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Don't you hate it when you play an RPG, level for a few good hours total, feel so awesome because even your weaker characters actually start to kick some total ass too.. and then try to go on and beat the main boss of that part, who ends up kicking your ass like it was nothing to the point you have to run like a little coward and then it feels like all that time you just used up was a waste of nothing?

.. Yeah, I do too...

Sigh, *should probably do some more 'graphic clean-up', but actually wants to draw but it's too dark to do it* ;-;

EDIT: ... I never want to do that part again x_x
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I like no school.... because no school = sleeping in, and sleeping in = happy Grif ^^

..... This also makes Grif happy*however crosses fingers in hopes for no Gordon and the rest of that bunch* ;_;.

I also almost forgot about chapter 53 o.o;... *waits patiently for that to be translated* ^^;.

... *goes back to the millions of other things once started*


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:35 am
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This internet is REALLY pissing me off now... It's like.. impossible to do anything with it going crazy. I would just really love to play EQ right now, or freaking finish Tactics being that there's only like 10% left to go... x_x

oh yeah, and this link makes me happy ^^;: ... though, it's not the same unless they are gonna add Laharl to it too... or even Flonne and Mid-boss for that matter ><.

Speaking about games though, I really dig that battle music when fighting that Miror B dude or whatever in XD.. it's all... jiggy.. lmao...... Stupid Voltorb.. Stupid Houndour for accidently burning it and killing it ><. Oh well, supposibly I have another shot at getting it later.

I think one thing I really like about Pokemon XD, is for the fact you are actually very limited to what you can and can't have. Which mostly results into less leveling to do, and using pokemon you won't normally... use(seriously, how often does someone use a Spinrak for some of thier fights? O.o). Also I actually like the 2-on-2 stuff... it makes it feel more like an actual RPG sometimes XD. I think so far my best duo is my Jolteon and Houndour, I actually managed to take down one of the 'boss fights' just using those two, and didn't even really get scratched. Actually, my Carvanna ain't too bad either..

But yeah.. naturally I would be pissed off by the fact I can't get all of them, but yet I'm not. In fact I kinda like the Gamecube games more than the ones for GBA now O.o.

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If you were in Disgaea by PrincessSugar
Class:Star Mage/Skull
Mentor:Overlord Priere
Best friend:Laharl
Favorite Character:
Character that wanted you to die:Etna
Character that wanted to be your friend:Mid-boss
Laharl thinks:"You're in my way"
Etna thinks:"You can be weird......"
Flonne thinks:"You're mean!"
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Disgaea World by Iflyte
Your love interest
Times killed865
Your Level8,164
Your Pupiljeva_chan
Type of ending you makeEarth Conquerer Ending
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Ummmm.... I don't think he would make a very good Laharl XD;;;

Disgaea World by Iflyte
Your love interest
Times killed448
Your Level7,246
Your Pupilenvylicious
Type of ending you makeGood Ending
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hehe, Ed with a French accent.... XP *funny image*

Disgaea World by Iflyte
Your love interest
Times killed314
Your Level2,715
Your Pupilangst_kitty
Type of ending you makeBad Ending
Quiz created with MemeGen!

*does the annoying Laharl laugh* XD

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This little message has JUST made my day:

"Disgaea Anime (2005-06-27 10:30:26)
Rondo Robe, a division of Geneon Entertainment Japan, announced at the 2005 Rondo Robe event that an anime based on the Disgaea PS2 game is in production. More details regarding the anime are expected to emerge at the summer Comiket. Thanks to Dennis R for this item. Source: MoonPhase [ discuss (17 posts) ]

I've waited for this moment to happen.... *ish happy* ^_^. I can only hope that it doesn't completely ruin what little, and mostly cracked out, story Disgaea had to offer(on the other hand, it could also make it a whole lot better)

Also: I saw a trailer for this series. Or at least, I pretty damn sure that was what I saw(judging by what I'm pretty sure look like magazine or manga covers I've seen). But now I wish to learn more about it, because that trailer thing at Expo really got me interested. Though I'm pretty sure it's not as good as it looks, as most things are.

And now pointless quizzes:

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

handcuff key
You're the key to handcuffs. You set people free,
or maybe lock them up. You can be sought,
fought over, and valued. Be careful who you let
use you; you can be an instrument of justice or
injustice depending on your choice.

