Feb. 9th, 2006 08:48 pm
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More pics for the challenge
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.. first of all..

One down, 99 more to go x_x;

And just now, I suddenly realised that my next semester of school is going to be a cakewalk, so I can probably stop stressing myself over this week.
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.. Yes, Grif is entering the themeworld ._.;;. Though unlike most people who do this, I probably won't actually pick a particular character for this (though there might be a seprate theme list for someone in particular later.. ^^;).. Also the other difference is that I'm going to do just OCs.. Which makes finding a list to do all the more harder ._.;

more than likely.. themes but probably using either a character 5 or 10 times
Grif's 100 Challenge )
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Even if we don't even talk/rarely do: I'm offering up something to all my friends here on LJ: If you would like an image drawn for your holiday gift, please leave me a responce telling me what you would like. I figured since I can't afford to send out cards this year, the least I can do is draw something nice for everyone ^^.

... I was planning on doing this anyway XD;;;;

Also, Izzy, Shindou, and DT: You all can have two requests(one for X-mas, and for b-day)... Seeing how I still never was able to doodle a decent pic for those either, and I bet my X-mas pics will be delayed too ^^;;

.. Keep in mind the requests should be only PG-13 at the highest, I don't do hentai/yaoi/yuri/smut.

In other news though.... *does the level 20 victory dance* ^^!


Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:17 am
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I dunno wanna go to school today... it's too cold and early and stuff.. -_-

Dammit, why do I keep getting these damn art curses? It's like whenever I try to draw something it always looks shitty. Bleh... I also been really thinking that I should take a drawing class someday. Because honestly, everything I know is all self-taught and practice/seeing other's work... But... I have had bad expriences with art classes with teachers not doing what they SHOULD be doing (funny actually, after she left almost the rest of the staff was gossiping about it too, in a way. So there WAS something wrong about how she did things and not just the students bitching about it)

.. and why the hell does my friendlist keep messing up?! This is like the 4th or 5th time it has done this >< ! (hence, why my colors have been on default for awhile. Because that was the only way to fix it last time and have been too lazy to fix it back).

.... stupid movie *mumblegrowlhissgrr*.. not doing what it should've done..... no.. I'm still not over that ~_~. I think I'm gonna be bitter to the anime for awhile now, until I suddenly get over it. *urge to murder Bones in thier sleep*

I also need more anime to watch, speaking of that. Actually I really digged Trinity Blood from what little I saw of it. Despite most vampire-related things are overrated. And, if Mr. Torrent wants to behave nicely(now that my internet is back and running normally).. I should have Tactics.... by today hopefully o.o.

Still want to see that other thing whenever it comes out, and I'm hoping something big from Disgaea too ^^;
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1. Post 5 old artworks from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.
2. Post your most controversial picture -- one you might have received hate mail for.
3. Post your favourite picture so far from 2005.

