Dec. 24th, 2011 09:38 pm
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Finally a testing post. In the mean time, got a couple more RP accounts:

[personal profile] warsfailure for Konatsu from 07-Ghost
[personal profile] mind_over_matter a username I always wanted for a KHR mist user, possibly Chrome since she has always been another muse I wanted to pick up. (Nothing else I could turn it into another Fran)

All the other ones I have already:
Teito Klein (07-Ghost) [personal profile] twice_promised
Almaz von Armadine Adamant (Disgaea 3) [personal profile] unlucky_hero
Emizel (Disgaea 4) [personal profile] trademark_skull
Enma Kozato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [personal profile] under_sky
Fran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [personal profile] rananebbia
Raimu Bito/Rhyme (The World Ends with You) [personal profile] lost_the_game

I still need to give icons to all of them (with the exception of Emizel who just has his default XD). Especially if Paixao moves /o/
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... yes.. you heard me..

To help eat up room on my SOD accounts.. I am starting to give my muses thier own chars XD (by find the closest class/race that would fit them and alters in name a little... which some weren't easy x_x;)

So I now present to you...

And the char I am most proud to have been able to do:

... hehe ^^;
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Steal my quizs/memes eh? Well... PAYBACK!! XD

Take that Fletcher XP )

EDIT: Wee, new icon
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Well, my day is crud now.. everytime I try to move my side(s), stomach, waist, and/or all of the above want to start dying on me and make life hell.. got so bad that I already had to lay down like three times day and wait for it get better (usually about somewhere between 1-2 hours ><). Which then makes me fine more or less until it comes back and then, well, wash, rinse, repeat ><.

On the other hand though, it's kinda good, becuase now I don't have to go out and visit. Seeing as there is lots of people here for a party most I don't know and/or care to see right now..

Chain of Memories.... Very interesting game O.o. Interesting twist compared to the first game that's for sure(here's something you don't expect to see: 3D cutscene for a GBA system... actually it didn't look too bad either, KH PS2 graphics and all O.o). I almost forgot that somebody gave me a rom of that game.. So, I took the time to fiddle with it. All I can say is...... that game is not keyboard-friendly ><. Especially in battles. But maybe I'll get used to it. Nothing else reconfigure the keys and make it easier to play ^^.

Also really bad stuff rustled up at the RP guild awhile back...... n00b infestation ><;;. People not playing thier parts right(and/or not knowing the character all that well and just being one sided, which is even worse sometimes >< ), not following rules properly, n00b speech (.... >< ), all that stuff. But finally it got settled, resulted into some banning, rollbacks, and minor shutdown for new things to be added... and taking the time to get Chisaii completely moved XD;;.

Still, it was like a 4 or 5 new members in a row(well, save for one, ^^) who turned out to be n00bs of some sort.. And I felt like some nazi for having/wanting to chew out and correct each one.

..... my prophecy is correct.... it's going to be n00bs that will kill and butcher that series ><... Damn you mainsteam distributers with no respect for what you are selling other than "popular = more money"... damn you to hell ><. I really should commit the n00b/dubbie holocaust someday...
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Well, been kinda busy this last week..

For reasons unknown my jaw has been hurting... alot >< . I'm not sure why, actually I've noticed it before if I eat something hard the right side goes into a spazim sometimes. And now it just does it whatever and it's more painful than before. Took some Advil, which did seem to help a little but still... I dunno what caused it and how to fix it, actually I think my meddling with it is what made it worse >< .

..... I almost had a job D:. Was trying to get work at our local fabric store, but then one week and probably 5 unsucessful visits later comes out that there isn't any opennings there right now and are only looking for people to hire in their 'sister store' that's about a half a hour drive from us... and me being car phobiaed(is that even a word... O.o?) doesn't help.. But, that's what I get for getting my hopes up for once.. ><

And I found out that the anime store I go to somewhat weekly to is probably gonna now longer have those FMA keychains I was trying to collect.. Which saddens me but I never got the one that I wanted in the FIRST PLACE I started collecting them.. damn Japan and their putting collectables in random unknown boxes >< ... So, my hope now is to maybe find the one I'm missing at Expo, nothing else.... Ebay may become my best friend XD. Cuz I seen some floating around in there(though I have no account.. damn being creditcardless >< ). Or the store I go to gets lucky and finds more.. then I shall be more happier ^^.

For now though I'm just ramsacking it's cards and other figgies. Want to get every FMA thing that I see right now and interested before the series gets old and rare (which I don't see happening ANY time soon... but the fact that there's a wave of Bleach coming in, I'm getting a bit worried). Cuz I KNOW how that sort of merchandise works >.>.. Only missing 3 more figgies, though the fact there wasn't a Hughes last time I was there made me worried.. But, maybe there's more hiding somewhere. Nothing else, I got a toss-up between Winry or Riza next time I'm there... hmmm...

