sigh.. ;-;

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:33 pm
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.. yes.. what a lovely 2006 this is indeed.

For one.. I miss my pole lamp. Though I am getting at least somewhat used to my room being as dark as it is. So that is the plus.

But if there's one thing I hate most about being 'sick', it's being in that fine line of not really sick where you're pretty much down for the count, or barely anything at all and only there to make life hell(like a border line cold that I seem to have).... And also gets you into the mood of "Well, I ain't feeling all that well to do this/that", and having that issue of eatting when nothing at all sounds good.

... That, and I blame the crappy 24hour rain, and there's supposibly another 2 wind/rain storms at least coming in soon.. hopefuly they won't be nearly as bad where it'll be completely dark by 4pm and I'll be waking up in the middle of the night becasue there's wind and water pounding at my window ~.~

... mrgh

Dec. 31st, 2005 11:43 pm
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... well this sucks:

- I spent probably 2 hours, making a senario for Roller Coaster Tycoon(mind oyu, it's the most BORING thing ever ~_~).. which was MUCH longer than I originally hoped for. And by the time I was complete I was too worned out and stressed over it's nick picky problems too enjoy it.
- My pole lamp, which I know has been acting suspicious for the last few days by occasionally flinkering, has officially burned out. And the soonest it might get a new bulb isn't until about 2 weeks from now, and it might take even LONGER becasue I remember the last time looking for the right tube it turned out nowhere local actually had it ~_~. So thus, I'm stuck using my wussy touchlamp if I want to be on the computer at night.. which barely gives off much light, and probably isn't healthy for my eyes to use either.
- .. So now I probably shouldn't be on the computer at night/evening, which is actually the most time I'm active. And for a day like tonight, there's absolutely nothing to do... Kinda how my Christmas Eve was.. Heck even watching the FMA dub seems enough enterainment right now than the other AS crap that's on ><.(plus dubbed!Hoho-papa is making me curious.. and I know he should be appearing soon judging from the last time I watched it)
- I'm also getting rather burnt out from Makai Kingdom. Though I still need to try out WA2... but right now I'm burnt out from games in general o.o;
- *still has at drawing to finish*
- ... and on top of all, I starting to feel like I'm getting sick. Or at least a sore throat ><.

... Happy 2006 people &Just hit midnight*... I feel like my 2006 beginning is gonna be a bitch ~_~

Last 2005 song - A Lament of Misery(Dark Moor)
First song of 2006 - Intro to Wild Arms 1 (funny... aside from my mood.. this song seems fitting in a epical sort of way..)


Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:17 am
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I dunno wanna go to school today... it's too cold and early and stuff.. -_-

Dammit, why do I keep getting these damn art curses? It's like whenever I try to draw something it always looks shitty. Bleh... I also been really thinking that I should take a drawing class someday. Because honestly, everything I know is all self-taught and practice/seeing other's work... But... I have had bad expriences with art classes with teachers not doing what they SHOULD be doing (funny actually, after she left almost the rest of the staff was gossiping about it too, in a way. So there WAS something wrong about how she did things and not just the students bitching about it)

.. and why the hell does my friendlist keep messing up?! This is like the 4th or 5th time it has done this >< ! (hence, why my colors have been on default for awhile. Because that was the only way to fix it last time and have been too lazy to fix it back).

.... stupid movie *mumblegrowlhissgrr*.. not doing what it should've done..... no.. I'm still not over that ~_~. I think I'm gonna be bitter to the anime for awhile now, until I suddenly get over it. *urge to murder Bones in thier sleep*

I also need more anime to watch, speaking of that. Actually I really digged Trinity Blood from what little I saw of it. Despite most vampire-related things are overrated. And, if Mr. Torrent wants to behave nicely(now that my internet is back and running normally).. I should have Tactics.... by today hopefully o.o.

Still want to see that other thing whenever it comes out, and I'm hoping something big from Disgaea too ^^;
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Ugh, WHY ME?! ><

Everything was going find, until last night when I finally had a bit of something to do to keep me busy. Then, my internet officially gave out again (and it's still hasn't gotten better to what it should be ><)... And I couldn't just go in and sneak into the other room and try reseting the modem, becuase they had already went to bed. So, hoping it would just be a short, 10-30 minute downtime, I just watched a bit of anime on my comp until it came back.. 'Bout a hour later there was STILL no signal.. And I just went to bed 'early' (I wanted to stay up longer than I did, but considering there wasn't much for me to do... ><)

I'm not really sure why now, but for some reason I woke up at like 2am or so. And somehow at that point my cat was being annoying as hell and restless... clawing my chair and making noises >.>. Finally, I think she shutted up, and I went back to bed.