... I have no idea @_@. I just did a massive wipe out of most of my old drawings on my comp anyway. Plus, I didn't start scaning anything until 03-ish.. maybe late 02 too. Bah, I don't remember anything anymore ;_;.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/Cleffall.jpg very old pic of Clef. It really is interesting just how old she actually is (and how much she kept changing @_@). I think this was finally when I figured out to just stay with that style, or very close to that time. Other than messing with her hair and robe symbols(which you don't see) every now and then
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/Siophear.jpg one of my old ideas, Siophear. There's much background behind these, both in-character and not. I used to have a bunch of different types of dragons(*coughpokemontypescough*) and whatnot, alot of them seemed pretty cool at the time, but then most of them.. err.. died out. Anyways, one of them was Siophear(probably my favorite one actually, side to the water one), it was around Halloween and there was a "monster" drawing contest at the middle school I was at. And basically went "Hey I know! I should submit Siophear into it!".. so yeah... I relieved her for that brief moment, then she just kinda died again.. Maybe one of these days, I should just bring her back again, lol. Probably the only dragon I have left that still can make a few appearences in the things I'm working on now...(funny thing is, I never even finished this pic, hence why it looks all.. celly, lol XD)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/04-23-2004084716PM.jpg I still dunno what I was doing when I made this, other than just messing around with random chars. But otherwise.. random elf girl I never finished *shrugs*
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/calesketch.jpg Ah Cale.. Even for this one being almost a year old, still my personal favorite drawings I did of him. Even though he's still changing and doesn't really look like this anymore >.o.. I was actually writing up his whole prelude of why he looks like the way he does for English last spring.. but.. just never did it ~_~..... I also have to keep reminding myself: It's suppose to be from NAT'S view, not Cale's.. But I have so much more info on Cale than Nat, she's being a hard nut to crack when it comes to back story..(then again so was Clef at first, but then I finally got some dirt on her, after so much mislead information.. ~_~)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/Clefsword.jpg Slightly newer version of Clef, Actually I think I made this in the early spring time, so one of my older 04ers. I still find it interesting that sometime she has the cord, and sometimes she doesn't.. *shurgs*. Also a somewhat good example how her sword looks... though personally.. I also think that's the only time I ever really have drawn it X_x. This is also the 3rd time I've ever used one of my actual drawings for a desktop wallpaper(adding a background to it too of course
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Grifstar/scans/natfish.jpg I was gonna color this, but just didn't.. Was around the time I was majorly addicted to fishing on Gaia XD;;

Most Controversial:
I don't think I ever really had one O.o. Most of the time I hardly get comments on my work..... but most of it sucks anyway so meh. ._.;

.... Though, I think most controversial of ME was when I was cleaning my room some months ago and found all of my old Neopets and Pokemon pics and wanting to find the nearest lighter or shedder..... *shudders* so..... horrid.... x_x

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21447136/ Finally gotten better at CGing~! ^o^...... I still have no idea what her name is.. still getting a C or K though.. maybe S O.o.
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15607112/ Old pic of Karn, still a classic though... I remember when I was so damn obessed with him then suddenly he's just sitting around collecting dust o_o;. He also keeps getting changes alot too.. mostly wardrobe changes though O.o
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20265219/ One of my better pics of Raynis, funny how almost all of those chibis never really did look.... like chibis O.o;;
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21037620/ I just liked the detail I kinda put into this one too ^^;;

... okay, so it said one for each.... but I don't obey rules so ha! XP
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I been trying to draw the last few days, finding out, my art is being more sucky than normal ><. I really hate it when that happens too, hopefully it'll lift off pretty soon >.>.

Sigh, people are SO making me want to play EQ again. Especially now there actually IS a way to play for free, and probably less crowded in certain areas(kinda reminds me of what I was doing for Ragnarok, fan-made severs and stuff). Which just sounds awesome. I just dunno if my computer can handle EQ anymore though ><. Too afraid to try too =/....

Ahh.. EQ though... such good times for me XD
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Once upon a time which was probably less than 24 hours ago, a happy little artist, who is a frequent user on a happy little forum named Gaia, decided to try out a somewhat different little avatar sytle than what she normally did. Thus, This Little Avi was born. About another few hours passed, and then suddenly the happy little artist met a little bunny. Now, those who have never met a little bunny before, they don't like to leave until you do what they tell you to do. But the happy little artist had enough for today and wanted to sleep. But the little bunny didn't want the happy little artist to sleep. And so, the little bunny begun to gnaw on the happy little artist's head until she got up.

It was now morning, and the happy little artist was still tired becuase the little bunny didn't leave her alone at all. In fact, because the little bunny was so bored last night it wanted another little bunny to keep it company. However, it turned out that the other little bunny was a different little bunny, that the first little bunny really liked. And so, what two little bunnies do best when they are together, they multipled and made baby little bunnies that want to play and bite as well.

