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I fried my brains doing massive surfing on Gaia for events.. Taking a break for now (Just need that freakin' pin! >_<)

I am now on a non-Gaian quest: I've decided to hunt down the FMA tin boxset, eheh ^_^;. Sadly though, Target didn't have it, EB Games didn't either. Though somebody was nice enough to give us a hint that Bestbuy may have it. So maybe I can go there tomorrow morning, Julie was nice enough to take me to the other places, and she said that she might be able to help out more tomorrow, hurzah... Nothing else, if it's not there I'm just going to buy it online, though it might be more exspensive. But it is limited edition afterall and I dunno how long they will be out =/.

However.. I REALLY wish Julie will get off my case of not playing Arcadia and EQ anymore >_> (not like I can play Arcadia when SHE'S hogging up the tv 24/7). Reminds me, need to complete Broken Angel still, heh.

In other news: I have nothing to do now in both history and science, thus I usually spend the whole period drawing ^_^. Also I think my science teacher fell off the face of the earth because he hasn't been there all this week and last Friday o.o;.

But here is my week so far planned, goal wise:

- Work on coat
- Finish Arcadia and/or Broken Angel (which I feel close to the end, maybe not..)
- Work my ass off for Mark
- Find boxset
- Get all those wonderful items on Gaia
- Erm, draw
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I will get a gemback even if it kills me.. Damn rare fishes that I still get confused on how they are caught(or spotted for that matter).. Other than being rare..

I should rebuild a new Anime cd. Since I can't seem to find my older one ;.;, and I have plently of new tracks to make a new one.

Appearently I'm now halfway through Arcadia, according to the "journal" thing it keeps. Somehow I didn't expect me to be halfway considering how long I assumed the game was going to be. I can't really complain either, since I quite enjoy longer games. And now I have the badass warship, mwaha XD.

Otherwise... I feel quite bored..
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Gah, I have become greatly obessed with Gaia Fishing now. Despite the sudden curse that I have gotten that makes me usually pull up can, boots, and tires ;.;.. But I been playing it nonstop this morning in hopes to increase my gold greatly ("Just one more bucket, honest!" XD). Such an addicting game that be..

But methinks I be better now... Aside from the fact I ate some weird stuff that's making me feel quasi-queezy(hmm, interesting word). And lots of coughing, blah.

Also I was looking at some more things I shouldn't have been looking at.. Was exploring the greatness of Ebay again. Which made find some more stuff that I want. I hate it when the second I find some figurine set or others things like that they were only made for a 'brief amount ot time' in Japan and was released about a year ago or more back. Actually I have recently grown a fetish for figurines now. I want to start making a collection of them. Though the only ones I have right now are my .hack set and Skuld from Oh my Goddess, which I got from Fanime about 2 years ago.. And those millions of Pokemon figues that I was collecting in the 4th-6th grade..

I really do wish I had a credit card. Or a job for that matter. Despite my sudden outbrusts for buying things, I actually do conserve, a lot. Most money that I would be getting if I had a job would be saved up, for whatever. New car? Custom computer? Dunno. But mostly be used for 'important' stuff. Or if some krazi emerency pops up.

Speaking about cons though.. There COULD be a chance that I'll go to Expo in the summer... Since it's sometime in June/July. Most likely I'll be visiting Dan around that time, and it's in LA(or somewhere in that region, heh). Still iffy though. Might have talk to Dan about that more XP. But perhaps there I could also cure some of my figgie fetish
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Heh, first we have a zombie infestation, now you carol at shopkeepers to get presents.. Yey for Gaia events and their time consuming ways XP.

Quite a happy day today though, I passed the damn DMV written test =P! ... finally... ugh. But now I won't be pestered by that anymore.

Also my rom interest has gone up some more. Well, rom hacks anyway. They be interesting things. Since they can completely alter the game and such, thus making them alot more fun to play.

But nonetheless, I can cross another thing off of my list of things need to be done, yey.
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"Yup, Gaia's down for maintenance and should be back up "shortly"
whatever that means

And within 5 minutes of me posting this message Gaia comes back

And it's back down...again

Back up!"

There you have it, the daily routine of Gaia in a nutshell.

Gah, tired and bored, not fun at all. I hate mornings, especially when I get up even earlier and can't really do anything that requires sound, blah.
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I'm starting to really hate Thanksgiving.. aside from the fact I get no school for a few days because of it ^_^.

Wee, Nat is no longer demon hornless =P! I must find some way of celebrating that.. That doesn't require having to eat a turkey corpse.. hmm..

But now I be bored again. Also in that discouraged mood to really do anything.. sigh. Maybe I will do that marathon thing I planned to do. But it will have to wait till tomorrow, because I know I'm gonna be pestered all day today. Stupid holidays.

Still waiting for my wallscrollie..... It will be here..... *plots*

Aleast there's one thing I'm thankful for: my computer.
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Ahh, why must I be taunted in the lowest form possible? >_<..

Waiting for a trade to be confirmed.. that's right, Demon Horns =P! Finally can get that annoying thing off my list (I hate to see how much of a pain the Emo Bag will be considering it's twice as much if not more o.o). However I haven't got any word back from the person I'm trading with... Which is getting me worried... So close yet so far! =(

Also it's only a matter of time till I stuff I order online.. Grr... they better arrive soon =/.. It should be here today, heh

I WANTS IT NOW! *gonk*
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Sigh... It seems every time I go to school now I just end up hating myself more... I want to get out of that hell hole. It's only making my sorrow worse. However I found some online high schools today. Ha! And they said it wasn't possible ^_^. Mwahaha.. Perhaps my high school bail will be sooner than expected.. Then I shall be FREEE...!