Then like an hour later(was about 4:15 or something), I got up again... hearing a strange buzzing noise o_o. It REALLY freaked me out because I thought my computer was doing it somehow, but it was turned off O_o;;. Then I found out it was coming from outside.. So I figured it was my annoying gutter -_-. So, I got got up and went to the kitchen.. sure enough.. it appeared to be raining.. So I ripped off some paper towels, and went outside... in just a t-shirt and pants.. in the freaking cold rainy weather walking over wet painfull woodchips with no shoes on in the dark X_x. Then found the stupid gutter/pipe thing making all the noise and shoved the paper into it ~_~. That way the water would be dripping into that and not the metal and making an awful clanking/buzzing noise... and then went back inside.

.... And more annoyances seemed to appeared this morning >
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I'm getting very irritated with my internet now. Has been, once again, acting up and being just overly annoying.. Because I have to keep refreshing/reclicking pages in order for it to work(like it's turning on and off in just split seconds). I'm actually thankful that my IMs have been actually working the last 4-5 days or so. Other than I have to try logging in 1-2 billion times the first time, but then runs fine afterwords. Still, it's a pain... though maybe it's just me, but if I stay on a certain site for a long time(like Gaia), it kinda goes away for a bit. But if I go someplace else it acts up again.. Also I notice that normally I have to do the constant refreshing most if I didn't click anything for awhile. Usually 8-10 times that first time, then occasionaly 1-3 times after that.. I dunno, it's weird -_-;

Well, I WAS gonna go to my happy local anime store today, but instead it's gonna be tomorrow. Probably just look around and stuff, or just get something cheap-ish... *coughleftovermoneyfromlunchcough*. Actually one thing I really like about that place, it's small, and everything seems cheaper there(I think some of the manga there is like $8 each). Also, there seems to be quite a few imports.. Like I know he had the FMA "dog/cat food" cans there. Which I know those are pretty rare. If he ever gets ahold of the character cans though.. I would be very happy ^_^. Cuz there's a few more I want of those, cuz they are pretty awesome on the whole.

Hmmm... I wonder if he'll ever get those movie plushies.... >.> <.<... And I could have sworn they must've re-released those mini plushies in Japan or something, because I've seen them in some online stores but with tags and stuff. Unless they are just bootlegs ;_;. They really should release those in the US.. I just need Ed dammit >< !!

... and I should one of these days get my list of "what I want for Christmas" done someday.. hmm..

Oh yeah, and read chapter 52 yesterday.. all I can say is.... wtf o_o?. I'm starting to think I know who's Pride now.. but.. I still think that guy seems way too generic/pointless fill-in. I kinda pictured Pride to be more 'mysterious' looking than that O.o... unless he's hiding something.. which is typical too -_-;;...

..... trueform!Envy is still just creepy as hell... Awesome, but just plain creepy and disturbing XD;;;.
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Was in a rather happy mood today, but now it got more blah..

Last night was a total waste of time IMO for me. Had to leave somewhat late in the day and stay there all night doing what? Sitting backstage in a freakin' cold theater room doing absolutely NOTHING(save for pulling on a rope like twice) for 4 freaking HOURS >.>;;;...

Never again.. Never again.. I don't care if they drag me by the hair, I am NOT doing that over and over for the next whole week ><. "Being a Techie is fun" they say, "You met great people there" they say, "You get to learn new things" they say.... >.>

Granted, it probably wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for a few things:

- Honestly, I don't mind going out and doing things(what little time I do so). But going someplace and having nothing to do to me is a total waste when I could probably get so much more done if I was just to stay home doing my own projects.
- If I wasn't the only actual techie THERE. At least then I would have someone to talk to. Plus, nobody really gave me any actual instructions of what I should have been doing. Other than: "You, pull the certain at such and such time"..... ok.... and.... when is that? o.O..
- If the damn theater room wasn't like a damn icebox(like 20 degrees or something) and the only thing I could wear was a black t-shirt and jeans.... I swear, my hands were starting to go numb like after the first 2 hours x_X.
- And if I was getting something in return for all of this. Because seriously, I felt like I was just there for nothing other than freezing my ass off. Oh yey, my name on a program... joy >.>. *sarcasticly waves hand around*..

As I said... Never again... and probably never wanting to tech EVER again >.>.