What sort of key are you and what do you unlock?
brought to you by Quizilla

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welp, defrag part one is done. May do a part two later if needed.. but so far things look better

but in more funnier news, I give you this that I found and made me laugh XD

(found on the Dark Assembly guild:)

"Things I have learned by playing Disgaea:

Hell is populated with 1337 speaking penquins.

Pinnies are filled with hyrdogen gas, napalm, nitrogylcerin, or someother highly unstable compound.

All humanoid demons are malnurished.

Ninjas are so badass that, not only can they move faster and jump higher than anyone else, they can also: Avoid a nuclear strike,fly, move faster than the eye can follow, and breathe in a vaccum.

Demons do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Demons age either very slowly, when they choose to, or when they mentally mature.

Optimism and Sexy Bodies are Laharl's version of Kyponite.

There is a correlation of ugliness and strength, in other words the uglier a weapon is aesthicly the stronger ist is physcially or practicly."
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..... somebody murder my English teacher for me... please?

She is really pissing me off. I thought maybe this last 6 weeks may not be so bad, but they seem to be worse. Seriously.. I'm in a Digital Photo class, or what I'm enrolled in, NOT a pyscho drama/english class.. I really hate how she tries to keep everyone on the same page, literally. None of the other teachers do it, save for math to some extent(it's just really hard to get ahead but everyone is divided into thier own work, not a huge jumbled mess). If you're ONLY suppose to read you still have writing projects in that class, if your suppose to just write all day you still need a book report, AND if your doing both if your in a Digital Photo and not even ALLOWED to use a camra X.x;(WTH?!). I so felt like trying to take this complaint up to the office, but I'm sure somebody already has.. Seeing how actually everyone at that school would have to say that she's the least favorite teacher ever... Though the reason I'm complaining is because there's another person doing English-themed classes and it NOT like that at all... I'm gonna see if I can maybe switch to her, maybe just keep my art class, cause I'm getting to the point where I can't stand it and I just want out of there.. ><


Here's a really interesting FMA twist for ya: Restored!Al and Envy.... working together..... fighting against Ed.... O.o (XD). Yeah, weird stuff has been popping out of the RP lately, or one of them lately, there's kinda a few being worked on now. Basically Ed got 'possesed' by some inner.. self.. thing... that's now suicidal appearenty O.o (XD). And it lead up to some really krazi events.. Such as the strangely coincidentally personality switch between Ed and Envy O.o. In short, the Inner!Ed kinda ditched Al(heck almost watched him get killed and not caring), and then Envy sorta umm.. adopted him XD. Fun and interesting stuff actually, lol. Quite fun indeed ^_^

I finally remembered a really funny Phantom Brave fancomic I wanted to make XD. The first day I played that game I couldn't resist and HAD to do something with a funny idea I though of.. ^^

Also I had an interesting random idea one day to make a Disgaea crossover comic. Was still working on the cast.. So far Cale was gonna be Laharl, Clefiea might have been Etna(wasn't really sure on that), and all of the monsters and classes were gonna be other of my characters.. I remember deciding a Flonne too, but I forget who ><.. But yeah.. kinda like a "Alice in Wonderland" sort of thing. Only... More like "Cale in Netherworld"... XP

Actually, I might even name it that XD!
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Well, somewhat good and bad news. I got one of my goals done, however it ended up being twice as much than I hoped for =/. But nonetheless, I have it now, but I took a somewhat big chunk of my money doing it.. Annoying people overpricing things when I can't find it anywhere else >_>..

Speaking of which, those "rumored" Disgaea figures will be released soon. Great, more stuff to eat my money >_<. But atleast I'm on break and will PROBABLY be spending my mornings working for Mark. I can only hope that. Actually seeing how I usually get 20-40 a day, I can probably pay off the boxset and regain that 100 I 'regretably' used up(and maybe more) this week if I did work everday. But that is my goal.

Also boredom has lead me into once again signing up in that community. Since all my other daily forum hangouts seem to be having a wave of death(or already did have one and still hasn't been active since). But I also think LJ greatly hates me. Since for reasons unknown I now can't costumize my layout so I'm literally stuck using pre-made layouts AND color schemes. And I can't put up image backgrounds either, so I do any testing with those and how they exactly work >_>..

