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Well, been kinda busy this last week..

For reasons unknown my jaw has been hurting... alot >< . I'm not sure why, actually I've noticed it before if I eat something hard the right side goes into a spazim sometimes. And now it just does it whatever and it's more painful than before. Took some Advil, which did seem to help a little but still... I dunno what caused it and how to fix it, actually I think my meddling with it is what made it worse >< .

..... I almost had a job D:. Was trying to get work at our local fabric store, but then one week and probably 5 unsucessful visits later comes out that there isn't any opennings there right now and are only looking for people to hire in their 'sister store' that's about a half a hour drive from us... and me being car phobiaed(is that even a word... O.o?) doesn't help.. But, that's what I get for getting my hopes up for once.. ><

And I found out that the anime store I go to somewhat weekly to is probably gonna now longer have those FMA keychains I was trying to collect.. Which saddens me but I never got the one that I wanted in the FIRST PLACE I started collecting them.. damn Japan and their putting collectables in random unknown boxes >< ... So, my hope now is to maybe find the one I'm missing at Expo, nothing else.... Ebay may become my best friend XD. Cuz I seen some floating around in there(though I have no account.. damn being creditcardless >< ). Or the store I go to gets lucky and finds more.. then I shall be more happier ^^.

For now though I'm just ramsacking it's cards and other figgies. Want to get every FMA thing that I see right now and interested before the series gets old and rare (which I don't see happening ANY time soon... but the fact that there's a wave of Bleach coming in, I'm getting a bit worried). Cuz I KNOW how that sort of merchandise works >.>.. Only missing 3 more figgies, though the fact there wasn't a Hughes last time I was there made me worried.. But, maybe there's more hiding somewhere. Nothing else, I got a toss-up between Winry or Riza next time I'm there... hmmm...

Otherwise, still RPing, still wanting to murder my teacher....... *chuckles*.. Count Iggy.. *busts out laughing uncontrolablily* XD ...... I'm probably gonna go to Limbo for bringing that up again... >.>;;

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