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My break went by too fast.. and I didn't get anything done that I wanted to do(or I guess should have done ;-;).

On the plus though: this makes me happier than it should XD;;

*and now wants Disgaea 2(plus anime ;-;) and KH2 badly*


Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:17 am
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I dunno wanna go to school today... it's too cold and early and stuff.. -_-

Dammit, why do I keep getting these damn art curses? It's like whenever I try to draw something it always looks shitty. Bleh... I also been really thinking that I should take a drawing class someday. Because honestly, everything I know is all self-taught and practice/seeing other's work... But... I have had bad expriences with art classes with teachers not doing what they SHOULD be doing (funny actually, after she left almost the rest of the staff was gossiping about it too, in a way. So there WAS something wrong about how she did things and not just the students bitching about it)

.. and why the hell does my friendlist keep messing up?! This is like the 4th or 5th time it has done this >< ! (hence, why my colors have been on default for awhile. Because that was the only way to fix it last time and have been too lazy to fix it back).

.... stupid movie *mumblegrowlhissgrr*.. not doing what it should've done..... no.. I'm still not over that ~_~. I think I'm gonna be bitter to the anime for awhile now, until I suddenly get over it. *urge to murder Bones in thier sleep*

I also need more anime to watch, speaking of that. Actually I really digged Trinity Blood from what little I saw of it. Despite most vampire-related things are overrated. And, if Mr. Torrent wants to behave nicely(now that my internet is back and running normally).. I should have Tactics.... by today hopefully o.o.

Still want to see that other thing whenever it comes out, and I'm hoping something big from Disgaea too ^^;
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I'm having such mixed feelings about tomorrow. I'm glad after that I'll be finally OUT of those classes(though I'm doomed to be in US History again, which is probably the one I been hating most ~______~), plus the two days of sanity after that. One the other hand... I think I got majorly burned this time ><. Well, after halfway when I had to leave and miss out on a ton of things.

This whole damn week(and a half) too I was CONSTANTLY getting on my English teacher's ass about what should I do to make up for the things I missed. But he just goes "Oh, you're doing find.. you're probably one of the best students I have.. yadda yadda yadda"..... I'M MISSING LIKE A TOTAL OF 10 ASSIGNMENTS!! HOW THE HECK SHOULD I BE GETTING THE A I HOPE TO HAVE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS WHEN I'M MISSING LIKE 80% OF THE WORK?!(well, about 4 of them or so were this annoying topic about taking illegal drugs, which I absolutely refused to do for my own reasons >.>) I even was going to do some creative writing to make it up, but he NEVER gave out what I should really do for that(and there was no point trying to work on something if he not even going to take it -_-), and I can only really bother him at lunch but for like less than a minute.

... and now it's too late to do any of that ._.

... and so far I have majorly bombed all of the US test crap, all because my brain really doesn't want to start working properly until lunch or so ~_~. I can't help it that I can't do mornings, no matter HOW early I go to bed. And I rather have a not so study-craming class at the beginning of the day anyway... And of TOP of that, I hate history.

and THANKS to how that class is set up, I have to have it TWICE a day. Just for a semester's worth.. meaning, I am gonna have to deal with it again to complete it ~__~.

So, my total credits worth for this whole time:

English - I'm thinking 4, unless I turned into a teacher's pet somehow durring this time , 5
US History - Honestly, I should get a 3 or 4. Being that I been crashing and burning there alot ><
TA - 5
Business Math - 4.... I still dunno why the hell they kept me there when I already TOOK that class and could just have a different elective than completing one that wasn't even going to get me 5 to begin with ~_~.

Total: 16-18.. when I really need 20 if I hope to even GRADUATE by December.. Meaning I'm gonna have to really go into overdrive or something to make up for that.. but I feel even my next one is gonna be just a hellish.

.... yanno.... I think I'm gonna have a little talk with a few staff people tomorrow.. I think I may have to do some extra elective things.... or face the hellish flames of mom .______.
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I feel like I'm in a regular high school again ><.

