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.. So yeah... Went to see Narnia today. Actually it wasn't too bad, not exactly what I was planning on it to be. But meh.

Yey talking animals. Honestly, that probably was the best part XD;.

Dammit I want 54 now ;-;. Bah, I bet I'll be able to read the translation pretty soon.

... and Eifa is making LOTS of noises, most I don't like... so I'm gonnna do her a favor and give her an early nap time.. Because I don't want anything to happen to my computer, like it frying out on me or something. Though I'm not sure why it's acting up right now =/.
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Someone pinch me now *o*... *later gets pinched by a ton of people* oww.. x_X;;

*bounces around and waits for a fansub*
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*murders internet modem* grrrr...

I believe this is the fourth day now where my internet dies out in the afternoon-evening times and then doesn't come back till late at night.. though today it came back more earlier than usual... *knocks on wood*

Thus, I been taking this time to begin FMA rewatch(that why I'll be all refreshed and such for when the movie comes.. not like I don't remember it or anything XD). And other things to make me unbored. Heh ^^;

Also I want to take this time for a short(or I plan to be short), rant about the movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... cuz there my a few things that majorly irked me..

- If I remember exactly from the older movie, Charlie's uncle(grandpa?) wasn't able to make it inside the factory, due to some sort of sickness/pain/regnew. Instead I think it was his dad in his place or something...

- Mike was only obsessed of those 'old' cowboy-indian tv shows.. not video games and daily tv of today. While I kinda understood they were taking a more modern look of the story, the whole fact about that bothered me.

- That really bratty spoiled girl (I forget her name now, bah) never said anything about wanting an Oompa Loompa...

- The whole last 20 minutes or so should have just died and never happened... at all >.>
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Gah... that was NOT what I wanted to hear and watch right now... or ever ><

Sure enough, more in class movies today. Which I didn't think would be too bad and could just sleep through it. But nope.. somebody had to bring Final Destination... >.>;

You see, I'm quite a paranoid person. I have enough of my own problems and fears of my own... That's why I stay clear of horror movies, or things close to it(you're talking to the kid that used to get nightmares almost every night and afraid of the dark until about 10 years old). I don't want other stuff to feed and add on to it. So yeah, I couldn't stand the movie at all.. And had to leave like after 20 minutes into it.. Call me a pansy all you want. But watching people dying in fairly visible ways or watching them getting fling out of burning airplanes like a hole in space ain't my cup of tea (especially since I had an awful airplane exprience the first time I ever rode one.. and.. well... yeah >.>;)..... *shudders* the effects of having an overworked imagination doesn't help either... *cringes*

So then I just sat outside the rest of the day... doodling... Trying to listen to music.. though every damn song I had made me feel sadder than usual or just.... uneasy >.>.. Even my trusted Numa Numa couldn't help lighten the mood D:

And then just to add icing to the top of the cake my mom had to bust in and tell me bad news about chance of loosing job. In other words.. well... no money at all. I'm sure you can all connect the dots from there ><

..... I'm scared..... *clings* hold me..... ;_;
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Damn, today was movie day for me O.o

Today at school I ended up watching about the beginnings of 3 different freaking movies, all in the same class. First period in that class I ended up watching some boring movie about some little boy and a girl being standed in a desert-ish place in Austrailia. Which nobody was even watching(including myself >.>), and I had no idea why we were watching it when only ONE person chosed it. Which lasted the whole period. Then the next period in that class we FINALLY got to switch movies. Which ended up being "Edward Scissorhands" (never seen it before.... but sadly... crack was filling my mind just by hearing that name... god I feel awful XD). It was on VHS, and then about 5-10 minutes into it.... it suddenly when into 15 minute long infomericals... So..... yeah...... somebody really botched that recording. Unless appearently the whole movie is secretly about an old lady telling a story about the wonders of removing rust stains and electric toothbrushes XD.

So instead we just watched another movie that I forget the name of. Other than it was based on the 50-60s-ish era and had something to do with gangs and a kid stabbing someone, w00.

... Then sure enough later on today I went out with my sister to see a movie with some of her friends. Since they sometimes go to Blockbluster and rent something.. So, eh, I thought I would tag along. Then sure enough, turned out to be an anime movie, the first Inuyasha one(which I have fansubbed and already seen it). So, yeah.. Spent like almost 2 and a half hours watching that... again. Then, we just HAD to go a see the Special Features afterwards.. >.>......

Word of advice... do NOT watch the Special Features for that. You'll just be ending up watching recaps for the next hour or so over pretty much every little detail that happens in like the first 60 eps... and none of it in order mind you x.X;. Pretty much, it was nothing else than endless cycles... yes, we get it now... Kagome.. Kikyou.... love triangle..... Shippou is useless...... swords of happiness and evil.... WE GET THE DAMN PICTURE NOW SHUT UP!!!

.. Gah.... I ain't much of the Inuyasha fan as I used to be.. it sorta dug it's own grave with too many eps and not enough of an actual storyplot to keep it up. Basically, wide but shallow. That's how I saw it after awhile >.>.