And I watched ep 15 last night. Actually, I thought that episode was well done. I'm really starting to like Al's VA, and I'm getting more used to Scar's (since it didn't seem to really fit him at first IMO, heh). So it is best to say that the dub is progressively getting more tolerable. But mreh, I still like the subs.. But atleast alot of the people are trying hard, so I give some credit to them
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I never did like sporting.. Especially when people get very obessive over it for absolutely no reason.. *coughsuperbowlcough*

Also I wish my mom would stop giving me horrid things.. First that DBZ shirt, now the Yugioh crap. Heck, she even wanted me to go see the movie of it once X.x;.. Sure, right after I hang myself maybe. At this point, I don't her to get me anything anime related. Unless I say before hand.. Seeing how she only thinks of anime being idiotic cards games or people just screaming at eachother.. sigh. Pretty much anything "anime" she'll get me assuming I'll like it.. probably one of the worse ways to insult someone. It's like giving someone a basketball for Chirstmas when they just like soccer because it's both sport related (ironic example, heh).. it doesn't work out.

Yanno, really looking back at my "dubbie years"... Pokemon really is stupid when you really think about it. Series wise, it was probably the most unthought of, when it came to an actual plot per say. Ah, I'm so glad I've finally gave up on Pokemon though.. Sure the games help boredom.. but it seems that it's way too more obessive on bells and whistles rather than an "actual meaning". I think remember hearing that they are working on a new generation(as well as running out of duo versions), Diamond and Pearl. That's right, another 100 things to find, question it's existance, and wonder why the npcs act as stupid as they do... Reminds me of anyother ongoing game with lots of features than you'll ever use and still major story issues.. *cougheqcough*. Blah, no more Pokemon, I give. I could go on ranting about it for hours.. Some of the plotholes in it are just comical though..

I'm working for Mark again, hurzah for having some cash flow once again =P!

Episode 13 was actually pretty good I thought. I forgot that was also the first one with Fury (I THINK that's the first one with him, I can't recall any others).. He sounded a little odd, but meh. I think out of the recent dubs, I didn't like Fletcher at all. Didn't have much emotion at all >_<;.

I dunno, I still really dislike the dub.. Dispite the fact that actually I hear that Japan is being guidelines of what should be done and what shouldn't. Basically, ruling the dubbers with an iron fist XD, which is awesome because I've never seen something like that. Good to know that Japan is actually protecting it somewhat. But I still think that certain things really could have been better.. I guess they know what they are doing.

And in very random news... Laharl lost the grudge match ;_;.. Damn you Laharl haters...
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(Appearently LJ was having some issues awhile back, atleast it's back and running again =P)

I had this really weird Disgaea dream last night O.o.. I don't remember most of it anymore, but it was bizarre nonetheless. Wasn't a role play one though. Come to think of it, I recall having a role play type with Disgaea once before that was quite interesting. Except I wasn't someone from the game(in which normally it was), but I wasn't myself either. Appearently it also had something to do with discovering/solving some mystery about this town that was located on the side of a chiff. In which most transportation was done by 'airship'. Yet there was also water in the air too in which the ships floated on O.o. Actually now remembering it it sorta reminds me of something you might see in Skies of Arcadia XP. There was a bit of a stream at the very bottom though. But it was shurounded in fog and whatnot which made it hard to see. But you could tell that it was down there. Also everything had that really bright gold/yellow/orange/pink sunset color to it.

But yeah, appearently it had to do with sovling some 'mystery' (which I completely forgot what, but dreams are very vague like that). At some point though Laharl got into some fight with the people there. I remember something about mocking his height too, which got him more pissed off (think Ed if you will, lmao. Not sure if I knew FMA at the time though). Anyway, appearently Laharl got beatened up, so we went back to our 'ship thing'. Then he got annoyed again about the nurse (with his whole 'women thing' and all..), so Flonne did her, umm.. Flonne-ishness to reason with him and such.. that's about the only part that realy sticks to mind though.. I remember Gordon and Jennifer being in there somewhere too. But thats about it.

It was still a very bizarre dream though, but too bad I can't remember the one from last night =/.

Still feeling a little groggy from sickness. Stupid cold. Now it's mostly nose issues though, and a bit of a scratchy throat. Annoying thing..

