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Just another short trip to SouthCal... why? Just because mostly ^^;.

Might take more pictures and video this trip too.. I honestly dunno if I'm gonna do more ride videos, being that most rides tend to be way too dark for my camra to pick up =/... Though I feel a little adventurous.. and MIGHT attemp the take-off part of Space Mountain, just because that ride ish kewl and fun like that(and windy x_x). Maybe some more fireworks clips too, if we plan on watching it again this time around. Probably the second half of Haunted Mansion and the PotC part.. Being that those are the best.... Maybe the Tiki Room/Indy fire part too XD.

... and my Pokemon fetish came back -.-;. Got rehooked on playing XD, and now got back to my hacking... which... I think I might be giving up on, or starting over. It might use an Emerald game rather than Sapphire. Or just wait untill I learn more about hexing.. because that still confuses the hell out of me, and it might be good to know however. =/

Though I do get back to doing my RM2k3 game ^^. I had more bunny bites of what to do... Being too lazy on making graphics though ^^;;. And I dunno if I will be able to every attack/skill I want to do.. I might, but dunno. I'm also deabting on just how many characters I want in this game.. Though I know a few might be AIed, being that they are just temps afterall..

I WANT PLANT BATTLE ANIMATIONS DAMMIT! >< (like leaves, vines, seeds, etc.) If anybody has some I can use(or know where I can find them), please tell me... or give D:. I may even give an award to the person that does it.

But, I shall see everyone in about 4 days ^^
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*ahem* due to the fact I can't fine a decent uploading host for my videos, people are just gonna have to poke me, and have to get them personally from me by IM.

Keep in mind, these were all takened by a digital camra, and at the most can only be a minute long. Thus the quality of most is rather low, and some are at bad cutting points(mostly for the firework clips). But, it was the best I could do, and also can't be redone so easily.

Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Clip 1: Starts off at the part with the three doors(though the youth door on the right can't be seen), up to the point in which you see the bridge and flaming eye/very large skull/head statue for the first time. Not much can really be seen in this clip though, for that my camra has problems picking up dim lighting(even though I never thought those parts were really that dark to begin with O.o). Also rather blurry because the jeep you're in is being shakened around.. if you have/ever ride that thing you will know what I mean. XD

Clip 2: Just after the dart room, with Indi hanging on the rope and the boulder coming up behind him(which the camra didn't seem to pick up). Then goes up to the very end and back into the loading dock, in which you can see the a little bit of the jeep in front of us.

Splash Mountain:

Clip 1: Just after the very first drop before you go inside. In which you find the infamous 'America Sings' geese and frogs, then the part with Brer Fox and Bear(and the awesome donkey XD). Then seeing Brer Rabbit and the turtle. Basically, the first minute just about of the ride, lol.

Clip 2: Before the last and biggest drop. Starting at where Brer Rabbit gets caught, leading into the scenes of the opossum and rabbit families(opossums on the right, rabbits on the left). Then getting to the vultures before you start climbing up for that last drop. There's also a little segment just before the drop, but I didn't want to risk taking it, because I probably wouldn't have enough time to put the camra away so that it couldn't get wet. (and I'm SO glad I did......... *coughes up more Splash water* @_@)

Clip 3: And then the finale-ish thing with the riverboat and among other things. Pretty much explainitory(sp?)


Clip 1: Beginning of the Haunted Mansion part they have(though I couldn't get the very beginning of it being that the camra was being stubborn about turning on for some reason). It's too bad my minute ran up before the part when it gets really awesome(they seriously have something going on in every corner of the area just about, kinda making a curve around the castle). One of the best things about the whole firework show they have now, they actually made the enitre park involved into it, rather than all in one place.

Plus, ride-themed fireworks is just badass XD

Clip 2: As we call, the "Wanko" part of the fireworks. You'll probably understand why when you see it lol..... God I love those vultures XD.

..... DUN MAKE ME GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! *sobs* D:
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Ahhh... feels kinda good to be home again, not that I had an absolute bad time, but you know..

I still need to get some of my 'goodies' uploaded. Prehaps a few of them might be things some might like to see.. I dunno how well some of it is gonna look though =/.

....... and now I feel so behind the times as for what is going on in the rest of the world ._.

Movin' out

Sep. 21st, 2005 11:50 pm
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Well... going down south over the weekend... again. And will be gone for the next 5 days or so.

So, see everyone till next Monday, or Tuesday at the lastest ^^;

..... I probably should have gone to bed like one or two hours ago >
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Indeed, the long awaited slide show I been wanting to do of my D-Land/AX journey *coughcoughnearlytwomonthsagocough*.

Slide Show part one (warning, kinda big pictures) )

Next time: the AX pictures~! ^o^
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well, this sucks.

Damn, I haven't gotten this bored in so long.. Used to have this problem all the time.

Pretty much everyone I talk to is having their own personal problems going on right now, and then I feel bad having to. Which in a way, would give me the great excuse to go out and do that application gathering(go around places that I can walk to and see if I can get hired anywhere).. but it's been so damn hot here that I would probably fry myself to death doing that... but I seriously need a job though ><.

Still need to unpack too... not like I have much, but the stuff I brought(and bought ^^;) are taking up like 3/4ths of my floor ><.(I HAD to have had bought large things.... WHY did I have to buy large things..? ><)

Also have things waiting to be drawn (about 3 things on hold.. unless a bunny goes ><). Plus god knows how many fics to write ><.

....... and don't get me started on my anime.... ^^;

Hmm, I think I'm gonna flip a coin. A very big coin o.O
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Well, kinda halfway now.. Probably gonna do some huge report later when it's over.

But I ish still here...

Umm yey..!

Jun. 23rd, 2005 09:26 am
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Well yesterday was krazi.. >.>

Still only halfed packed.. I was spending most of the time burning cds to keep me unbored for like 6 hours -_-. So far I know my Digicam and Celphone are all charged and happy... not too sure about the SP o.O. But probably have time to charge that too. Cuz I'm probably gonna need it.

Other than that, I have unfinished manga to read and a huge-ass sketchbook to keep me entertained, heh.

Wanted to get up WAY more early than I did... but my bed was being all squishy and wanted me to stay ;_;("ehh.. gimme about 10 more minutes...... Zzzzz... *2 hours later* Okay, 5 minutes, I swear..... Zzzzzz").

So yeah.. gonna be gone till July 3rd..... I think o.O. So see yous all till then X3

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