Mar. 19th, 2005 11:05 pm
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Shhh.... I'm not backing time up, really... It only appears as though I'm doing it..... >.> <.<.. ^_^

Seriously, I really wasn't thinking striaght last night. I did alot of stupid things.

Was so tied up in things online (RP, beautifying piccie, IMs, making my LJ entry, all that other stuff). I looked at the time noticing it was about 11pm going, "Oh, I need to get off very soon and tape fma." Then 35 minutes later.. "Oh shit!!" >_>;;.. Thus I had to stay up another 3 hours later or Julie might rise hell.. Which had a few problems of it own. 1) Actually managing to stay up that late, and 2) Managing to not get caught. In fact around 2am I could have SWORN I heard my mom running around in her room, which was bad.. And I only had 30mins to go too. But I think she went back to bed and didn't know I was still up thanks to ninja stealthiness.. mwahaha. So all is good in that area... which brings us into today.... or something like that.... right ^_^. But stupid me didn't post the damn LJ entry from last night, closed the window forgetting I even wrote it ><

... Except I have a REALLY bad sore throat now. Dunno if it's from staying up as late as I did or from something else. But I just had some hot chocolate and it's doing better now.. Dunno if I can talk yet though, too afraid to try. Gah, why am I getting so sick again?! ><

And earlier today (or yesterday I guess?) I saw Robots. Meh, I didn't think it was that great. It was once again one of those movies where I was dragged it see. I can't say I've seen worse, but I'm seen much better. Though the movie seemed EXTREMELY short compared to some other stuff I've been seeing lately. Maybe it was just me though..

And I got 2 new amvs added to my collection. One of them awesomely kewl and shiny(hehe, I like that word XP) and the other.... happy and bouncy, lol.
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Ahh, 2 weeks are here. THANK YOU HOLIDAYS!

Saw Finding Neverland today. Interesting movie, considering I was dragged by a Johnny Depp fangirl >_> *coughmomcough*. Wasn't something I expected though. Mostly having to do with how the story Peter Pan was made/written. Kinda wondering if any of it is actually true now though. Would be interesting to look up. But meh, I'm not that crazy. Still, interesting movie. Getting sick of that whole "believing" theme/moral though. Polar Express really ticked me off because of that. Another movie I was forced to watch. But luckly this time there was some irony to that moral, which made it seem better.

Still wanna see Unfortunate Events. Read the first book a few years ago. Alot of stuff though really reminds me of HP.. Kid(or in this case kids) loses family, sent to live with a relative, relative is very cruel to them, lots of weird abstract things happen, yey

And now I'm getting frustrated with my mom annoying Christams cards -_-*... Grinchful mode rising....
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Oi... Such chaos... Make it stop! *gonk*

Too much sadness and misplacement I felt today. Don't really want to talk about right now, or else I might relapse -_-.

I saw The Incredibles last night.. Actually it wasn't too bad. Reminded me a bit of X-Men (still never seen the movies for those.. eheh...), also how I sort of picture City of Heros being like XP. Which I kinda want to play, but I had enough of my share of online rpgs. Damn you greedy gaming companies..

Kinda want to do another character time, but dunno who to do it for. Hmm..

Sigh.. so much to do, so little time..

Quote of the Moment
"If I'm not back in 5 minutes.... Just wait longer" ~ Ace Ventura
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Bleh... Still tired from the heavy amount of raking... I hate autmn, damn you decidous trees.. Keep your leaves for once =/..

Still playing with adobe.. Gonna try to do some computer art. See if I can get anywhere with that. I blame San for making me jealous and getting crazy amounts of gold on Gaia with it, heh.

Also for some reason they were playing Spaceballs on TV today o.o. I loved that movie.. Had some humorful parts in it. Except I couldn't help but laughed that they cutted out the "We ain't found shit" part... The way they did it was just obivious. You probably had to have seen it in.. I still find it stupid that people constantly censor or cut out swear words in shows when you probably hear those words over 10 times a day if not more.
grifstar: (Envy) waa.... Must have this now =(... *cries*

I hate it when I'm forced to watch things.. Especially movies. Well, since I was almost forced to see that American Force or regnew thing. I swear, the crap these studio come up with scares me.. In the not so horror way. Oh yeah, let's make a movie that makes the US look like a dumbass country that just wants to kill and police people around... Sure, that will DEFINITELY get some countries to support us again >.>... Glad I talked myself out of it.

Seriously though, how can people find the dumbest things funny? Of course then again, the common sense of most high schoolers humor me. So I guess I'm being hypocritical.. But still, I can't believe humans are considered "highly intelligent", yet I've seen turkeys smarter than some people.

The temptations to buy stuff online is consuming me now(like that can for example).. But I still want to save money. Argh, it's times like this I wish I was still with Mark. It was better than nothing. But, he had is reasons for what he did. No, I wasn't fired, he was just getting tired of the place and was probably gonna leave there soon. So he told me to leave/quit. We still go places though. But now I don't have any money coming in... Other than I might be scanning stuff, yey.

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