But in lighter news, I found a new Disgaea soundtrack.. and the bgm tracks are much longer than from the older one I had XD (plus it has intrumentals in it too, and one that I was looking for w00)
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Damn, today was movie day for me O.o

Today at school I ended up watching about the beginnings of 3 different freaking movies, all in the same class. First period in that class I ended up watching some boring movie about some little boy and a girl being standed in a desert-ish place in Austrailia. Which nobody was even watching(including myself >.>), and I had no idea why we were watching it when only ONE person chosed it. Which lasted the whole period. Then the next period in that class we FINALLY got to switch movies. Which ended up being "Edward Scissorhands" (never seen it before.... but sadly... crack was filling my mind just by hearing that name... god I feel awful XD). It was on VHS, and then about 5-10 minutes into it.... it suddenly when into 15 minute long infomericals... So..... yeah...... somebody really botched that recording. Unless appearently the whole movie is secretly about an old lady telling a story about the wonders of removing rust stains and electric toothbrushes XD.

So instead we just watched another movie that I forget the name of. Other than it was based on the 50-60s-ish era and had something to do with gangs and a kid stabbing someone, w00.

... Then sure enough later on today I went out with my sister to see a movie with some of her friends. Since they sometimes go to Blockbluster and rent something.. So, eh, I thought I would tag along. Then sure enough, turned out to be an anime movie, the first Inuyasha one(which I have fansubbed and already seen it). So, yeah.. Spent like almost 2 and a half hours watching that... again. Then, we just HAD to go a see the Special Features afterwards.. >.>......

Word of advice... do NOT watch the Special Features for that. You'll just be ending up watching recaps for the next hour or so over pretty much every little detail that happens in like the first 60 eps... and none of it in order mind you x.X;. Pretty much, it was nothing else than endless cycles... yes, we get it now... Kagome.. Kikyou.... love triangle..... Shippou is useless...... swords of happiness and evil.... WE GET THE DAMN PICTURE NOW SHUT UP!!!

.. Gah.... I ain't much of the Inuyasha fan as I used to be.. it sorta dug it's own grave with too many eps and not enough of an actual storyplot to keep it up. Basically, wide but shallow. That's how I saw it after awhile >.>.
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Random disscusion that popped up during IMing and OOC stuff. Being that I've never stated my own actual views on the matter I figured to take the time now.

I used to hate yaoi with a great passion. The whole idea behind it just disturbed me.. Though I later just learned to accept it. I could honestly care less about it.

In more recent times I have actually went more into this realm, just to see what the hell is was about that fangirls seemed so obsessed about. After several seeing it several times, I've realised that really could care less about it, and fail to see why so many love it O.o. Of course, you're talking to somebody who has no effect by guys people claim to be 'hot' and other pointless things around that.

Also I have noticed that overall generic stereotype of it. All it really is is the same damn thing, just replace different people and where it takes place, and walla, yaoi.. how creative and well thought of X.x

And yet it still saddens me how deeply topics like yaoi, yuri, and even hentai are and how damn common it is in the fanbase world. Probably 7/10 of the doujins you find have atleast one of these contents in it, which again, I think ruins it because it really just boils down to "hey, those two guys are hot, let's just make them make out in the most intense way ever just because and we are probably just sick perverts anyway."

Unless I find something that proves me wrong.... it can all just burn in a hole somewhere for all I care. I just stand neutral with it though.
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Everyone take cover, cuz ranting Grif has been awakened and she ain't happy for the sudden wake up...

Alright *cracks fingers*, where to begin first..

I been a little unhappy with the CONSTANT pressure I been getting this last week (*pokes DT* Even you..), and now finally just want to get it out.

First off, San and Miz: I want you to get over the fact that I haven't been seeing you all that much. I DID warn before that it might happen, and it did. So bah, get over it. I grew very bored of it. You can only rant and rave about how messed up the world is for so long untill you just get sick of it. You better off just putting with it, cuz complaining doesn't get you anywhere. And/or thinking yourself as higher beings, more or less, because you take things literal and use less-used words almost as showing-off. I hate the as much of the world as you do, I hate stereotypes and people that have the common sense of a bactria, but I choose not to constantly think about it. Rather, I just want to enjoy the more simpler things and completely forget about it. If I have to live here, I might as well like it. Basically, I've just learned to accept it and just move on. Everything you see is a stereotype, when you least see it or not, you are both even ones yourselves but don't then reaise it.