US History is gonna be annoying, not really 'hard', but just annoying ><. In the time I had(which I'm in there for 2 periods due to 'so much information to learn and not enough time'), I could have EASILY gotten more than half through the first chapter. Instead, I had to hear an hour lecture and a movie to watch on something that to me, can get the idea in probably a fourth of that time(Plus, nearly all of it was things I already knew and/or from the World History)... And so far it doesn't seem like I can just move at my own speed ><.

Hehehe... yey for Disgaea letting me know words(or just reminding me of it, heh) that are rarely used and having it appear in a discussion. And people say playing video games is bad XD.

I am now also the TA for the class that was orginally environmental science. Which is kinda fun because that guy is pretty cool (despite the long lectures that have been going on..). Which is basically me sleeping the whole time until I get poked and asked to do something. Which in this chase today was, stapling a bunch of packets, suddenly finding out the packets were botched up and missing pages and then having to get copies of the missing pages. Then go to the people with the new packets, take the staple out by hand, add the pages where they went and restaple it(I'm so glad I have somewhat long nails right now, though having to do this like 14 times nearly killed them ><). Was annoying to do, but in a way better than feeling like a slouch all day thought..

.... I think so one wants to kill me in English @_@... I'm so praying tht guy is gonna allow alternatives to certain requirements ><

And looks like I'm stuck in that math class, cuz appearently I didn't 'complete' the class despite getting like an A+ and having 6 credits when only 5 is needed >.>

*instert other stuff that happened today*

First Day

Aug. 29th, 2005 04:02 pm
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And so I finally begin school...

Got chewed out by my mom for staying up passed midnight last night.. even WHEN I really didn't fall asleep until like 1:30 or later, AND got up like an hour before her -_-;;;. So.. yeah.. Used the extra hour to get everything packed and ready, import different mp3s to my player (XD;;), and other things.

So yeah, got there, everyone was packed in the main room like a herd of cattle @_@.. With free dohnuts that no one wanted and sat there the whole time (must've been poisonous or something XD). And it turns out... that damn art teacher is GONE!! *insert holy music*.. And the guy that kinda took her place is kinda cool. I can already see my English class is gonna be a bit painful possibly, but awesome guy to just to.

My schudule was actually botched up, being that I got thrown back into classes I already took and fully completed. But now it's getting fixed.

Classes I have this 6 weeks:

- US History
- US History
- Env. Science(getting changed)
- American Lit. (aka: English, heh)
- Business Math (getting changed as well, I believe it's becoming art now. Which now the pervious English/History teacher is doing)

Mmmm... Bagels of the gods.. I have miss thee so X3

So yeah.. Afterschool I wanted to swing to the nearby Rite Aid to get a jounal/notebook for American Lit/English(being that we sorta needed a particular one which I didn't have). And then without ANYTHING being said at all about it, this little event happened...:

*walks up to the counter by myself to pay for the journal*
Person at the cash register: ".... Aren't you Julie's sister?"

THEY KNOW ME ALREADY D:!! And I barely go in there too....>.>.. <.<.. *ish scared*... we don't look that similar do we? o.o; (but yeah.. my sister works there, in fact I also just put my soul up for auction there too so I could be doing the same as well ._.... too bad she's also moving away in a week though ><;;)
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... Ever hate those days that just seem so wanko it doesn't like it really happen and/or you only see parts of a day happening but it's in no order.. it been.... weird O.o.

I have no idea why I even went to school day. There was NOTHING. Four damn hours of NOTHING. I should have just stayed home, seeing as I only got less than a hour of sleep last night because so many damn things were keeping me awake and overactive. And the time I actually did feel run down I only have like 30mis till school. So yes, I was dead tired the whole day -_-

It feels really weird spacing out in class though. Plus it's a pan in the ass trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep when in class. But sure enough, I was completely knocked out a few times (and started to drool on my backpack twice ><;;). And then whenever I got up I would seriously have memory blanks... which... wasn't good O.o. WAA! I dunno who I am anymore!! *runs*

