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Dec. 11th, 2005 10:51 am
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54 rambling )

*compy is still making new noises, though it's THAT bad from last night* ;-;
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.. So yeah... Went to see Narnia today. Actually it wasn't too bad, not exactly what I was planning on it to be. But meh.

Yey talking animals. Honestly, that probably was the best part XD;.

Dammit I want 54 now ;-;. Bah, I bet I'll be able to read the translation pretty soon.

... and Eifa is making LOTS of noises, most I don't like... so I'm gonnna do her a favor and give her an early nap time.. Because I don't want anything to happen to my computer, like it frying out on me or something. Though I'm not sure why it's acting up right now =/.
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Anime(and/or manga) I should really get back to:
Trinity Blood
Tactics(even though so far it's not what I thought it would be, but I'm still in the beginning of it)

Movies I must see:
Goblet of Fire (..... Why do I feel like I'm the last person who knew it came out? ~_~; )
Narnia/The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (ahahaha, I remember when my 3rd grade teacher read that book to us too, I barely remember anything from it though XD)

Giftarts - ... I'm sorry Izzy, but your piccie from me is gonna take a bit longer to do ;_;.. I doubt Shindou's will be on time too ><
Karn reffie - ... is actually drawn, but needs coloring.. unless I scrap it and start over again ><

... I can't wait for the next chapter for FMA... I get the feeling it's gonna be a good one.. Well, probably not good-good, but just interesting to say the least o_o;..... also kinda amazed at how much chaos 53 has made to the fandom XD(it's like Ed dying all over again XD;;)... *coughistillsayhelookstoomuchlikemoofycough*

.... so let's see.. I found ways to make that AMV easier to put together, still need to make my X-mas list for mom.... I have too much to do @_@
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I'm getting very irritated with my internet now. Has been, once again, acting up and being just overly annoying.. Because I have to keep refreshing/reclicking pages in order for it to work(like it's turning on and off in just split seconds). I'm actually thankful that my IMs have been actually working the last 4-5 days or so. Other than I have to try logging in 1-2 billion times the first time, but then runs fine afterwords. Still, it's a pain... though maybe it's just me, but if I stay on a certain site for a long time(like Gaia), it kinda goes away for a bit. But if I go someplace else it acts up again.. Also I notice that normally I have to do the constant refreshing most if I didn't click anything for awhile. Usually 8-10 times that first time, then occasionaly 1-3 times after that.. I dunno, it's weird -_-;

Well, I WAS gonna go to my happy local anime store today, but instead it's gonna be tomorrow. Probably just look around and stuff, or just get something cheap-ish... *coughleftovermoneyfromlunchcough*. Actually one thing I really like about that place, it's small, and everything seems cheaper there(I think some of the manga there is like $8 each). Also, there seems to be quite a few imports.. Like I know he had the FMA "dog/cat food" cans there. Which I know those are pretty rare. If he ever gets ahold of the character cans though.. I would be very happy ^_^. Cuz there's a few more I want of those, cuz they are pretty awesome on the whole.

Hmmm... I wonder if he'll ever get those movie plushies.... >.> <.<... And I could have sworn they must've re-released those mini plushies in Japan or something, because I've seen them in some online stores but with tags and stuff. Unless they are just bootlegs ;_;. They really should release those in the US.. I just need Ed dammit >< !!

... and I should one of these days get my list of "what I want for Christmas" done someday.. hmm..

Oh yeah, and read chapter 52 yesterday.. all I can say is.... wtf o_o?. I'm starting to think I know who's Pride now.. but.. I still think that guy seems way too generic/pointless fill-in. I kinda pictured Pride to be more 'mysterious' looking than that O.o... unless he's hiding something.. which is typical too -_-;;...

..... trueform!Envy is still just creepy as hell... Awesome, but just plain creepy and disturbing XD;;;.
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Stupid phone test... >.>

Yanno I just realised that the next manga chapter should be out soon.. o.o *waits impatiently* I wonder if it'll be anything like this XD. Actually I'm really lovin' the manga, or I have been since it completely different than the anime... but.. in a good way... >.>.. <.<...

... *goes do school crap now* ._.
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Feel a bit ashamed of myself. Managed to buy FMA but also got some Saiyuki volumes while I was at it spending a little bit more than I wanted. But I just couldn't resist, the devil was calling out to me at the time. But atleast I have some of that out of the way. Actually the game was much cheaper than I thought it would be. Hurzah for show-based games being normally cheaper than game-only stuff.

So now I must hurry up and finish Arcadia... In which means I have to find a way to defeat that one annoying boss now, ugh.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Hmm, yey for being a greedy traitorous athiest who has sudden urges of anger and despression? Though I find basic "yes or no" questions to be quite inaccurate since some questions can vary with multiple answers, rather a black or white yes or no.

Oh yeah, I got to play with the van.. Such oddness it was. Gonna do some more practice about an hour from now too. Quite scary indeed though, not at all used to driving adnormally large things yet... Even worse when it's on slightly slanted ground..
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As many people noticed, LJ was having technical problems.. However I lost my perfect atendence due to it *gonk*. I'm glad I can finally log in though.