DT(aka, 'RP' Nii-san): I have a life, believe it or not. I don't live alone in some apartment (or regnew.. *sweatdrop*) where I can do whatever I want, save for school stuff. So said so yourself one day that you can always have too much of a good thing, I probably hit my limit sometime back. Now I'm just burnt -_-. Don't get me wrong, I still really like the things we have been doing. It's just that I need breaks, and I can't stand staying somewhere for so long. And now it seems to be really effecting my IRL life too. Lately my daily schule(sp?) sleeping, RPing(and other online things), trying to sneak in a sack or so, and then RP till almost midnight and then being a zombie the next morning where the whole cycle gets washed, rinced, and repeated for the next day. Not much 'me time' in there is it? A day or so of no RPing isn't going to kill you, and I'm sure you won't have some angry mob about the community about a post being a day or so off time. But Ototo really wants vacation time to do other things sometimes.. I'm only human afterall, so I need breaks -_-. Plus I have IRL matters to attend to sometimes as well, which normally can't be helped.

Plus recently I been getting chewed out for things that I wished didn't existed.. which isn't making life much easier for me.

I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just really want to get these things across before they turn into even bigger monsters... which maybe that has already happened >.>..
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Actually it's been breaking quite frequently lately..

Wasn't really happy today, couple of things happened that I really wished didn't... I'm starting to have flashbacks of the SAME exact problems at my pervious school... And I'm not liking it at all >.>. Dammit, I swear, the next time one of those idiots get into close enough range I'm gonna stab them with the closest sharp object I have near me, 9/10 it's gonna be my pencil(Though the compass thing I had to use today would work just as nicely).. I hope they get some type of lead poisoning too from it, it would serve them right. People need to seriously stop putting their nose into places it doesn't belong, nor something that has no meaning other than build tension therefore causing pointless hate. I enjoy a simple little thing called solitude, in which for some reason nobody has the brain compasity to understand what that means. Therefore go among the lines of saying "OMG she is ignoring me, dammit she must me and everyone else hate me"... Yes.. I do hate you for disrupting my silence.. Now I will stop hating you if either you shut the hell up and leave me alone or allow me to rip out your vocal cords to help you shut up.. your choice dimpshit.. >.>

Some people should might as well wear a "I'm stupid and have the logic of a brainwashed jellyfish, kill me now" sign...

And, I'm trying to make profiles/color refs for most of my characters.. tis quite fun in an odd way.

New starts

Mar. 14th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Well... that was... certainly not what I had in mind..

I gots my new classes today. And ahh! I HAVE THAT FREAKIN' TEACHER AGAIN TWICE!! ><.. I was hoping that would change, but it didn't. I am sad.

I was actually not very happy with my new schedule. Well, it's a little mixed feelings. While I'm not happy, it actually might be easier than last time. Or less of the "let's cram some odd chapters into this itty bitty time frame and then have playtime afterwards" stuff. Which, were actually more easier for me. Since then I would have nothing to do when I'm home which = massive RP takeover with Dragon (mwahaha >=D). Now, it's more homework stuff, but in creative/'fun' things.

AND art is like kindergarden now, actually I think kindergaden is MUCH more mature then that... mad house >_>.... Must kill... must kill... Death..... Slow painful death.... Somehow though I looks like even though it's an art class I'm not gonna do any art at all XD. Yup, I'm gonna do website building instead. Which is probably easier for me in the long run. Long story as to why I'm doing that instead.

I dunno how I got back into World History again.. I want out of that class dammit! ><. I did my freakin' work now lemme out! ... baka... I'm going to probably get that worked out tomorrow. Seriously though, I have nothing to do in there. Because I DID everything >_>.

Got journals 3 and 4 back.. And ah, the hell?! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO FREAKIN' WRITE COMMENTS RIGHT IN IT IN PEN?!?!?! Gah, WHY couldn't she just done it on a DIFFERENT peice of paper?! ><;;; Now my journals look shitty and have asinine comments like "OMG that's so interesting" and "You shouldn't think so negative about that" or the joyful PAGE LONG speech she gave me about how I should love myself and MORE pointless praising that I get from most treachers/adults that I don't consider praise because I hear it so FREAKIN' MUCH(since I only filled up about two lines on my last page so SHE decided to fill in the rest)

GARGH!! *pulls out axe and hyperventilates*

And now I must sleep..
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Gragh! All I need to find is just this one screenshot (that was in fact, a rather common image) and I could have a good banner out of it.. And unfortunetly me, I currently don't have that series with me right now so I can't take the picture myself. Hopefully I can request it from someone.. Or be desprate and crazy enough to redownload that particular episode(which, I find very unlikely due to the 'ban' it has now for being licensed).. Grrr...