Finally though I exactly got home about 20-30mins eariler than I should have. Same reason, plus everyone else was doing it. So yeah, called Mark, waited several minutes for him, then got a ride home and just laid in bed ever since. Which didn't take long because about 2 hours later my mom gets home and starts bitching about a table. Damn yelling woke me up and then being that I was 'awake' I had to go help.. bah... being not quite living at the moment and lifting heavy objects don't mix. So, yeah, I actually snapped back at her and now not tired at all anymore even though I need it. Plus now I'm just really lightheaded and groggy.... ;_;
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Gah... that was NOT what I wanted to hear and watch right now... or ever ><

Sure enough, more in class movies today. Which I didn't think would be too bad and could just sleep through it. But nope.. somebody had to bring Final Destination... >.>;

You see, I'm quite a paranoid person. I have enough of my own problems and fears of my own... That's why I stay clear of horror movies, or things close to it(you're talking to the kid that used to get nightmares almost every night and afraid of the dark until about 10 years old). I don't want other stuff to feed and add on to it. So yeah, I couldn't stand the movie at all.. And had to leave like after 20 minutes into it.. Call me a pansy all you want. But watching people dying in fairly visible ways or watching them getting fling out of burning airplanes like a hole in space ain't my cup of tea (especially since I had an awful airplane exprience the first time I ever rode one.. and.. well... yeah >.>;)..... *shudders* the effects of having an overworked imagination doesn't help either... *cringes*

So then I just sat outside the rest of the day... doodling... Trying to listen to music.. though every damn song I had made me feel sadder than usual or just.... uneasy >.>.. Even my trusted Numa Numa couldn't help lighten the mood D:

And then just to add icing to the top of the cake my mom had to bust in and tell me bad news about chance of loosing job. In other words.. well... no money at all. I'm sure you can all connect the dots from there ><

..... I'm scared..... *clings* hold me..... ;_;
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Damn, today was movie day for me O.o

Today at school I ended up watching about the beginnings of 3 different freaking movies, all in the same class. First period in that class I ended up watching some boring movie about some little boy and a girl being standed in a desert-ish place in Austrailia. Which nobody was even watching(including myself >.>), and I had no idea why we were watching it when only ONE person chosed it. Which lasted the whole period. Then the next period in that class we FINALLY got to switch movies. Which ended up being "Edward Scissorhands" (never seen it before.... but sadly... crack was filling my mind just by hearing that name... god I feel awful XD). It was on VHS, and then about 5-10 minutes into it.... it suddenly when into 15 minute long infomericals... So..... yeah...... somebody really botched that recording. Unless appearently the whole movie is secretly about an old lady telling a story about the wonders of removing rust stains and electric toothbrushes XD.

So instead we just watched another movie that I forget the name of. Other than it was based on the 50-60s-ish era and had something to do with gangs and a kid stabbing someone, w00.

... Then sure enough later on today I went out with my sister to see a movie with some of her friends. Since they sometimes go to Blockbluster and rent something.. So, eh, I thought I would tag along. Then sure enough, turned out to be an anime movie, the first Inuyasha one(which I have fansubbed and already seen it). So, yeah.. Spent like almost 2 and a half hours watching that... again. Then, we just HAD to go a see the Special Features afterwards.. >.>......

Word of advice... do NOT watch the Special Features for that. You'll just be ending up watching recaps for the next hour or so over pretty much every little detail that happens in like the first 60 eps... and none of it in order mind you x.X;. Pretty much, it was nothing else than endless cycles... yes, we get it now... Kagome.. Kikyou.... love triangle..... Shippou is useless...... swords of happiness and evil.... WE GET THE DAMN PICTURE NOW SHUT UP!!!

.. Gah.... I ain't much of the Inuyasha fan as I used to be.. it sorta dug it's own grave with too many eps and not enough of an actual storyplot to keep it up. Basically, wide but shallow. That's how I saw it after awhile >.>.
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..... somebody murder my English teacher for me... please?

