Black Wings". Basically it revolves around strange forces called Stars and the people who gain their power called Sinners. The group of Stars are called "Constellation of Black Wings", hence the title.

Everyone is afraid of the Sinners, and they also think lowly of them. Basically for the reason that they cheated reality, most likely for greed (but there's other reasons too). Also whenever they request something they change physically, usually in the form the Star is assumed to be (since the Stars can't be seen). Most forms however are animal-like, but not all are. The other downfall to all Sinners is that they also gain a "side effect" to help exchange whatever they wished for. These downfalls are usually things like blindness, sickness, etc.

Natalya's "sacrifice" was entire lost of memory, she doesn't even know why she's a Sinner. And Natalya also changed by being a werewolf with demon horns(there's a full transformation, but that's a secret =P, shh). The only reason why she knows her name is by a note she found in her pocket when she first woke up.

Basically the rest of the story follows her trying to figure out the stuff she forgot, and also to go back to the Stars and reverse the deal. I have quite a bit planned for this story too.. Have another awesome character that I might want to explain soon (who still has no name yet XP). Also just a note, my Nat is different from the one on Gaia, to some sense. The Nat in this story is how I want my "ideal avatar" to look like. Because I've already gotten some feedback like "OMG why did you add a weretail and horns to it? You don't have those..", I know I know, I'm getting sick of hearing that comment... Someday I hope I'll have those items though ^_^.

also, if you want to stalk me on Gaia, here is my profile

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yey eclipses... only come every so years =P

Due to boredom, I feel like going over some of my characters. Just because it is fun.. or something.

I guess I should start off with Clefiea. Some of you might reconize that name a bit, since I used to use it time to time. Clef is an elf mage basically, completely based of my EQ char. Which I haven't played that game in decades. Magicans/mages in EQ are sorta like summoners, they basicly go around making weird stuff(food, water, bandages, etc). They can also make elementals too, which I sorta transfered that idea over. So she has a air/wind elemental as a pet (except it's a bird and not some golem looking thing), there's also a water one later on. Clef doesn't know it yet, but she's an elemental as well(or is considered as one). And eventually she can make a sword of light, as well as do your basic black magic such as fire, ice, etc. However all that she learn through practice, not an natural gift.

The next person on my list would be Gilaric. I don't really want to spoil stuff right now, but in short, he's hexed. Basically something happened where there he got in trouble, was gonna be turned into some big evil thing, but it got interrupted so now Gil is a human with a cat-ish tail. Like Clef, Gil was also an EQ person I had (but only played him once every blue moon, heh). But he had no background whatsoever, and remained a nobody till I started playing Final Fantasy IX. I based him a lot on Zidane ever since (tail and all XP). Has a bit of the occupation as a thief, but also druidish treehugging background (since the EQ Gilaric was a druid). Due to that, Gil has some magic revolving around nature, mostly plants. Also has some strong connections to certain climates and such.

Then there's Ziren, probably my favorite of all (out of this group anyway). I can't really say anything about him yet. Reason one due to complication, and two it will ruin quite a bit of things, actually a lot of things. Ziren at first, would act like your basic heartless, loner, "I hate everything" stereotypic person. I kinda did that on purpose actually. He has 2 sides to him though. One is wanting revenge, the other just wants to left alone in peace. Ziren basically learned the hard way that nothing is truly trustworthy, and that those you actually can trust, can end up hurting you anyway (even if it wasn't intentional). So yeah, he has some bad memories there.

And now, I'm getting tired of this.. heh

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