Also with my bangs being as long as it is now I realised if I was to dye it purple and move my hair to the side I could look alot like Heimdall from MLR with glasses XD. That would be another interesting person to cosplay as.. But the height would be majorly off.. yes, I was that bored today
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Blah, I forget what I was gonna say, heh.

Played some more Disgaea, on 6 now. Sadness though, I still been able to breeze by without much problem. Still haven't made any clerics or mages/skulls yet either XP. Thus making it more amazing.

Getting very curious about Christmas though. Even though I'm sure that I'm not gonna be getting anything "worthwhile". But meh, it's the thought that counts I guess.. I'm actually more anxious about my Gaia gifts than my IRL ones XD.

Also, I think I found the site where I was getting the OSTs from... but they changed their layout and erased all the files they had >_<. So much for getting the stuff I wanted again from there.

And now I'm just bored... Feelin' like doing another CT today...


Dec. 16th, 2004 07:13 pm
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Strangely now, my Nippion Ichi frenzy has drop down dramatically O.o. Played a little bit of Phantom Brave today though. Last ep now, w00. Also got my bastardly annoying bottlemail finally >.<.. Thus I can attempt to steal that sword again, since this is my last chance to get that.

Meh no matter, I'm officailly doing that Gaia shop for it. Hopefully I can rake in some good money with that.

Also I get the feeling tomorrow will be dead at school. Which I'm highly thankful for. Then that will leave me with 2 weeks of sanity, huzrah.
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Can't believe I beat the first ep last night with using only about 7 people XP. No clerics yet, no mages. Just 2 warriors, the Prinnies, a ghost(who did absolutely nothing), and Etna and Laharl... Which was odd because I remember the first time I did that fight I used to get my ass kicked alot (but I didn't know about the ending you get since I would just reset it when it got bad). But again, I have a much better sense of what to do and what not to do now. Having a small group though adds a good advantage though. Unlike my older game when I was trying to create one of everything, heh.

So yeah, expect my obession in that to regrow back termendiously.. Old game obessions are kinda fun though. Get those alot in FFT. Another very fun game to replay over and over.

Blah, stinky parties... I hate Christmas parties... Or anything that requires many people to be over... grr..
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And so I begin my 2nd Disgaea game.. My army of darkness and Prinnies shall commence, mwahaha!

I swear though, that game is gonna be a classic for being one of the first of it's kind. On the whole plotwise thing anyway... Well, it some extent. Still love alot of the "dark humor" stuff stuff they have in it. Poking fun at stereotypes and whatnot. But there was some other things that kinda bothered me in it too.. Prehaps I will do a game review on that soon.

Still kinda venting though.. No like being probbed a million times with obivious/annoying questions >.<. It just gets irritating. Just leave me alone people! Waa...

Hmm... still feels like it was only a few days ago since ep 5. Time flies I suppose... Strangeness. Hopefully I can see how the next one turned out. 7 and 8 will be interesting since that's some of the possible censor/edit ones, if any. (But considering they didn't alter the part with Ed bleeding all over the place then maybe not..)
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Aha, I'm starting to love this Disgaea OST now for some reason XD. It's making me want to replay the game so much now... Which I'll probably won't have the time till Sunday, grr..

And Julie killed my printer >_>... Evil ink-killer she be. Dammit, why can't she hook up her own scanner/printer? We have atleast 2 or each laying around somewhere -_-*..

Today was anothing meeting thing related to my constant breakdowns. Which mostly focused on stuff I knew and didn't help. And also was another time to "preach" that medcine will make you better, happy, and solve all problems.. -_-.. For the last freakin' time, I DON'T WANT ANY! It's pissing me off. That won't solve anything but waste money to hide something you need to fix on your own. Besides, I don't believe in chemical imbalances and all that crap they keep talking about. And I call myself athiest, heh. Well, 80% athiest. I just don't believe in gods and ordered religions.

Grr... So much hate right now... Hate for alot of things. Lots of misunderstandings that people get from me.. I just can't put it in terms without going on a different level.

Bah, I don't just feel wanted anywhere now.. Where's this love thing I keep hearing about? Certainly don't feel it that's for sure. And maybe it really was just never there. Just some stupid thing people use as a excuse to make you do things for them.. *starts slipping back to Laharl mode*
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Glad to get more of that out of my system I suppose.. Again, I was having a crappy day as it was.. And things were just making it worse for me. I'm trying, really. But it's just that I don't feel like I'm getting the chance. I need a high place to start from if I want to fly. There's been some good news lately though about that actually. Which I might talk about later.