She is really pissing me off. I thought maybe this last 6 weeks may not be so bad, but they seem to be worse. Seriously.. I'm in a Digital Photo class, or what I'm enrolled in, NOT a pyscho drama/english class.. I really hate how she tries to keep everyone on the same page, literally. None of the other teachers do it, save for math to some extent(it's just really hard to get ahead but everyone is divided into thier own work, not a huge jumbled mess). If you're ONLY suppose to read you still have writing projects in that class, if your suppose to just write all day you still need a book report, AND if your doing both if your in a Digital Photo and not even ALLOWED to use a camra X.x;(WTH?!). I so felt like trying to take this complaint up to the office, but I'm sure somebody already has.. Seeing how actually everyone at that school would have to say that she's the least favorite teacher ever... Though the reason I'm complaining is because there's another person doing English-themed classes and it NOT like that at all... I'm gonna see if I can maybe switch to her, maybe just keep my art class, cause I'm getting to the point where I can't stand it and I just want out of there.. ><


Here's a really interesting FMA twist for ya: Restored!Al and Envy.... working together..... fighting against Ed.... O.o (XD). Yeah, weird stuff has been popping out of the RP lately, or one of them lately, there's kinda a few being worked on now. Basically Ed got 'possesed' by some inner.. self.. thing... that's now suicidal appearenty O.o (XD). And it lead up to some really krazi events.. Such as the strangely coincidentally personality switch between Ed and Envy O.o. In short, the Inner!Ed kinda ditched Al(heck almost watched him get killed and not caring), and then Envy sorta umm.. adopted him XD. Fun and interesting stuff actually, lol. Quite fun indeed ^_^

I finally remembered a really funny Phantom Brave fancomic I wanted to make XD. The first day I played that game I couldn't resist and HAD to do something with a funny idea I though of.. ^^

Also I had an interesting random idea one day to make a Disgaea crossover comic. Was still working on the cast.. So far Cale was gonna be Laharl, Clefiea might have been Etna(wasn't really sure on that), and all of the monsters and classes were gonna be other of my characters.. I remember deciding a Flonne too, but I forget who ><.. But yeah.. kinda like a "Alice in Wonderland" sort of thing. Only... More like "Cale in Netherworld"... XP

Actually, I might even name it that XD!


May. 3rd, 2005 07:52 pm
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... Why? Why THAT teacher of all people?! ><

Actually other than that I been liking what I have so far. Since I have a better idea as to what I need to do on those elective stuff. Made a really spiffy picture for art class too (I want OUT of that class though.. dammit this is my 3rd time taking it and I'm sick of it! >_<).. But now she isn't obsessive over though horrible looking self-"portraits" things.. god, those were just AWFUL ><, I still refuse to make something like that...

Also for creative writing, I started to write up a "fanfic" for Cale and his sister(who I never gave a name too. Yet now I'm thinking about making her stay no named, it just seems more interesting that way ^^). Basically their own little prequel thing, cuz I have a few plans with them. I swear, Cale is just WANTING to take Nat's place as being the main in that story I'm doing.. I have more ideas with him than her. But, I think telling it from Natalya's view is more easier to follow. And it doesn't seem as akward to me.

And I also like to take this time to say..... no smell is stronger than a Sharpie... *coughs* >
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Ah yes, the wonderful time of year when you are forced to take random testing because your school district is Nazi stalkers whating to know everything your up to and that keeps widdling down to nothing becuase we have a govenor that is a famous overrated actor and has an odd, instinctive voice and a state too big for it's own good(not to mention people not wanting to make it better unless they get paid in return, hurzah greed).... umm.. yes..

As I said before, some people are just not allowed to talk. If I wasn't such a damn softy and bound to morals/ideas of civilization I would so murder them all.. The urge to just snap and go homocidial rising day by day.. >.>;

The common sense of some people really does baffles me..

And in other news... *kicks torrent* dammit you're on your 4th week.. 4TH WEEK now and only at about 59%.... I really do miss that one night when I had that an awesome speed going. Stupid chunky invincible-non-taking-down-firewall-protection connection ><;..