Also I'm being forced to go over to San Fransico because my mom bought a fish tank lid that doesn't seem to fit -_-*. I don't want to spend over an hour in a car just to go to some pet shop... On the other hand though, we will probably get new fishies. Yey fishies ^_^! (as long as we don't have THAT problem all over again.. No more black bubble-eyes and catfish... No more >_>.... *shudders from the unpleasant remembance of the carnage left over from that*)

Also someone ate my waffer thingies... And I know who did it.. And he'll pay dearly -_-(*)..

ALSO I want to get paid soon dammit. I've done over $150 worth of work in the last 2 weeks and I haven't gotten anything yet. Of course, I think the money is halved for some reason, therefore I'll probably make over $80. Better than nothing though..

Greh, ignore me, I'm ranting..


Feb. 14th, 2005 07:39 pm
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Why must my english/art teacher torture me so by forcing us to write horrid poetry? Let alone the fact that I actually hate poetry, but for it being the most idiotic stereotypical topics at I refuse to believe in. Whoever made the first love poem I hope was shot... or killed in some other form of death if projectiles weren't invented yet.

On the other hand though, I did in fact watched the first half of Princess Mononoke ^_^. That still feels VERY weird. First time I've ever watched anime in a school class (let alone something not a documentary or having limbs getting shot off.. Though sometimes around the last week of school some of my classes would have a 'fun movie' to watch)

Poor Envy, I can only hope you will sound better later on ;_;..

Yeah, lots of people weren't happy with Envy in the dub.. I wasn't too happy either. Gah, he sounds almost like some old lady *gonk*. I don't even think the voice itself even sounds good, and the 'delivery' of it doesn't seem to help much either... But for now. I can only hope that whoever is his VA (because right now I have no clue who it is) gets better ;_;. Otherwise, I can't imagine him sounding spiteful (with a pitch of twisted humor, yey) later..

Speaking of which though, I got the FMA vocal cds yesterday (erm, got meaning I downloaded ^_^;;). No like the Roy one, but the Ed has some kewl songs. Also got some other nifty OSTs ready to come in: Chrno Crusade, MKR, and Rearranged Zelda songs. But they are going slower than dirt, annoying bittorrent -_-*
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Okay, I think I entertained my inner child enough for awhile. Time to do my frequent rants and BS.

It's funny, while I get 'along well' with my art/english teacher, strangely we see things eye to eye. But I hate her with a passion. While I do like people who actually do "think outside the box" (which sadly, not very many do). In fact, I think she thinks more in THAN out. A very hypcritical thing for someone who believes in different perspectives..

I really do hate people how take certain things to a different level. Basically going so far off the chart that you actually do hit the other side. Words such as good and evil don't exist in the world of philosophy, that's one of the big rules. Morals actually don't mean a thing. Which I why I don't follow morals. Or atleast, not morals of what people consider "good". Personally, I think murder would be a good moral, if you have a reason to kill anyway.

"Love". That annoying L word.. The word that can be takened on so many different levels. None however I could care less. People who constantly dwell on it seriously need to get a life. Sure, I like being with people (erm, who I can tolerate that is), does that mean I 'love' them? Probably not. Does that mean that I hate them? Probably not either. But I'm still happy with that. I'm basically only left with the question to people that believe in it.. Why? I has absolutely no point to it at all.

If only I could find a way to truly explain my hatred to many things.. It would be nice. Maybe if a third of the world population was to spondtantly combust and die would I be much more happy.

And now I must quickly rap up this rant before going too crazy and miss the Envy ep..
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I never did like sporting.. Especially when people get very obessive over it for absolutely no reason.. *coughsuperbowlcough*

Also I wish my mom would stop giving me horrid things.. First that DBZ shirt, now the Yugioh crap. Heck, she even wanted me to go see the movie of it once X.x;.. Sure, right after I hang myself maybe. At this point, I don't her to get me anything anime related. Unless I say before hand.. Seeing how she only thinks of anime being idiotic cards games or people just screaming at eachother.. sigh. Pretty much anything "anime" she'll get me assuming I'll like it.. probably one of the worse ways to insult someone. It's like giving someone a basketball for Chirstmas when they just like soccer because it's both sport related (ironic example, heh).. it doesn't work out.

Yanno, really looking back at my "dubbie years"... Pokemon really is stupid when you really think about it. Series wise, it was probably the most unthought of, when it came to an actual plot per say. Ah, I'm so glad I've finally gave up on Pokemon though.. Sure the games help boredom.. but it seems that it's way too more obessive on bells and whistles rather than an "actual meaning". I think remember hearing that they are working on a new generation(as well as running out of duo versions), Diamond and Pearl. That's right, another 100 things to find, question it's existance, and wonder why the npcs act as stupid as they do... Reminds me of anyother ongoing game with lots of features than you'll ever use and still major story issues.. *cougheqcough*. Blah, no more Pokemon, I give. I could go on ranting about it for hours.. Some of the plotholes in it are just comical though..