Alas, I am finally all caught up in the manga. Now I won't feel so left out when I keep hearing people talk about it. With the licensing thing and all. Actually I now kinda like the manga better now o.o. On some levels anyway. It seems to have more Envy time, which is good. However the plot is extremely twisted up from the anime.. Barry ownz though XD. I still think they should have kept him alive in the anime, so much great stuff they've could have done. Also I'm surprised that they never added the Ling person..

But now I don't have to mass-download those anymore and feel more at ease.. Of course now I forgot what I was going to do after that..

And of course, I've forgotten most of the stuff I wanted to write on the pervious days.. damn.
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I think I read another 5-6 chapters of FMA. I got really behind in the manga. Partially becuase I was gonna wait till it was license and just buy it when it gets here. However, seeing how I'm already halfway in it, which was 5 volumes. It would probably take a year for where I left off to be translated. So I deicded to continue reading... Plus evil people were provoking me... Evil manga reading inspiring provoking people.. They are mean and their evil ways. Keep hearing that the manga gets much different than the anime though, but in a good way. So it would be nice to see how it's like.

But now my mind feels mushy... I have no idea why... o.o

Speaking of which. Appearently more info about the movie has risen awhile back. Which has also baffeled many people.. However seeing how the very few peope that read my journal hardly anyone knows how FMA ends, it would be bad to explain why the movie has done... umm.. interesting things. But I do have some predictions. But I'll have to wait till summer.. So close yet so far *gonk*. Also I heard some other rumor of a 2nd season.. Or I just wasn't reading correctly and now just BSing, heh

Gak, I need to get back on Acradia. Haven't played it since school started. Hmm...

More people annoying me at school -_-*. I feel like shoving a pencil down the throat of the next person who tries to befriend me. My trust isn't given, it's earned. However there's only a few people who I feel deserve that trust. Reason being mostly is because I get some of it back. Otherwise, people can be my 'friend' by not being my friend.

Random observation: Why does the 'weird' mood look happy? O.o;
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Yey, 2nd post today.

Made a spiffy(damn, haven't used that word in so long...) new wallpaper, finally. Some of you might reconise the image. Seeing how I used the same picture for my SM layout (before Freepgs killed it *gonk*). Kinda like it. Got a little rusty at graphics since I haven't done anything in a long time. Not that I was really good to begin with. But I was in desprate need for a new wallpaper. On the count that I've had my older one in use since August o.o. So fear it. Tribute to my Disgaea obession currently anyway. (PS: My new game hit ep 7 last night. Been taking a break from it lately)

Sigh, somehow I REALLY want to get WA2 now. I'm thinking about searching the official online Gamestop store in hopes they might have it. Reminds me though, still need to get the older one working. However I noticed that there might be ways around that. But I want to wait, partially due to laziness, partially due to time consumingness. Also might as well wait until I get WA2 or not, since then it would be needed for sure.

Also reminds me of how far behind I am in my manga as well. Speaking of which. The FMA manga was licensed about a week ago. Which makes me quite sad. I wonder if the online reader is still up... Stupid licensing companies and their evil ways.

Also I feel like drawing something. Not sure what though. Cale is sorta calling out to me. But so is some other people. Also feel like doing a cosplay parody thing. Those are sometimes fun to do.
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I been trying to make a list of things I want. Sadly though, I can barely think of anything >.<.. Which is actually unusual for me. There's almost always SOMETHING I want. But I'm drawing a blank. Mainly since in recent days/months all the stuff I want I just find randomly and whouldn't have though up of otherwise.

Actually I still have a lengthy manga list. But I cut that down to just 2 books now: Saiyuki 4 and 5. I can wait for MLR and CC. Maybe I can put those on my list. But game wise there's nothing(since normally there's some GCN/PS2 game that has just came out and interests me)..

Still crossing fingers for the watch though XD. That would probably be the highlight of my day I guess..

It's still freaking cold... dammit, I hate winter -_-..

I hope to get some stuff done today though, heh.
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If I do not come back after midnight today.. don't bother sending a search party, I'm probably good as dead -_-.

I feel such a pirate.. I'm now attempting to download a better Adobe Photoshop. My Elements isn't cutting it anymore. So I'm making a chance to get a better version.. Maybe that's why I feel so behind in the times in some graphic areas.

Ugh, so many taunts there was at Barns n' Nobles today. Chrno Crusade 2 and Saiyuki 4 is out now. Plus to my shocking surpise, Matantei Loki o.o (oblivous change in name though..). Even though I have the scans out the first volume (and *coughhatedcough* it), I want to get the book. Because I liked that series anyway, even though there was many a flaw in it. The first volume would have been better if it had Heimdall in it.. Damn Mayura.. Too much of her = stupidity. I still find it strange I never liked Heimdall until towards the end.. Now he's my fav in MLR. Not like he did anything really "special" at the end. Just now I like him for some odd reason.

In other news. Went quasi-rom hunting. Well, actually it was quite a bit. At first I was trying to find interesting Japan only rpgs (translated though). Couldn't find any... found more hentai I cared to see in one day though >.< (Damn you black market with your evil dark alleys). But then I found some info on a rom for the FMA game for gba. So it caught my atention and begun to so some search on that. Couldn't find a workable link though =/. But appearently no one has takened the time to translate it yet either. So I'm gonna wait. Times like this I so wish I knew Japanese... Damn you Northen CA and your lack of Japan influence even though you have some parts of your big cities devoted to that culture..

Also I spent some of the day spray painting a fake pine tree.. it was actually quite alot of fun XP

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