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Looks like I'm finding more and more snags in the road of getting this fanart merchandise thing going.

Outside from getting a seller's permit (which shouldn't be too hard, I just need to go to downtown San Jose and fill out some paperwork by the sound of it), my printer isn't gonna be able to cut it, which was something else I was afraid of. Granted I can't tell what my inks are at right now, but I just took some test prints of something I been working on recently and the quality is shit.

Unless there's some more settings I can play with that can, which I highly doubt. I'm gonna need to get a new one that can print in higher detail, which I imagine won't be cheap at all.

It seems like whenever I have a moment where I can finally stop spending money every week, something else like this comes up orz.

I'm really hoping this does work out in the long run. At the moment I'm just gonna touch up and finish what I've made so far and figure out what I can do next week, since this probably won't be happening any time soon.

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