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Had another odd dream last night ^^;

I remember there was one part of it that had to do with some hotel.. that looked like it was from Vegas.. But it was also a dorm for some college that was sister's friend was going to... and for some reason she wanted us to live there, though I don't quite understand why because we weren't going to that college anyway.. or something O.o. And then there was something about looking at a catalog, that showed what the rooms looked like and such.

.. There was also some sort of awards thing taking place inside, in a room that reminded me of something from a fancy cruise ship XD.

*cough* Anyway later on that night there was some block/beach party out by the pool... which by then also by then seemed to have also grown a sea coast O.o;... with a band play out in the water. And appearently I was hanging out with Heid for some odd reason, and was talking about the movie with him(and something about Envy trying to eat him and that he was hiding in the water somewhere O.o;).. which was quite... humorous and random as hell XD.

.. So the band stopped, and then when they did it suddenly went into high tide, and yet there was also a section of the coast/dock that also lost water.... and there was some mermaid girl stuck in some nets down there, and nobody was suppose to know she was there O.o.


.... I have no idea what the hell I was on that night though XD
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Yet another very strange dream last night. Gave me ideas for story stuff actually..

Appearently there was these type of people that were considered thieves/bandits/regnew. And they had adnormal skills, such as very keen senses of hearing/sight. And other weird things.

Appearently I was one of those bandit people. Though I don't remember what I could do.. I also looked alot like Kino O.o, which was kinda kewl...... but I also was some type of merchant selling asorted Skittles too XD.

Also there was some type of 'Order'. Like, some type of group/government thing in the city I was in. And there was a test you had to take to get in it, and gives you citizenship. Though no one ever passes, which is because there was some elf princess-girl that would look at it, and if you got even one thing wrong you couldn't pass. Or something like that. I think I missed like 2-3. Though supposibly I was the first one to ever get that close in like five years or so. So I got accepted anyway. But strangely I remember all that test stuff happening in a different dream, so this new one had to have been a contination of it... which are EXTREMELY rare for me.

Anyway, back to this one, I was in a marketplace in some part of the city, selling my asorted 'Skittles' (XD). I remember being near a fountainy thing, that was also some kid-playground too.. O.o. Some kid came up to me, started asking millions of annoying questions(actually he was VERY talkitive in general..). Kinda reminded me of restored!Al actually, well, slightly, his hair seemed too dark though. He also had this really kewl skill, he was able to sense heat in objects. Like how warm something was and such. And so he could tell how long ago something was moved/touched (by how much of so-and-so's body heat was still in that object and even who it was that touched it). So he kept on saying stuff like "That's been sitting there for *number* minutes," yadda, yadda. Which was kinda funny actually, heh.

So anyway, I assumed that he was also one of the bandit people like myself. And sure enough he was. Then he saw my certificate of 'completing' that test. He got all curious and started to snoop at it. Then he showed me his. Saying that for some reason his was never given a grade, instead the elf-girl just wrote him some very strange message. Something about a secret that no one mustn't know about. And other vague stuff.. And something about pleading for help(possibly freedom from something? I forget ><). The kid seemed to understood it, but just kept saying stuff like "That's why it's a myth", obiviously hinting at something.

Then later on in the dream I knew "ooc" that the kid was the brother to the elf-girl.. Or some relation. And then afterwards the dream just bounced around to very random stories.. Actually there was like two other dreams going on at once(though one of the two seemed to have been based on the same idea, just in a different place). But I thought that one was the more interesting one. But that's the all I can remember from it =/
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I've been extremely tired all day today. I'm not very sure why. I actually nearly slept during school the whole day. Or I would have if I wasn't too worried about getting in trouble. But I'm already extremely far in where I should be right now and have thing to do in most classes so I didn't feel very guilty about laying around the whole time. I felt like I deserved it actually.

I am jealous at people who can control dreams on a regular basis (or very commonly) XP. Yes, I get them. But on rare cases. Actually, I'm going to see if I can try doing that tonight. Though normally it's only when I'm about to wake up I do realise all that happen really is a dream and I can simply snap out of it. And/or take control for like a brief smoment until waking up. But, maybe I'll come into realising it is sooner. It's really weird how dreams work like that.