.. And now I must sleep..

Hehe... stwig.... XP

Week recap

Apr. 10th, 2005 10:10 pm
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Well, I'm left with nothing to do.. and my journal seems to have died again so I better resurrect it.....


There.. Hmm, I why do I feel different *looks down and sees a finger missing* .... crud.. o.o;

*AHEM* Now then, moving on.

First, I've finally got myself a new wallpaper for my computer, which I quite like dispite I know there's something missing in it but I dunno what... It just looks too bland =/. But since my last one is really old so I wanted a new one(I remember having it since at least Christmas o.o), even though I could probably stare at for a few more months and not care. Appearently I miss be fairly satisfied with my wallpapers lately or else I would be changing them more often..

Oh yeah that reminds me... *prods Dan* What the hell is this about you having a week off and NOT wanting to come home due to some lame excuse >=/? .. I was bored and attention-deprived.. ;_;.. bah.. meanie... And I want my FMA stuff back dammit. You better have atleast watched some of it or I'm gonna kick your ass.. okay... maybe not... I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE THOUGH!! ... Ummm.... sorta..... I WILL find out where though! ... right... that's right... >.>;; (hehe, I'm such a nice sister.. XP)

I'm getting slightly annoyed with the bull I have to put up at Central though. Sometimes I really do wonder if that place is a blessing or just a major hellhole, or just both. Damn place is full of nothing but drug-addicts, people who think rap/""metal""/hip-hop/R&B is the best thing ever, and/or into sex.. X.x; With just those few said at least 100 people fit into any one of those. And sadly, that school probably only holds ABOUT 100 people. Just to show you how awful it is. Of course it is the school for the pyscho throublemakers >.>;. Seems kinda stupid in a way. Why the hell make a school for people who don't even WANT to go to school? They made thier choice already to be a drop-out so they have to live with it. Fine, live under a bridge, I'm sure you can get plenty of cigarettes there to make your life end much faster.. >.>;;

Meh, just have to keep reminding myself, only about a year left to go and I can get out of there and into college much faster than a normal school..

Well, I DID give my English teacher a print-out of about the first ten pages of the RP(near the point of the hotel scene, starting at when Al came in).. I'm actually very curious what she thought of it so far. And embaressed too.. I really hate exposing my fandoms to people that don't have the slightest idea about it ^^;. Somehow though knowing the teacher she's probably going to rant and rave about it to other people.. She already went kinda krazi when I gave her some of my character stuff. But liked it nonetheless.. At least I'm both down-to-earth AND have a creative/imaginative side.. unlike some people who aren't the least bit open-minded and can't take a highly fictional story seriously. Though my art/english teacher does seem to overdo do her's alot which makes even me think she's crazy sometimes.. not to mention makes me look kinda bad, and since I try to back her up but then I'm also out-numbered with idiots >.>;.

But alas.. These last few nights I've been getting into some very depressing moments in the RP.. made myself feel very emotional just typing it. It's krazi how much you can REALLY get into character and end up feeling just like how they are in the end. Finally hit 100 pages though, hurzah! ^^

Also I'm pissed. Because the anime store I love going to every now and then is going be closed this whole week ><. The guy is going to Japan and getting some more stuff. Which on the other hand is kinda kewl cuz when he gets back there's gonna be new anime goodies straight from Japan.. I may get some awesome FMA goods ^^... And I still want to finish my plushie collection.. Need an Edo and Hawkeye =(..

.. damn, this came out as one long post.. O.o
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Gah, I don't what wrong with me but I've been EXTREMELY tired all day... and cold, don't forget the cold... ><

And in other news.. I'm appearently gonna be a TA. So umm, yey? O.o

I probalby should call Mark and forget doing the work tomorrow. I don't think that I'm going to make it ><. Plus then I can RP more in the morning anyway, yey.

New starts

Mar. 14th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Well... that was... certainly not what I had in mind..

