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Ghei lawyers.

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... Just what does the Grif do when on AIM for hours on end but away(and not idle XD;;)? Well here's some of it! ^^;;;

Big piccies, rawr )

... also for all you crack lovers out there.... there was this one day at BB... [ profile] pride_no_edo and I found this troll wanndering around... And just busted out laughing... And he in full plate armor no doubt and hacking stuff left and right... Anyone who has seen a comepletely armored troll might have to agree on the resemblance XD

EDIT: *wants to know why all the pics are differently sized like that* >
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Damn you EQ addiction bug... why did you bite me again? D:
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Don't you hate it when you play an RPG, level for a few good hours total, feel so awesome because even your weaker characters actually start to kick some total ass too.. and then try to go on and beat the main boss of that part, who ends up kicking your ass like it was nothing to the point you have to run like a little coward and then it feels like all that time you just used up was a waste of nothing?

.. Yeah, I do too...

Sigh, *should probably do some more 'graphic clean-up', but actually wants to draw but it's too dark to do it* ;-;

EDIT: ... I never want to do that part again x_x
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Just another short trip to SouthCal... why? Just because mostly ^^;.

Might take more pictures and video this trip too.. I honestly dunno if I'm gonna do more ride videos, being that most rides tend to be way too dark for my camra to pick up =/... Though I feel a little adventurous.. and MIGHT attemp the take-off part of Space Mountain, just because that ride ish kewl and fun like that(and windy x_x). Maybe some more fireworks clips too, if we plan on watching it again this time around. Probably the second half of Haunted Mansion and the PotC part.. Being that those are the best.... Maybe the Tiki Room/Indy fire part too XD.

... and my Pokemon fetish came back -.-;. Got rehooked on playing XD, and now got back to my hacking... which... I think I might be giving up on, or starting over. It might use an Emerald game rather than Sapphire. Or just wait untill I learn more about hexing.. because that still confuses the hell out of me, and it might be good to know however. =/

Though I do get back to doing my RM2k3 game ^^. I had more bunny bites of what to do... Being too lazy on making graphics though ^^;;. And I dunno if I will be able to every attack/skill I want to do.. I might, but dunno. I'm also deabting on just how many characters I want in this game.. Though I know a few might be AIed, being that they are just temps afterall..

I WANT PLANT BATTLE ANIMATIONS DAMMIT! >< (like leaves, vines, seeds, etc.) If anybody has some I can use(or know where I can find them), please tell me... or give D:. I may even give an award to the person that does it.

But, I shall see everyone in about 4 days ^^
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Which Avatar Character are You?

Find out @ Distant Horizon.

.. err.... sure.... right..... if you say so XD;;

Actually I'm now really start to dig that show now. At least there's still something worthwhile to watch on TV.. well, out of the newer cartoons it keeps producing -.-;

.. And I thinks my EQ addiction has finally came down dramatically, like usual. Though I did finally manage to pull Karn up to 14, which means I gots sow.. one of the many reasons why everyone loves druids, aside from wolf form and teleporting.

... and I can make minions out of animals now too XD.
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Meme/quiz thingy )

Damn I been getting lots done in EQ... considering it probably took me 1-2 years in a the older game to get this far X_x;.. plus then again I had way more chars and less understanding of the game ^^;;;

Just hit 19 in the Warrens, god I love that place. Got into some kick ass full groups there and can literally ding in only 1-2 hours. Kinda reminds me of the caverns on Luclin in the real game, because loot and exp was awesome there too, only it was slightly higher mobs there. But at any rate, I should get to at least 20 by tonight, which means surname time ^___^... and probably then go to the Unrest place after that zone gets too small..

Still stuck at BB, but should officially migrate to Warrens too after getting to 14, I hope. Which isn't far off.

Flare(now known as Flaris, but I still call him Flare anyway ~_~;):
... Has fallen behind alot o_o;.. making him only my 3rd highest char. I would take him to knockoff!Guk but he can barely get through the front door ><. Although the frogs outside of the zone drop nice exp, so he can just camp out there until able to take off the things inside, so yey.

.. Other than that, everybody else is around 4-6. I think once I get tired of Clef I might start working on one of them more.... if theyare up for it o_o;.
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*does the almost 15 dance* Almost ready for new batch of spells X3.