But ah, I remember having a rather cool one some weeks back. Gave me some ideas for TK that I might never use. Don't think I ever talked about it. Maybe some of it. It was actually my first dream in which one of my original characters was in, actually there was several. Mostly featuring Karn and Tiacon and other people in Timekeeper. Appearently Karn was something like a Rider in Eragon. And yes, Tiacon was his dragon, but he was much bigger(though I plan on making Tiacon get older at some point, dunno when. But actually that was how I invisioned him being). Appearently some 'evil guy' (don't remember his name, or if he evenhad one) was some soul stealer thing that gained people's powers by killing them and, well, stealing thier souls. Or it was something like that. Anyways, he wanted to kill Karn so that he could also control time and be the next Keeper. Which is want the dream was basically about. Karn goes flying around on Tiacon killing the 'evil guy''s minions and whatnot. About halfway through Tiacon started acting strange. Appearently Tiacon was kind of working for the 'evil guy' =O. And if he help hand over Karn then the 'evil guy' would spare him and make Tiacon free (or whatever). Anyway, at some point Karn went unconscious (I don't remember if he was either drugged or just bleeding to death, it was one of the two). Tiacon tried to wake him up, didn't work, so instead he tried to carry him off somewhere until he recovered. And then 'evil guy' showed up =O!(dun, dun, DUN!) And then Tiacon had to choose on what to do: To give his father(since technically, that IS what Karn is to him) to the 'evil guy' and have his soul takened, or refuse and run off somewhere and probably end up dying too since Tiacon doesn't stand a chance against the 'evil guy'... And then I woke up and didn't see what happened after that... it made me sad =(

Also I had a kewl piccie that I need to finish. Porbably by tomorrow it will be done.
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Yes, it was a very weird dream..

It started out in some big castle-magic academy thing. It reminded me of Hogwarts on many levels, so that is what I call it. Appearently I just got there and was still new to eveything. I was also with some family, or I think I was related to them, I don't know. Two guys, one girl. I was probably the 2nd youngest. Though it was kinda one of those dreams where I sometimes switiched to different people

ANYWAYS, yeah, we just got there, went through some initiation, and became part of the academy thing. Appearently there was a whole 'point system' (like Hogwarts), but no house names or regnew. Though it seemed like the groups were divided by dorms. So there was LOTS of groups, and my 'family/siblings' was all one dorm.

Also anything electronic was forbidden, because it interferred with magical frequencies or something like that. And we had a TV in our room (in fact, it was the ONLY thing in our room). So we got complaints about that every now and then, it was actually kinda funny. We got mostly old black and white movies though. Also I think at some point the youngest guy got some cd player/boom box thing. But he had to muffle the sound otherwise it would also scramble the frequencies..

Also every now and then I would run into this weird goblin thing that no one knew about. Which looked liked Golum (had the same voice and anything too XP). He kept forbiding about finding some type of stone that was hidden someplace in the castle (which was ironically called either Philosopher's Stone or Socercer's Stone.. It was one of them I know for sure XP). He also kept ranting about a ring. So yes, that was my LOTR refrence to this dream appearently, heh.

One of the interesting parts of the dream was the feather thing. One of our first 'classes' was creating and strengthing seals/barriers. By doing so we had to make these things that looked like dream catchers. But there was 'good' feathers and 'bad' feathers and you had to decide which not to use and which ones you should use. Appearently everyone made good seals but us, and we got points takened off. But later on I learned that the dream catcher things were being used to gaurd 'the thing'.

It was also one of those weird dreams when I could foresadow the outcome. When we first got there there was a prophecy that something bad was going to happened us. More exact, I knew that there was gonna be some guy that was gonna treat us like slaves. Thus I entered my "A Series of Unfortunate Events" part of my dream. There was a very shadowy part of our dorm. Which none of us ever went to. Eventually we got encouraged enough to inspect it. Which was really a hallway with a very big door. And ever since we found it the guy behind it in has come out and we've been forced to do labor work for him ever since. Why? I don't know..

And eventually I got up, yey. There was TONS of cameos though. The girl in our dorm reminded me of Violet from Misfortunate Events. I could have there was somebody with glasses too. The eldest 'brother' look like Ed in ep 45(the trenchcoat, shades and all), which I thought was funny XD. I remember seeing an Al running around too(and Wrath and Envy o.o), I could have sworn that there was also Loki and Heimdall from MLR, and remember seeing people I knew from school(which I think were all in the feather class thing)..

But yes, it was strange... O.o
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Ven/Phalanx gave me some new spyware scanners and whatnot. Alas, my computer feels cleaner than ever(I think that bridge program is official gone now =O!). I'm curious to see if maybe my downloading speed has increased due to it. I should test that soon.