I'm working for Mark again, hurzah for having some cash flow once again =P!

Episode 13 was actually pretty good I thought. I forgot that was also the first one with Fury (I THINK that's the first one with him, I can't recall any others).. He sounded a little odd, but meh. I think out of the recent dubs, I didn't like Fletcher at all. Didn't have much emotion at all >_<;.

I dunno, I still really dislike the dub.. Dispite the fact that actually I hear that Japan is being guidelines of what should be done and what shouldn't. Basically, ruling the dubbers with an iron fist XD, which is awesome because I've never seen something like that. Good to know that Japan is actually protecting it somewhat. But I still think that certain things really could have been better.. I guess they know what they are doing.

And in very random news... Laharl lost the grudge match ;_;.. Damn you Laharl haters...
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Hmm, yep, I think that I officially dislike reading.. Given to what you consider "reading" anyway.

Had to find a new book today at Barns n' Nobles. You would think that out of over 200 fantasy books I could simply find a novel that I would enjoy. Sadly, I could not. Simply because I've realised that 90% of all fantasy books seem overrated and too predictible to waste reading 400 or more pages of. Plots mostly revoling around the genre of "So-and-so becomes the ruler or is of some royality to *insert country/kingdom/land/world/regnew*, in which can also use magic. Appearently some type of evil thing returns or whatnot and that country/kingdom/land/world/regnew is in trouble, most likely resulting some huge war at the end of the book, also making the ruler person the main character and hero. This book may also revolve heavly on dragons and elves. Dragons most likely evil, and if good they are riden on. Male elves are the snobbish prissy-boy types, while the female elf is also a caster and the hero's main love interest." Without going into much detail of the actual plot, I've probably already explained about 80% of all fantasy books. Which makes me quite disapointed, to the point where I hate to consider some many of those actually "fantasy" books. Since the main purpose of fantasy is creativity. While I do love some of the aspects of fantasy, such as dragons, fairies, elves, etc. Having them constantly used in the same senarios really digusts me. However even with the most commonly used stereotypes can you still make a good plot, yet it depends on how it's done, as the same going to anything. But I think it takes a skilled writer to do that. But I also think everyone can be a skilled writer if they truly try hard enough.

That might be another reason why I like Japanese stuff more (rpgs, anime, manga, etc.). While they also have alot of very common overrated things in most of it(not all though), there are more creative with characters and plots compared to "Western Fantasy".

Also appearently I can submit computer art to my art class for credit =P. Which is good since so far I really hate the class work, so hopefully I can equal it out for "extra work"
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Seriously, why the hell do people obess over such things? Even more so, why the hell do people get angry over it? Lately all I hear is "OMG I so-and-so likes me and I like him, but now he's leaving but still wants to be together but now I hate him for still wanting to be together" X.x;;... Someone try to explain that to me, please? Because I appearently don't understand the language of airhead idiocy. Let alone the fact that people who whine about being 'lonely' because they have no 'significate other' have no actual common sense to me, or self-esteem for that matter.

Also my art class is making me rather bitter. Which was partially why I didn't want to take an art class to begin with. Because the teacher appearently doesn't really know the true meaning of 'art'. Instead all it is is just having to make random pictures in styles that we extremely hate. I don't believe art should be forced into a certain style. It's like taking a thristy horse to a river and force it not drink anything, or just a certain amount. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind to an art teacher is probably abstract stuff that supossibly represents that artist in some way. Basically if your 'peice' has no depth feeling, you can't call it art. Well dammit, I like to draw what I want to draw. I don't want to follow any style that some European guy made just because it's famous. I want to follow my own rules. It comes to show you that even with the most freest(?) skill to have, there is still stereotypes and appearently limits

And that's why I don't think art should really be a class, more rather self taught. However, there is a fine line between a class and just pointers/advice. However, even I try to improve by looking at some other styles, maybe see something in preticular that I might later use a basing. But I would consider that self taught because one, you take your own time to do it, and two, it's not a direct style after you finish(unless, you absolutely want to O.o). Even if there was a special style that was 'flavorful' to you, you surely would have noticed it LONG before you took a class. Same goes for if you want to paint, charcoal, clay, regnew, you SHOULD have had the enough knowledge to know if it's a favorite of ours. As for me, paint and charcoal smeres easily (not to mention messy as hell), I suck at 3d models, and I personally think crayons, markers, and colored pencils ruins pictures and make them sometimes seem like 3rd grade show and tell projetcs. So I'll stick to plain pencil art/computer editing, thank you very much.