Otherwise, still RPing, still wanting to murder my teacher....... *chuckles*.. Count Iggy.. *busts out laughing uncontrolablily* XD ...... I'm probably gonna go to Limbo for bringing that up again... >.>;;
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..... somebody murder my English teacher for me... please?

She is really pissing me off. I thought maybe this last 6 weeks may not be so bad, but they seem to be worse. Seriously.. I'm in a Digital Photo class, or what I'm enrolled in, NOT a pyscho drama/english class.. I really hate how she tries to keep everyone on the same page, literally. None of the other teachers do it, save for math to some extent(it's just really hard to get ahead but everyone is divided into thier own work, not a huge jumbled mess). If you're ONLY suppose to read you still have writing projects in that class, if your suppose to just write all day you still need a book report, AND if your doing both if your in a Digital Photo and not even ALLOWED to use a camra X.x;(WTH?!). I so felt like trying to take this complaint up to the office, but I'm sure somebody already has.. Seeing how actually everyone at that school would have to say that she's the least favorite teacher ever... Though the reason I'm complaining is because there's another person doing English-themed classes and it NOT like that at all... I'm gonna see if I can maybe switch to her, maybe just keep my art class, cause I'm getting to the point where I can't stand it and I just want out of there.. ><


Here's a really interesting FMA twist for ya: Restored!Al and Envy.... working together..... fighting against Ed.... O.o (XD). Yeah, weird stuff has been popping out of the RP lately, or one of them lately, there's kinda a few being worked on now. Basically Ed got 'possesed' by some inner.. self.. thing... that's now suicidal appearenty O.o (XD). And it lead up to some really krazi events.. Such as the strangely coincidentally personality switch between Ed and Envy O.o. In short, the Inner!Ed kinda ditched Al(heck almost watched him get killed and not caring), and then Envy sorta umm.. adopted him XD. Fun and interesting stuff actually, lol. Quite fun indeed ^_^

I finally remembered a really funny Phantom Brave fancomic I wanted to make XD. The first day I played that game I couldn't resist and HAD to do something with a funny idea I though of.. ^^

Also I had an interesting random idea one day to make a Disgaea crossover comic. Was still working on the cast.. So far Cale was gonna be Laharl, Clefiea might have been Etna(wasn't really sure on that), and all of the monsters and classes were gonna be other of my characters.. I remember deciding a Flonne too, but I forget who ><.. But yeah.. kinda like a "Alice in Wonderland" sort of thing. Only... More like "Cale in Netherworld"... XP

Actually, I might even name it that XD!
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Everyone take cover, cuz ranting Grif has been awakened and she ain't happy for the sudden wake up...

Alright *cracks fingers*, where to begin first..

I been a little unhappy with the CONSTANT pressure I been getting this last week (*pokes DT* Even you..), and now finally just want to get it out.

First off, San and Miz: I want you to get over the fact that I haven't been seeing you all that much. I DID warn before that it might happen, and it did. So bah, get over it. I grew very bored of it. You can only rant and rave about how messed up the world is for so long untill you just get sick of it. You better off just putting with it, cuz complaining doesn't get you anywhere. And/or thinking yourself as higher beings, more or less, because you take things literal and use less-used words almost as showing-off. I hate the as much of the world as you do, I hate stereotypes and people that have the common sense of a bactria, but I choose not to constantly think about it. Rather, I just want to enjoy the more simpler things and completely forget about it. If I have to live here, I might as well like it. Basically, I've just learned to accept it and just move on. Everything you see is a stereotype, when you least see it or not, you are both even ones yourselves but don't then reaise it.

DT(aka, 'RP' Nii-san): I have a life, believe it or not. I don't live alone in some apartment (or regnew.. *sweatdrop*) where I can do whatever I want, save for school stuff. So said so yourself one day that you can always have too much of a good thing, I probably hit my limit sometime back. Now I'm just burnt -_-. Don't get me wrong, I still really like the things we have been doing. It's just that I need breaks, and I can't stand staying somewhere for so long. And now it seems to be really effecting my IRL life too. Lately my daily schule(sp?) sleeping, RPing(and other online things), trying to sneak in a sack or so, and then RP till almost midnight and then being a zombie the next morning where the whole cycle gets washed, rinced, and repeated for the next day. Not much 'me time' in there is it? A day or so of no RPing isn't going to kill you, and I'm sure you won't have some angry mob about the community about a post being a day or so off time. But Ototo really wants vacation time to do other things sometimes.. I'm only human afterall, so I need breaks -_-. Plus I have IRL matters to attend to sometimes as well, which normally can't be helped.