I gots my new classes today. And ahh! I HAVE THAT FREAKIN' TEACHER AGAIN TWICE!! ><.. I was hoping that would change, but it didn't. I am sad.

I was actually not very happy with my new schedule. Well, it's a little mixed feelings. While I'm not happy, it actually might be easier than last time. Or less of the "let's cram some odd chapters into this itty bitty time frame and then have playtime afterwards" stuff. Which, were actually more easier for me. Since then I would have nothing to do when I'm home which = massive RP takeover with Dragon (mwahaha >=D). Now, it's more homework stuff, but in creative/'fun' things.

AND art is like kindergarden now, actually I think kindergaden is MUCH more mature then that... mad house >_>.... Must kill... must kill... Death..... Slow painful death.... Somehow though I looks like even though it's an art class I'm not gonna do any art at all XD. Yup, I'm gonna do website building instead. Which is probably easier for me in the long run. Long story as to why I'm doing that instead.

I dunno how I got back into World History again.. I want out of that class dammit! ><. I did my freakin' work now lemme out! ... baka... I'm going to probably get that worked out tomorrow. Seriously though, I have nothing to do in there. Because I DID everything >_>.

Got journals 3 and 4 back.. And ah, the hell?! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO FREAKIN' WRITE COMMENTS RIGHT IN IT IN PEN?!?!?! Gah, WHY couldn't she just done it on a DIFFERENT peice of paper?! ><;;; Now my journals look shitty and have asinine comments like "OMG that's so interesting" and "You shouldn't think so negative about that" or the joyful PAGE LONG speech she gave me about how I should love myself and MORE pointless praising that I get from most treachers/adults that I don't consider praise because I hear it so FREAKIN' MUCH(since I only filled up about two lines on my last page so SHE decided to fill in the rest)

GARGH!! *pulls out axe and hyperventilates*

And now I must sleep..
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My internet was doing it again. Keep disconnecting itself and then just going veerry slow for a few hours. I finally reseted it, and now it seems to have stopped ever since *knock on wood*

mole!Envy lives! The infamous fancomic lies in my DA account now for those who haven't seen it yet. Expect for that gag to continue on for a bit longer. It starting to spread now too XP.

Anyways... I really don't want to do those reports for school.. I have until... Thursday I think >_>. 6 weeks end this Friday and the next semester's work begin Monday. Or something like that. I wonder what classes I will have next week. Or what credits I have. Even if I get 3 in each (though I'm pretty damn sure I that I have all 5 in atleast two of the classes) I'll be still one year ahead atleast. So meh, bite me. I feel lazy and don't want to do them, heh.

Gonna do an anime review for English, yup yup. Probably Slayers Try, lol. I'm saving my favorites for when I run into a wall, if you know what I mean. Or I might do Chrno Crusade. But I think that would be hard one to turn into a "book report" format.. And my mind is little fuzzy on it now. But you never know, heh.

I need new headphones! >_< Also I desprately want to make some new LJ icons..


Feb. 14th, 2005 07:39 pm
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Why must my english/art teacher torture me so by forcing us to write horrid poetry? Let alone the fact that I actually hate poetry, but for it being the most idiotic stereotypical topics at I refuse to believe in. Whoever made the first love poem I hope was shot... or killed in some other form of death if projectiles weren't invented yet.

On the other hand though, I did in fact watched the first half of Princess Mononoke ^_^. That still feels VERY weird. First time I've ever watched anime in a school class (let alone something not a documentary or having limbs getting shot off.. Though sometimes around the last week of school some of my classes would have a 'fun movie' to watch)

Poor Envy, I can only hope you will sound better later on ;_;..

Yeah, lots of people weren't happy with Envy in the dub.. I wasn't too happy either. Gah, he sounds almost like some old lady *gonk*. I don't even think the voice itself even sounds good, and the 'delivery' of it doesn't seem to help much either... But for now. I can only hope that whoever is his VA (because right now I have no clue who it is) gets better ;_;. Otherwise, I can't imagine him sounding spiteful (with a pitch of twisted humor, yey) later..