Oh yeah, I got addicted to Broken Angel.. Who would have thought that turning lamposts and signs into spears/lances and swords (and large cannons =P) to slice up mutant animals and bandit people would be so... entertaining XP. Still playing Arcadia a bit though, heh. Both are addicting acutally right now..


Jan. 19th, 2005 02:52 pm
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I was actually wearing about 4 (got to 5 at one point though) layers of clothes at one point today and was still freezing. Stupid winter, stupid PE..

I said it once and I shall say it once more: People annoy me. Would it kill them to mind their own business someday? I'm also getting sick of everyone's feedback of me going to Central. I am really trilled to go there. Yet it seems like everyone's opinon is "OMG, Central is a bad place, you don't want to be there because it's like a prison, blah blah blah". Oh yes, like the place I'm at currently is so much better.

Who knows, I might meet some good people there. Erm, good meaning people like me. More bystanders caught inside a messed up society where appearently junk food and horrible music bands are more important than planning for the future, and not believing in an imaginary being makes a 'bad person'.

Well, I might sacrfice a fourth of my saving money soon. However there's also a chance that I will be getting a job very soon. Which will hopefully recover it and moresome, hurzah.
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I can only hope that I can leave my school much sooner than expected. When I think it's horrible, it seems to get even worse..


gosh this year is going by so extremely fast... ahh!!! anywaz I just want to tell you to never give up at anything you do. Follow all your dreams any remember to always live your life to the fullest and as you! never change for any one a boy, a friend or even family member!!! Your such a great person and have a really great futre headed for you! Remember keep u're head up... never frown because never know who's falling in love with your smile =)...."

^ idiotic note someone I don't know gave to me, word for word(was also writen in a horrible hot pink marker).. Appearently one of my stalkers. I still don't know how they got to know that name. The evil cursed name that I officially refuse to go by... But most likely someone else told them.. Still, I couldn't help but bust out laughing when I read it.

Also there was appearently some matchmaker survey. Which was had to have been the stupidest thing ever. Oh yes, you can have SOO much in common if your the same height and hair color. And appearently everyone has an obession for cars in a certain brand and going on dates and movies.. Such asinine questions. Most likely if anyone was to match mine they would probably be some 'nerd' pretending to be cool by watching overrated things like Monty Python, LOTR, and Spaceballs (though I would admit, Spaceballs does have quite a few laughs..), and listen to horrible metal and rock and obessed with Magic and playing cards. Nerds humor me sometimes. Most people think of thick-glasses white shirt guys with braces and acne when they hear the word 'nerd'. Yet really, I believe they have evolved into something probably just as worse.

And my santuary of sanity has been invaded by people making out, everyday x___x;;. For god's sake people: GET A FREAK'N ROOM. I do not wish to see you people having your faces constantly into one and another. I hope they all get AIDS and die slow and plainfully. Or I can make it easier and stab them several times with my pencil... That would be most entertaining.

I swear, people are just provoking my anger. I feel like wanting to punch the next person in the face that asks me to be thier friend, or some other annoying remark. Meh, bah at suspension, I want to leave there anyway. I still fail to see how temporarly banning someone from school in really a punishment..
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(Still want to see that movie, heh)

Gah, appearently bad luck as decided to curse me this day.. Why? Because the world hates me already, most likely. Either that or it's the side effect from the voodoo-cursings I did to people I loathe.. Wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that o.o;.

Couldn't even sleep last night. Keep waking up about every hour. Most likely from the sore throat, plus my legs kept going numb. Finally got up around 6:30am, which is usually eariler than I usually get up around for school. Also appearently the numbingness of my legs made them really sore as well.. Which made walking be a problem as well.

Due to the annoying sorefulness that made it impossible to even talk without killing myself, I decided to make hot chocolate to try to burn it away. Got some milk, it smelled funny. Checked date and sure enough, it was already going bad 2 weeks ago o.o;. Couldn't find any other milk cartons, seeing how I actaully hate milk thus RARELY use it. All I could find was a low fat/carb one hiding somewhere. But it was still fresh, used that.

So then I try heating it up. Wasn't really sure how long to heat it though, didn't want it too hot when it would burn my entire mouth, but not too cold where it wouldn't have any effect. In which it did ended up a little too hot, and I burnt my tongue on it... However it did cure the sore throat, huzrah for that.