Had a pretty nice group in BB again (was almost full a few times O.o), though I can't really say it was the 'best' for a few reasons.. one being the fact nearly everything we were fighting I could solo just by myself. So the exp was VERY slow. But other reason for that was because there was a huge level gap in the group(like a 17 and 14(myself)with a bunch of 8s and 10s.. which doesn't really mix well). So basically... if we did go anywhere deeper to the place, we would literally be knee deep in gnolls x_x;.

But it was a nice group overall, everbody getting turned into gnomes(pets included XD) and mowing down through gnolls.... I now know how pikmin feel XD;;;

*scurries back on* ^^;
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... Flare has gotten dinged for a name change.. most likely because it has the words 'flare' and 'star' in it ~_~;

Actually I'm thinking about maybe changing it to Flaris or something then, I dunno =/ *gonna see what names aren't taken later*.

But I can only see other chars soon becoming targets too if this keeps up ><; (though I think Al should be safe.. being that it is an actual name and can't nesessarily have to be based on anything in particular.... when I hit 20 though it'll be a different story XD;;)

.. And I wish to know why I keep sneezing still >
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... yes.. you heard me..

To help eat up room on my SOD accounts.. I am starting to give my muses thier own chars XD (by find the closest class/race that would fit them and alters in name a little... which some weren't easy x_x;)

So I now present to you...

And the char I am most proud to have been able to do:

... hehe ^^;
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Knockoff!EQ chatter )

... I'm also so far lovin' my new classes for this 'term'. I thinks it shall be a good one ^^!
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Clef's Faydark Adventure x_x )

..... those who don't know EQ lingo, just nod and say yes XD;;.
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Due to the internet still not wanting to corprate the way it should, I.. have been finding other ways to spend my time..

Actually out of boredom what started it all, was that I found some more hacked roms of Pokemon done by people, and it gave me ideas(or bunnies to some people). And finally, something to finally work with.

Of course, I also seem to have an awful habit it plan things ahead, not the things that should happen now. And judging by the things I WANT to add, I'm thinking that maybe I should plan those out now... Because I think for it to work, I'm gonna have to devour a few "dungeons" and other maps. Actually, that I know for sure, I just dunno how much I'm going to be left over with...

That's the funny thing about hacking roms, and probably one of the most annoying: You can't add more things too it, and you can't also take away stuff from it. If I need another building or NPC for some reason, I gotta snatch it from someplace else. And so forth. I can only alter stuff, not make it. *cough* Kinda reminds me a little bit like something else XD;;.

..... Actually there is a few ways around it, or so I think. I haven't really tested it yet (though I already learned a TON of stuff about the programs I'm using).... but it's only very minor things, I don't think it's really possible to make more maps, let alone more events(NPCs, Trainers, etc).... Or takes very hardcore programing by pure hexes.. And that stuff is way too confusing for me(I bet if I disected it enough though I can figure it out). And if one single thing is wrong, the whole thing won't work. Maybe the whole game entirely -_-;;

But so far, changed the starters(had to nerf one of them being that it was too ubered ^^;), totally revamped the first route and actually made it larger. BARELY done anything to tweaking text, I'm saving that all for last. And still need to revamp Littleroot and Oldale, and that other route still. But for now, I think I'm gonna begin 'operation epitaph', cuz that's gonna be a big project and one of the most important things in this hack..... I still hoping there's a way around doing the legendaries.. that might be a little tricky ._.;;

But, enough ramble now.


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:35 am
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This internet is REALLY pissing me off now... It's like.. impossible to do anything with it going crazy. I would just really love to play EQ right now, or freaking finish Tactics being that there's only like 10% left to go... x_x

oh yeah, and this link makes me happy ^^;: ... though, it's not the same unless they are gonna add Laharl to it too... or even Flonne and Mid-boss for that matter ><.

Speaking about games though, I really dig that battle music when fighting that Miror B dude or whatever in XD.. it's all... jiggy.. lmao...... Stupid Voltorb.. Stupid Houndour for accidently burning it and killing it ><. Oh well, supposibly I have another shot at getting it later.