Speaking of which though, I got the FMA vocal cds yesterday (erm, got meaning I downloaded ^_^;;). No like the Roy one, but the Ed has some kewl songs. Also got some other nifty OSTs ready to come in: Chrno Crusade, MKR, and Rearranged Zelda songs. But they are going slower than dirt, annoying bittorrent -_-*
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Okay, I think I entertained my inner child enough for awhile. Time to do my frequent rants and BS.

It's funny, while I get 'along well' with my art/english teacher, strangely we see things eye to eye. But I hate her with a passion. While I do like people who actually do "think outside the box" (which sadly, not very many do). In fact, I think she thinks more in THAN out. A very hypcritical thing for someone who believes in different perspectives..

I really do hate people how take certain things to a different level. Basically going so far off the chart that you actually do hit the other side. Words such as good and evil don't exist in the world of philosophy, that's one of the big rules. Morals actually don't mean a thing. Which I why I don't follow morals. Or atleast, not morals of what people consider "good". Personally, I think murder would be a good moral, if you have a reason to kill anyway.

"Love". That annoying L word.. The word that can be takened on so many different levels. None however I could care less. People who constantly dwell on it seriously need to get a life. Sure, I like being with people (erm, who I can tolerate that is), does that mean I 'love' them? Probably not. Does that mean that I hate them? Probably not either. But I'm still happy with that. I'm basically only left with the question to people that believe in it.. Why? I has absolutely no point to it at all.

If only I could find a way to truly explain my hatred to many things.. It would be nice. Maybe if a third of the world population was to spondtantly combust and die would I be much more happy.

And now I must quickly rap up this rant before going too crazy and miss the Envy ep..
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I found an alternative in my english class. I'm allowed to do reviews on subtitled things for english (hey, it's a form of reading XD). In fact, it's actually encouraged. And so I can "book review" happy on anime for credits, such a field day I can have with that. Also note that mny english teacher is also my art teacher(had I not stated that before).. Also she says that we might watch Princess Mononoke in art class someday o.o; (that will be an interesting thing.. I didn't knew that she knew anime to begin with)

That's one good thing about Central, most of the 'homework' things can be rather fun to do rather than torturous. Big plus on that.. Except I still need to do my normal book report >_<. I was procrastinating on that.

As for the quote, don't ask me, ask Alice..(I find strange people on Gaia guilds, heh)

.. Still no sign from the club =(... *cries*

Also, I have $8.93 total in my pockets. Umm. Yes
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Took second half today, wasn't nearly as hard.. Except my nemisis was throwing candy at me >_>.. Is he TRYING to provoke me or something?

Oh yeah, a couple of days ago in my english class we were talking about zeppelin blimps.. Ten guesses of the first thing that came to mind XP

But it don't seem like I can get pull myself out of the art class =(. Stupid teacher..

And I'm obessed with Gaia again.. Plus I think some of the people there are corrupting me.. sigh XP
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Such a bizzare day now that I think about it..

Low and behold, out of the blue I am randomly told that I need to do my CASHEE today (exit exam) O.o. Well, first half, last half is done tomorrow. And so, I had to spend literally three quarters of the school day doing that test. Wasn't hard at all but just annoying.

Oh yeah, doing the test I IRONICALLY met one of my recent 'archnemisis'. He is diffinitely on my top list of people to murder slowly. I think I already knew that he was someone at that school, but luckly he wasn't in any classes I have. But still, out of all the people I know, it just HAD to be him.. >_<

My art class confuses me so.. I really want to quit it. Probably take creative writing in it's place... Yes... That would work out nicely.. *rubs hands together*

Anyways, got home and I played with my new toy ^_^. Well, installed the software and tried to figure out which buttons did what. I love that camra though, it's quite nice. But I'm probably going to clean my room a bit though before playing with it some more. Heh

And then I got tied up in the rp. Really weird rp it is. I'm not sure if I'm excited or just... blah. It doesn't feel like it should feel, that's for sure. But, I'll give it time.

Sigh, fandom is weird.

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