Finally I leave for the bus. Of course, I didn't realise that my MP3 Player was near to a dead battery, I wasn't really sure how much longer it was gonna last. Luckly though it lived throughout the whole day. However appearently we NOW need to bring passes everyday now, and those without one get ringed out by the bus driver for being irresponible.. Well, EXCUSE ME. A simple warning eariler would have been nice. Not only that, but I brought my pass everday for the first 4 months, FOUR MONTHS! And NOW they are checking those stupid things!? *mumble*

After that, school started. Which was when the real fun begun. For reasons unknown, all my make-up and work from the break was GONE. Lost, zilch, nadda(I even can't find any of it at home). Which is another reason why I hate homework on breaks. Even my binder was missing (which I actually did find later). So I had virtually nothing with me.

In first period we were suppose to finish watching a movie, which in fact never happened because everyone got bored of it. Giving the idea that showing it would be pointless. Which was probably the only movie that we will ever get that isn't a documentry. So instead we were introduced to a heavy presentation that will take up the next few days. Since we were given the whole day though, I hoped that get as much done as I could before the rest becomes homework.. However all the laptops were disconnected and took the whole period getting that straightened out -_-;. I think we had about 5-10 minutes to actually get anything done. So that day was pretty much shot.

Next period: Math. Was probably one of my better periods today. However even a little of bad luck shone on that as well. For once in my life that class has actually given us something that I actually CAN'T understand. Which is really a bizarre thing for me, since I can figure math out very well. Not this time though. And no matter what it still confuses the hell out of me. Which makes it impossible to complete my homework for that, but I did try.. sorta.. But I know it's wrong.

Didn't get out of math until a few minutes late. Which those quick minutes can matter everything in the world. Due to that I had to deal with brunch line from hell -_-. Brunch has become my official eatting time. If I miss it I'm a goner. Because I have PE right after the normal lunch. In which spends mostly of the time running around. Like the swimming rule: You shouldn't swim if you ate less than a hour ago. Same goes for running. However due to the horrible lines and people cutting that fuel my rage to kill everyone, it took longer to eat. In fact was never even able to finish it. Which can also kill me for the rest of the day.

Enviromental Science. Meh. Strangely nothing too evil happened there..

Journalism. I hate that class in general. Had I known what I was up against, I would have NEVER signed up. I was hoping a bit more freedom. Such as writing in my own articles or layout design. However they want to control every little aspect. Instead it's more like "Use this layout design(in which NO ONE had any say except for about 3-4 people) for the this yearbook page, take pictures of such-and-such, do an interview on that person and turn it all in next week" x.x;. Not my idea of journalism. Especially since I didn't even want to do the yearbook at all. Even more so when all my suggestions for certain ideas got completely walked over. Bah.

Lunch. Since I don't eat I just wander about harassing certain people i know.. I wouldn't really call them friends.. Especially that ONE person who just makes me sick. I'll save that rant for later though. I can't even describe how much I loathe some of them, even though they are the only things close to 'friends' I got at that school. Also appearently one of my teachers strangely knew that I was going to be leaving for independant studies. However she also wasn't too happy about it and complained how I'll probably get farther behind in classes. Oh yes, that certainly brought confidence to my heart...

PE. Field was wet so we only walked track the whole period. Which I was thankful for, I actually love to walk. Plus it was good for the condition I was in.

Last period: English. Horrible, since that was the class I had tons of work for. Which somehow all went missing. Also severly behind in my reading. To tell the truth, I love to read, but detest reading novels or things close to that. I can't stand it, just sitting in one place reading all day. Not my idea of pleasurefulness, no matter how good the story is. Same even goes for playing games nonstop or watching a series. I just hate doing that.... *icy glare at Ven*....

Finally, home. Only for more bad luck. Dan *coughpromisedcough* that he would WAIT for when I got home and do a pizza run. Sure enough, I get ditched and he goes off with David instead about 15-30 minutes before I got home. Considering all the other crap that happened to me today, that was the only thing I was looking forward to. And even that was thrown down the drain. Well, I eventually got to go. But it took forever.

Since then though, everything seems to want to break randomly. DVD player 'broke'. I got up from sitting on asofa and about 4-5 garden pots with plants in them fell to the ground behind it. I went in my room and one of my shelves randomly wanted to clasped. I wouldn't be surprised if I was to get angry and make a vase or something made from glass spontaneously combust at this rate... Maybe I've grown a form telekinesis...

At this point I'm almost afraid to move, since it might trigger off more bad luck.

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