Today was appearently the start of the great seagull wars. I'm starting to really hate those buzzards. I swear though, there had to be over a thousand of them. The whole sky was covered. And right after that we had to go to the field. Sure enough, there was probably another 2-3 hundred seagulls laying around taking up a third of the field, that's right, a huge flock of them. And then some idiot had to run over there and spook them out -_-*... Baka at it's finest. Nothin' like having hundreds of seagulls flying straight at you. Each one a possible bomber. Of course the likelyhood of one actually getting you is like 1/a million. Still, it's not the best thing to be right under a hundred of them.

I've also realised I dislike this coke. It's too bitter tasting. Or I'm just really used to sweeter sodas/soft drinks now.

Got 2 more OSTs: Disgaea and Xenogears (which at first I thought it was Xenosaga, but it's just as good.. Xenogears has some awesome music in it too). So I need to burn those now. Which I might do today. Actually I'm quite surpised in the Disgaea one. There was quite a few I really liked. Alot I already knew from playing. But probably about 15% I didn't recall hearing. Or my mind is just going. Then again most were just vocals and were than likely endings I just never gotten (since I'm missing about 3 of them). One of them reminds me of something from Nightmare Before Chirstmas, *imagines a Disgaea spin-off of that(or the Grinch)* XD. Gah, I want to play that game again now.. Probably new file. Since I realised I made some stupid mistakes in the beginning and would take a long time to fix. But that's true with almost any game you haven't played before and wasn't sure of what was good to do and not. I didn't learn the godliness of transmirgating characters was until it was sorta too late >.<.
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I've waited so long for this day.. when I can gain gold on Gaia like a normal person ^_^. Demon Horns here I come! =P

Sigh, ep 2 airs today =/. Probably gonna tape it like what I did with the first one. I dunno. I still hate the dub. But on the other hand I really like it o.o;. It could have been worse.. I suppose Vic is growing on me. I mean, he's a rather kewl guy (from that inview/con panel I saw). But meh, it could just be my inner dubbie calling out again.. I need to kill that thing someday XP. Oh well, we'll see what will happen eventually. The popularity of series though is starting to scare me.. A little.. Only a matter of time till n00bs butcher it.. And I don't mean the Barry kind, but close enough >_>

Also in other bizzare news. New Nippion Ichi game in the making o.o.. Phantom Kingdom. I'm not sure if I like it that much right now though.. Looks too... blah. Sounds like they are now mixing PB and Disgaea together. According to the pics I'm seen, mages and warriors (male and female) from Disgaea are back(No sign of the Skulls yet). They look a little different though. No info of anything from PB yet. And of course Prinnies are in it. Because they have appearently became a Nippion Ichi trademark. Like Moogles and Chocobos in Final Fantasy, you just can't get rid of them XP.

Also I found a new fma scroll I want XP.. I'm almost willing to give my current one to somebody, if they want it anyways. I'm sure I can find a good home for it, heh. Also my gift senses are telling me that I will be getting the State Alchemist watch for Chirstmas o.o. Mwahaha, I kinda hope so, if my cosplay thing is gonna work out as well as I plan it will be awesomeish =P

And yes, new avatar, fear it.
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Heh, well, you see, funny thing happened for the afterschool thing... Umm.. I attempted to play the cd. Then for reasons unknown the laptop self combusted and spewed out nuclear waste. So now we are three-headed mutants using plastic wooden nail filers as feet =P. Nah, it worked eventually, after the sacrificial voodoo ritual using unborn children.. it was fun ^_^. Except that one guy kept pissing me off by trying to be a know-it-all >_>.. Still trying to think up of a method to get through the series fast yet still get people to see it. Actually I let someone borrow it today (I have another copy of that cd anyway).. Maybe I'll let some people borrow them. Because there's some people that I want to see it, and I can possibly corrupt them XP.

Sigh, such boredom.. Gonna have to think of something to keep me busy the next 2 days. Only 3 more battles in Phantom Brave till I "beat it". Then I can finally get the Disgaea characters =P. Which will be strange, having to fight them and all. I'm still wondering how that's all gonna tie in with the story. I have a few hunches, but still uncertain...

Perhaps I should watch more Fruits Basket.. hmm...

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