Plus recently I been getting chewed out for things that I wished didn't existed.. which isn't making life much easier for me.

I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just really want to get these things across before they turn into even bigger monsters... which maybe that has already happened >.>..
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I wasn't feeling all that great last night.. Got a really nasty rant and just really made me feel bad the whole day. It's like trying out some new type of food, and then liking it till you found out what's really in it.. Basically, people were getting upset over something I(well, WE) did and none of us saw it. Not, it seems as though it's all worked out finally, which I'm glad. We only got a minor punishment for doing it, and now I'm pretty sure we now have a better plan than before... though it's gonna take a bit of time trying to fix all of that(like deleting old stuff and such)... And I think we might have some rocky relations with certain people now >.>.. I'm still not over the whole thing, but I'm much better. But I'm glad it didn't go too far, and I thought the problem was handled maturely, both on me and DT's part... It probably could have gotten MUCH worse had we not.

But now we gots a niffy community out of it, yey!

Sigh.. *stares at pretty movie clips/pics/scans*.... I miss my eps... ;_;
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Another boring day at school.. More random sketchies were born due to it... And 50min naptimes XD. But it should be more active now. Next six weeks/semester credits will start Monday.. Though I'm gonna miss my nap and doodle times *sniff*. But alas, I'm SO glad it's Friday. I want my weekend dammit >_>.


Vrei Sa Pleci
Dar Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei
Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei
Nu Ma, Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei

Hehe XP
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My internet was doing it again. Keep disconnecting itself and then just going veerry slow for a few hours. I finally reseted it, and now it seems to have stopped ever since *knock on wood*

mole!Envy lives! The infamous fancomic lies in my DA account now for those who haven't seen it yet. Expect for that gag to continue on for a bit longer. It starting to spread now too XP.

Anyways... I really don't want to do those reports for school.. I have until... Thursday I think >_>. 6 weeks end this Friday and the next semester's work begin Monday. Or something like that. I wonder what classes I will have next week. Or what credits I have. Even if I get 3 in each (though I'm pretty damn sure I that I have all 5 in atleast two of the classes) I'll be still one year ahead atleast. So meh, bite me. I feel lazy and don't want to do them, heh.

Gonna do an anime review for English, yup yup. Probably Slayers Try, lol. I'm saving my favorites for when I run into a wall, if you know what I mean. Or I might do Chrno Crusade. But I think that would be hard one to turn into a "book report" format.. And my mind is little fuzzy on it now. But you never know, heh.

I need new headphones! >_< Also I desprately want to make some new LJ icons..
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Ah, I haven't been able to stop laughing today XD. I'm sure almost everyone knows FMA has the worse kind of crack ever. But now I have sadly added a new joke to the insane, addicted, "wtf?!", mess. What was first meant to only be a rp response, now turned into what I love to call, mole!Envy. I'm not even going to bother to go over the details because it may confuse many.. In short, you really just had to have been there XP (Izzy will know though, lmao! XD). I'm never gonna think of Envy as the same now... Or Wack-a-Mole for that matter XD. Ah, I need to breathe

However in much sadder news: Mr. Fishie Fish finally gave in yesterday in the evening =(. Poor Fishie Fish... My fish tank won't be the same without him *gonk*
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Lalala.. Still have no idea what I should do on that report ^_^;;

Yanno what? Rps remind me of Who's Line in some way. You get some random senario, manage to tie yourself in it somehow, and then be at the mercy of other people and play along as to what they do and say XD. But nonetheless, I think that I've grown an addiction towards it.

But I should probably start my book report.. Maybe do it inbetween replies since I got nothing else to do other than fish on Gaia to pass time.
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Such a bizzare day now that I think about it..

Low and behold, out of the blue I am randomly told that I need to do my CASHEE today (exit exam) O.o. Well, first half, last half is done tomorrow. And so, I had to spend literally three quarters of the school day doing that test. Wasn't hard at all but just annoying.

Oh yeah, doing the test I IRONICALLY met one of my recent 'archnemisis'. He is diffinitely on my top list of people to murder slowly. I think I already knew that he was someone at that school, but luckly he wasn't in any classes I have. But still, out of all the people I know, it just HAD to be him.. >_<

My art class confuses me so.. I really want to quit it. Probably take creative writing in it's place... Yes... That would work out nicely.. *rubs hands together*

Anyways, got home and I played with my new toy ^_^. Well, installed the software and tried to figure out which buttons did what. I love that camra though, it's quite nice. But I'm probably going to clean my room a bit though before playing with it some more. Heh

And then I got tied up in the rp. Really weird rp it is. I'm not sure if I'm excited or just... blah. It doesn't feel like it should feel, that's for sure. But, I'll give it time.

Sigh, fandom is weird.

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