Now the happy little artist had to deal with more than one little bunny, but quite a few. Luckly, the happy little artist had lots of freetime in the happy little school. And so, the happy little artist begun to draw to make the little bunnies happy little bunnies. After the happy little artist got back to her happy little home she completed This Little Drawing. The little bunnies became VERY happy little bunnies and enjoyed the drawing.

However, the now very happy little bunnies still didn't want to leave the happy little artist, and instead they wanted to see more. The happy little artist didn't know what to do then, other than to make more happy little drawings. Luckly, after having several attemps of doing this sort of little drawing, the happy little artist had improved quite a bit, which pleased the very happy little bunnies. They were so happy, that they actually begun to help the happy little artist draw it. After about an hour to take, Another Little Drawing was born and not finished yet. After the other little drawing, the very happy little bunnies had thier fun today and continued on with there lives. However, they warned the happy little artist that they will come back for more very soon.

To Be Continued...


Mar. 24th, 2005 10:24 pm
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.. Looks like my record broke. Bah, it already was brokened when LJ died some months back, oh well ><.

Spring Break. Thank god.. I been waiting for this week, though I still can't imagine it being here now, heh.

But today has been like what my other days have been this week, nonstop RPing with Dragon.. Finally more plot thicking(and very sicking sweet sappiness... but I had fun XP). Which is good, yey.

And I'm practicing drawing more animals, and some other stuff. Mostly cats, cuz I like kitties.. but I'll do others.

.. still so many things I still need to get done >


Feb. 17th, 2005 04:58 pm
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New person )

Silly Issac.. I still have no real idea where he came from
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Be amazed, now (alot of it hasn't been fully sketched yet either, heh)

I been having this strange creative spurt and I seem to still have a desire to draw right now..
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Erm, yes. Due to some random bizarre feeling, I want to do fanart. I have no idea how or why. I think my fandom has finally takened the best of me.. That's what I get for being with bad crowds.. Heh. I swear, that stuff really does grow on you when you don't pay attention to it.

In other news though:

Yey for Tiacon )

Eventually I will make that art site. Pics like the one above will be what you'll mostly see. Also all my "Character Times" will be transferred there. Meaning I want have those as random entries anymore.. aww...

However I'm having hosting problems.. Don't really want it to be the "pgamers" site that NB keeps offering.. hmm...

In the meantime I want to update my playlist some.
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Mwahahaha.. I really liked how this pic turned out ^_^

fear it due to very large size.. )

Kinda did some changes, originally there wasn't gonna be a tail and the feet... and horns. But meh, I thought they would look kinda kewl. Then again, all the parts are interchangable, so they don't have to really be there.

Probably my next pic will be the full demon edition.. If I can even draw that >_
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I couldn't keep a straight face after drawing this XD. It's too bad Natalya isn't a zombie anymore, I had an awesome time with that, lmao. I hope Gaia will have more events like that. Except by then hopefully things won't be so glitched and lagged up.. *cold glare*... I got some of the clothing wrong though, but hey, alot of the new things weren't working yet or just plain buggy.. So meh, sue me.

People got on my case today about not having to share today, blah, I had my reasons why. However I just realised a something that I SHOULD have done.. Get that damn DVD burner to work. Then I could just play stuff on the tv. No protector needed, no avi player to find (plus some codecs), everyone wins, yey. However that bastardly thing to work it gonna be tricky. Since my tower has no room for it, and I know nothing about external drives... *whimpers*
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I'M FREE!!!!! ... umm.. sorta... Actually I been free from the evilness that is scanning stuff for my mom a few hours ago. I just wanted to make a big scene of it ^_^*

Great crayola tree! Somehow I just realised my draw skills just got a whole better O.O.. At this rate (after some more character sketches) I should be ready enough to rebegin my comic. At this, if I can think of a good place to start off.. Been almost thinking about changing my little beginning part all over again >.<

However I'm probably gonna spend the rest of the day playing PB some more.... must... gain... levels... (or try to beat the game, heh)

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