For once, I have had a dream based off of one of my characters, Karn. It was a very strange dream though. Since it wasn't really the same person.. He had brown-ish hair too... Actually the 'overall senario' kinda reminded me way too much of Eragon o.o.. Partially because Karn also has a dragon. Only Tiacon isn't THAT big. But it was fuzzy like him, and roughly same color.

Ah, those dreams can be very interesting though. If only I had more, or perhaps remember more of them. Either in the "roleplay" format or narrative view (which this one was, being a random specator wataching everything being played out).

Tome of Caliginosity, expect to see that name someday.
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(Appearently LJ was having some issues awhile back, atleast it's back and running again =P)

I had this really weird Disgaea dream last night O.o.. I don't remember most of it anymore, but it was bizarre nonetheless. Wasn't a role play one though. Come to think of it, I recall having a role play type with Disgaea once before that was quite interesting. Except I wasn't someone from the game(in which normally it was), but I wasn't myself either. Appearently it also had something to do with discovering/solving some mystery about this town that was located on the side of a chiff. In which most transportation was done by 'airship'. Yet there was also water in the air too in which the ships floated on O.o. Actually now remembering it it sorta reminds me of something you might see in Skies of Arcadia XP. There was a bit of a stream at the very bottom though. But it was shurounded in fog and whatnot which made it hard to see. But you could tell that it was down there. Also everything had that really bright gold/yellow/orange/pink sunset color to it.

But yeah, appearently it had to do with sovling some 'mystery' (which I completely forgot what, but dreams are very vague like that). At some point though Laharl got into some fight with the people there. I remember something about mocking his height too, which got him more pissed off (think Ed if you will, lmao. Not sure if I knew FMA at the time though). Anyway, appearently Laharl got beatened up, so we went back to our 'ship thing'. Then he got annoyed again about the nurse (with his whole 'women thing' and all..), so Flonne did her, umm.. Flonne-ishness to reason with him and such.. that's about the only part that realy sticks to mind though.. I remember Gordon and Jennifer being in there somewhere too. But thats about it.

It was still a very bizarre dream though, but too bad I can't remember the one from last night =/.

Still feeling a little groggy from sickness. Stupid cold. Now it's mostly nose issues though, and a bit of a scratchy throat. Annoying thing..

Also with my bangs being as long as it is now I realised if I was to dye it purple and move my hair to the side I could look alot like Heimdall from MLR with glasses XD. That would be another interesting person to cosplay as.. But the height would be majorly off.. yes, I was that bored today


Oct. 6th, 2004 08:58 pm
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.... Must... get... watch... *twitch*
Somebody buy this for me as a late birthday gift.. and I'll eternally love you and give you cookies... *puppy dog look*

I wish I knew why I been so tired lately >.<. I've also developed a very bad habit to subconscionusly hit my alarm and sleep in for another 2-3 hours. Which really sucks since I want to get up early.. Usually so that I can do my *cough*homework... eheh. Speaking about that though. Had another one of those kewl roleplay dreams. Those are awesome. When for some reason you dream about being a character from something(mine are usually anime and vgs for obivious reasons, had a somewhat HP based one before though), and basically sorta act like how they do and whatnot. However the senario is usually on a whole different topic XP (like having some house being attacked by zombies, lmao). But they are kewl, and I usually keep a good memory of what happens for some reason. But they are rare for me =/.

Still need to read the Hikaru no Go Alyssa gave me... Just been a little bust to sit down and read it (which happens alot for me). Been thinking about getting that series. Not really sure. Also gave Flame of Recca a spin. Was kinda disappointed in it, considering it caught my interest for sometime. Well, I can still give it a 2nd and 3rd chance.

Also, I've come to the fact that I don't like ninja/samurai anime (Like Kenshin and such). Which is partially the reason why FoR kinda irriated me. That and rather generic. Adverage middle school-ish person with overly cocky adititude, randomly meets a girl, gets a crush on that girl, guy finds out he's part of some special family that's some hundred years old, guy can now shoot fire out of his hand.. Meh. But I'm gonna still see if it gets any better.

Also due to somewhat disliking that type of genre, all the more reason why I'm probably gonna kiss Naruto goodbye, *Marks off wishlist*. Still need to yet finish Chrno Crusade. Then gonna finish Jing and probably Haibane. After that, dunno. Wanna get back to Orphen and DN Angel again someday... just for the hell of it

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