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Well, my day is crud now.. everytime I try to move my side(s), stomach, waist, and/or all of the above want to start dying on me and make life hell.. got so bad that I already had to lay down like three times day and wait for it get better (usually about somewhere between 1-2 hours ><). Which then makes me fine more or less until it comes back and then, well, wash, rinse, repeat ><.

On the other hand though, it's kinda good, becuase now I don't have to go out and visit. Seeing as there is lots of people here for a party most I don't know and/or care to see right now..

Chain of Memories.... Very interesting game O.o. Interesting twist compared to the first game that's for sure(here's something you don't expect to see: 3D cutscene for a GBA system... actually it didn't look too bad either, KH PS2 graphics and all O.o). I almost forgot that somebody gave me a rom of that game.. So, I took the time to fiddle with it. All I can say is...... that game is not keyboard-friendly ><. Especially in battles. But maybe I'll get used to it. Nothing else reconfigure the keys and make it easier to play ^^.

Also really bad stuff rustled up at the RP guild awhile back...... n00b infestation ><;;. People not playing thier parts right(and/or not knowing the character all that well and just being one sided, which is even worse sometimes >< ), not following rules properly, n00b speech (.... >< ), all that stuff. But finally it got settled, resulted into some banning, rollbacks, and minor shutdown for new things to be added... and taking the time to get Chisaii completely moved XD;;.

Still, it was like a 4 or 5 new members in a row(well, save for one, ^^) who turned out to be n00bs of some sort.. And I felt like some nazi for having/wanting to chew out and correct each one.

..... my prophecy is correct.... it's going to be n00bs that will kill and butcher that series ><... Damn you mainsteam distributers with no respect for what you are selling other than "popular = more money"... damn you to hell ><. I really should commit the n00b/dubbie holocaust someday...

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