I think one thing I really like about Pokemon XD, is for the fact you are actually very limited to what you can and can't have. Which mostly results into less leveling to do, and using pokemon you won't normally... use(seriously, how often does someone use a Spinrak for some of thier fights? O.o). Also I actually like the 2-on-2 stuff... it makes it feel more like an actual RPG sometimes XD. I think so far my best duo is my Jolteon and Houndour, I actually managed to take down one of the 'boss fights' just using those two, and didn't even really get scratched. Actually, my Carvanna ain't too bad either..

But yeah.. naturally I would be pissed off by the fact I can't get all of them, but yet I'm not. In fact I kinda like the Gamecube games more than the ones for GBA now O.o.

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... I can't believe it's been all day and the sever is still locked down....

.. also find to hard to believe I'm gonna be going to southern CA again in only like 2 days... o_o;




Also, I like to know why I suddenly feel like crap and probably gonna go to bed after I'm done writing this...

EDIT: Before I leave though... this is what happens when two current fandoms intertwine with eachother XD;;

Clefiea: *checks to see if SoD is alive yet* >.>
Clefiea: nope ;_;
Clefiea: stupid hackers had to mess with it... why the hell would somebody want to cheat like that there anyway? >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno... what happened exactly?
Clefiea: dunno for sure, just that somebody was appearently duplicating items for themself and such O.o
Clefiea: but I can't imagine they would have to lock down the sever for like, 8 hours now >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Agh. Stupid bastards. I swear.
Clefiea: yup... P. Stone abusers XD;;;
Clefiea: then again... just where does all of that summoned stuff come from exactly.... O_O;;;
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno o_o;
Clefiea: .....
Clefiea: ........ so that's why you hardly find normal towns people in those cities XD;;;;;;;;;;
Clefiea: or maybe that's where all the unwanted mobs/npcs go XD
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Well, I know where the mobs/npcs come from.
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: They rain from the sky! x3!
Clefiea: XD
Clefiea: and they stay up there if stuck on eachother O.o

(copied/pasted)"Clefiea: CelticFoxFyre: Wait... If you raise the dead in those games... Does that make them Homunculus?
Clefiea: ummm..
Clefiea: I don't know... o.o
CelticFoxFyre: lol
Clefiea: though I guess that does kinda work for EQ... considering when you die your stuff is left behind.... though I can imagine looting your corpse would be a bitch to do XD
Clefiea: XP
Clefiea: well, it is true XD;;;


Sep. 18th, 2005 11:25 am
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.... da sever is still locked up right now ._... According to the forums some dimwit was caught hacking the game, so now the GMs are having to go and fix a few things. But I can't imagine it taking this long to fix though O.o.

However yesterday I spent like another or after the last post I made. I now bought this awesome new staff for Clef, and it was only 7 plat XD. Which, is an awesome deal considering I know my older Clef had something probably just as good, and that was worth like 30-50 plat X_x. And best of all, it looks all white/silver and stuff in-game too ^__^.

.... Also the shared banks aren't appearently working right now ;_;. Either there's something buggy with them that needs to be fixed, or they just haven't took the time to properly install it in. Or could either of those reasons...

also: <-- this thing are so awesome, fear the pathetic crap Clef has XD! (then again, Flare is worse XD;)

[/eqhughesing] ^__^;;;

also, I'M GETTING A NEW VIDEO CARD~! ^o^ (I may actually get to use the Luclin models now ^___^)
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... EQ is sucking my brains out now XD;;

The Adventures of Clefiea(Clef):

Just hit level 9 now, and still haven't died yet. However it's getting more of a pain to level now. I'm getting too big for knockoff!Qeynos Hills, and Blackburrow is still creeping me out(looks like all of the normal 'dungeons' on this sever got massive makeovers, or at aleast BB did o.o). If I was playing normal EQ, I know I could probably camp out in the main little cavern area with that bridge and bump off gnolls left and right. But in this.... I can barely step foot into the zone without there being something yellow guarding the entrance XD. And if it's that bad outside, I hate to see how awful it is further in.. o.o. Granted, I'm pretty sure I can easily take down probably a white with my pet helping out. But... BB is quite famous for it's trains and aggros. You attack one thing, something else comes, and so on. And I don't want to risk going after or pulling something and end up getting 2 others or more.. Especially with the fact that there's usually nobody else in there, meaning all spawn points are filled up and ready... also what is needed for a massive train and wipe everything out XD;;.