But still.. I actually refuse to go to school tomorrow because of it >_>.. I just have no idea how much I can take it anymore. I'd rather be stuck at Britton than deal with another day there. The only way I'm going there tomoorow is if I was drugged(or some other state of unconsciousness), stuff in a golf bag and thrown into a car trunk..

Only 1132 gold till Nat gets her horns... If the marketplace will be fixed by then *gonk*. But then her "default avatar" will be complete, huzrah.

In case you were wondering about the title..... don't ask... it was the first thing to come to mind and I felt like sticking to it o.o...

Random Quote of the Moments:
"A pox! A pox on YOU and all other magic users!" ~ Dan, DMFA
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Today WAS going well, until my mom just had to rub some more facts in my face.. Basically her own way of saying how pathetic I am and going nowhere -_-

Dammit, why is it that everything I do seems pointless to her? Why is it that she never truly understands how I feel? What makes me so hard to understand? Why is everything my fault?

That's pretty much how my whole life has been: I get in the way somehow then I'm the one to be blamed for everyone's failure as well as my own. I can't fulfill my own happiness, because I'm always hurting somebody else's. Yet no matter what, I can't seem to payback everything that I've done. I can't explain how sorry I am, for everything. No matter how hard I try.

... I need a hug now... Or something =(
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Mwaha, fear it.. I'm getting better with animations now, w00. Also have some more art I wanna post soon.. but still having my coloring problem, they don't look as good when colored >_<

2.5k away from Demon Horns =P.. It's all a matter of time now... That fishing game is strange though..
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Harold is telling me secrets again... Yes..... Harold knows all in case you didn't know. He is also secretly trying to eat my brain and make me be his host so that he can someday rule the world.... or something... I still haven't quite figured out Harold's plans yet. Hmm...

Yey for spending the whole day doing absolutely nothing though.. Methinks I found somebody that wants my wallscroll, so yey for that. So I should try to get that other one I want soon. Probably tomorrow if my mom would sit down and let me borrow the damn credit card for at least ten seconds >_<. I'm worried that it's gonna be sold out soon... I already had that problem with another item before and I don't to have it happen again >_>. There's also some other things that have been taunting me lately, grr

Oh yeah, updated my playlist again, over 150 tracks =P. Even though they aren't new songs... Just ones I haven't heard in a long time. But that might change is a few days from now, mwaha

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I gots a weretail, I gots a weretail, I gots a weretail! ^_^ *prances around the room*

Greh, I been feeling very slacked lately. Done some rather kewl piccies recently though.. Also I been thinking about donating to Gaia. Getting crazily obessed with that site now. That and I'm part of a rp there, which I think will kick ass once it gets going. Even though I'm the glue trying to hold the whole story together, which always happens when I'm in rps.. But they are fun none the less. It's basically my form of D&D, only not so literal and much more flexed.

I swear, I got more chars popping left and right.. more peeps for Black Wings anyway.. Sadly I have a total of 4 stories I want to make. But I have no time for any of them
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I couldn't keep a straight face after drawing this XD. It's too bad Natalya isn't a zombie anymore, I had an awesome time with that, lmao. I hope Gaia will have more events like that. Except by then hopefully things won't be so glitched and lagged up.. *cold glare*... I got some of the clothing wrong though, but hey, alot of the new things weren't working yet or just plain buggy.. So meh, sue me.

People got on my case today about not having to share today, blah, I had my reasons why. However I just realised a something that I SHOULD have done.. Get that damn DVD burner to work. Then I could just play stuff on the tv. No protector needed, no avi player to find (plus some codecs), everyone wins, yey. However that bastardly thing to work it gonna be tricky. Since my tower has no room for it, and I know nothing about external drives... *whimpers*
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Ahh, fun day and very much things I didn't want to do. I now have an apprentice, Gaia has a nasty infestation of zombies due to LabTechs, made a mule, turned several innocent Gaia users into my zombie slaves, good times good times ^_^. Would be 100 times better if the damn lag there would go away.. and the millions of server/database/404 errors =/.

However I do feel bad that I had so much planned to, instead other things pop up, well.. Eventful stuff that will never happen again. So I guess there's some good and bad sides to it. I doubt I'll get the things done that I wanted to do tomorrow.. With Halloween and all..

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Meh.. Got over it again. Just needed to rant a little. That and I got a very bad headache to the point I could barely think anymore, so it shut me up =/. To tell the truth, I don't think most of things really are intentional. Yet since they all happen constantly, it makes me really wonder if they are.. Or just a very strange coincidence that has a 1/1000 chance of happening. But that's my luck for ya -_-. It's not really "big" things that happen to me, just small minor things that happen almost everday that eventually add up and can cause an even higher magnitude than a big problem.

I was gonna do some moe work on DS but freepgs was being stubborn. So instead I spent most of the day doing Gaia stuff... Need.. More... Gold.... Rah.. Hajallaan is still hiatus in development. So many things I want to do and not enough time.. Or web hosts hate me. One or the other

Also if I'm lucky maybe I can go to the jacket place today... hurrah.. I gots questions..

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