So~.. I think I'm just gonna be a scavenger in the Qeynos Hills area and hunt down anything blue/light blue. Which seem to be mostly bats, a few wolves, and any gnolls that aren't green by the very, VERY entrance to BB XD.. and then maybe hope for later that I get in a group with [ profile] pride_no_edo later and do a BB raid ^o^(being that I'm sort of close to her level now ^^;)

The Adventures of Flarestar(Flare):

I made my shamie again XD! .... and appearently Iksars start in Grobb now. Which... is actually called Grobb... and not being runned by froggies anymore O.o(though, Frogloks are playable still ^__^). I was planing on remaking Cat too, but it seems that Vah Shirs are disabled from the sever for some reason ;_;.

knockoff!Indthule Swamp(sp?) = newbie zone of HELL! So far, EVERYTHING in that zone is a kos. Except for the snakes. And most of the kosers are yellows too(though, are now white or so to me). So, it was like nearly every other thing I fought, I got something else biting on my ass.. then having to make a run to the guards >.>;. I'm seriously gonna have to seek some revenge in that zone, especially on those blasted alliagators ><.

I think I may have Clef start sending some leather armor through the shared bank too. Being that I been finding gnolls dropping some, and she can't use it, but Flare can(unless it's too small, but I believe it fits all races O.o). I still find it sad though.. she is missing like more than half of the cloth armor and yet still doing that well XD;;

*sighes* I love this free sever though X3

wee, EQ~!

Sep. 16th, 2005 11:06 pm
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hehehe.. EQ + no stupid monthly fee + new features = one very happy Grif XD

Only thing I'm worried about, is that I gaining leveling like a hot knife throught butter here(I probably played like a total of 4 hours or so today, and I just hit 8 o.o). Which means, normally all that time to spend leveling goes into skills. But shorter time it is the leveling, crappier skills can get.

But overall, brand new quests, items, and.... maybe an actual STORYLINE?! o_o

Only thing that kinda makes me sad is that the renames of zones.. but I believe there is more of a reason why for that... and also gonna take awhile adjusting back to pre-Luclin models.. damn video card ><;;

..... but now I think my bed is calling for me.. -.-
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The ranger left our party in a pinch,
the fight had looked like it would be a sinch,
but the mage ran out of mana,
the cleric said ban-yana,
and I was dead before I moved an inch.

See I told you it was a sad story...

Well can you spare some rations? 'Cuz I sure need a drink,
I lost my stuff I'm feeling out of sorts,
those trains just keep chasin',
I don't know which way I'm facin',
has anybody here seen my corpse?

I'm fuming 'cuz my sever's down again,
and those women I been chasin' are all men("my name's Galadriel!")
I asked one to join my side,
she just laughed until she cried,
and said get your skill at begging up to ten.

Well can you spare some rations? 'Cuz I sure need a drink,
I move so slow I wish I had a horse,
it's night and I can't see,
danger in front of me,
has anybody here seen my corpse?

Holy cats! We're in the banjo spawning grounds!
*insert battle sound effects*
.... killed my pet,
.... you're a tank, you kill it!
.... I'm almost dead,
.... this is it

.... good thing that guard came by.

Well everything cons red now when I play,
'what would I like my tomestone to say?',
thanks oh it's been fun,
five more minutes then I'm done,
I been saying that to myself since... yesterday.

*skeleton sound effect* 'I'll be right there sugar as soon as I kill this skeleton,
*wolf*... and this shadow wolf, *beetle*... and this fire beetle...

Well can you spare some rations? 'Cuz I sure need a drink,
this game will be grounds for my divorce,
the lag times can be chokin',
the quests can all be broken,
but I keep.. coming back.. of course.

And I will surely seek you,
next time your on EQ,
'cuz maybe oh just maybe,
maybe oh just maybe,
maybe you have might've seen my corpse!

..... dang moss snake..


Sep. 5th, 2005 11:07 pm
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Well, I pretty much wasted this whole weekend. Had lots of things I wanted to do (most of it school related), but instead never got to it ;_;

... also it's safe to say... my pokemon interest has gone up recently (gotta love it when I get into small/short mini fads XD)

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