Jan. 28th, 2006 10:45 am
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..... *insert major Gaia gonk*.........

Nothing seems sacred these days ;_;
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^^!!!! .. I had a feeling there was gonna be one for it though...

Now question: By 4 do they mean 1) One that is four eps long?, or 2) There's gonna be four different ones? O_o;

*hoping for 2*

But for now.... *goes back to toilling by repeative ripping* ;__;

Chappy 54

Dec. 11th, 2005 10:51 am
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54 rambling )

*compy is still making new noises, though it's THAT bad from last night* ;-;
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.. So yeah... Went to see Narnia today. Actually it wasn't too bad, not exactly what I was planning on it to be. But meh.

Yey talking animals. Honestly, that probably was the best part XD;.

Dammit I want 54 now ;-;. Bah, I bet I'll be able to read the translation pretty soon.

... and Eifa is making LOTS of noises, most I don't like... so I'm gonnna do her a favor and give her an early nap time.. Because I don't want anything to happen to my computer, like it frying out on me or something. Though I'm not sure why it's acting up right now =/.
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I've waited SO long to say this..... FMA MOVIE SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD!! )
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You are ALKITTY. your tough, friendly, and a little
clumsy. You are adored by people they look up
to you an you might possibly be idolized by
others. I hope not that's a little creepy.
Still you're fun to be around.

Which FMA Kitty Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

heh.. of course that was the one that came up the most (after going through all of the colors, heh ^^;)... so appearently I'm also half Fuery, Hughes, and Riza.. O.o

...... and for the record..... god I love you Shindou XD

*goes back to the long debate of what to do for school* -___-;;
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Well... I now HAVE a sub.... but being that my bitchy internet doesn't want to be my friend... I can't downlaod it >
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Once again, I seems I accidently picked up things I rather not know about. And it makes me sad ._.. Though luckly, I didn't read everything, but still.. ><. Thank you people for not having warnings.

So, I guess that makes random vague/hintful spoiler of the movie #2.. or 3 ._.;. At least I still don't know much, and how everything goes in the long run. But at this point, I think the sooner I find a sub, the better ._.

It also seems like I'm usually a lighting rod for finding out character deaths sooner than I should know.. I can't name just how many times that has happened in many other series @_@
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I'm getting very irritated with my internet now. Has been, once again, acting up and being just overly annoying.. Because I have to keep refreshing/reclicking pages in order for it to work(like it's turning on and off in just split seconds). I'm actually thankful that my IMs have been actually working the last 4-5 days or so. Other than I have to try logging in 1-2 billion times the first time, but then runs fine afterwords. Still, it's a pain... though maybe it's just me, but if I stay on a certain site for a long time(like Gaia), it kinda goes away for a bit. But if I go someplace else it acts up again.. Also I notice that normally I have to do the constant refreshing most if I didn't click anything for awhile. Usually 8-10 times that first time, then occasionaly 1-3 times after that.. I dunno, it's weird -_-;

Well, I WAS gonna go to my happy local anime store today, but instead it's gonna be tomorrow. Probably just look around and stuff, or just get something cheap-ish... *coughleftovermoneyfromlunchcough*. Actually one thing I really like about that place, it's small, and everything seems cheaper there(I think some of the manga there is like $8 each). Also, there seems to be quite a few imports.. Like I know he had the FMA "dog/cat food" cans there. Which I know those are pretty rare. If he ever gets ahold of the character cans though.. I would be very happy ^_^. Cuz there's a few more I want of those, cuz they are pretty awesome on the whole.

Hmmm... I wonder if he'll ever get those movie plushies.... >.> <.<... And I could have sworn they must've re-released those mini plushies in Japan or something, because I've seen them in some online stores but with tags and stuff. Unless they are just bootlegs ;_;. They really should release those in the US.. I just need Ed dammit >< !!

... and I should one of these days get my list of "what I want for Christmas" done someday.. hmm..

Oh yeah, and read chapter 52 yesterday.. all I can say is.... wtf o_o?. I'm starting to think I know who's Pride now.. but.. I still think that guy seems way too generic/pointless fill-in. I kinda pictured Pride to be more 'mysterious' looking than that O.o... unless he's hiding something.. which is typical too -_-;;...

..... trueform!Envy is still just creepy as hell... Awesome, but just plain creepy and disturbing XD;;;.
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... I can't believe it's been all day and the sever is still locked down....

.. also find to hard to believe I'm gonna be going to southern CA again in only like 2 days... o_o;




Also, I like to know why I suddenly feel like crap and probably gonna go to bed after I'm done writing this...

EDIT: Before I leave though... this is what happens when two current fandoms intertwine with eachother XD;;

Clefiea: *checks to see if SoD is alive yet* >.>
Clefiea: nope ;_;
Clefiea: stupid hackers had to mess with it... why the hell would somebody want to cheat like that there anyway? >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno... what happened exactly?
Clefiea: dunno for sure, just that somebody was appearently duplicating items for themself and such O.o
Clefiea: but I can't imagine they would have to lock down the sever for like, 8 hours now >.>
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Agh. Stupid bastards. I swear.
Clefiea: yup... P. Stone abusers XD;;;
Clefiea: then again... just where does all of that summoned stuff come from exactly.... O_O;;;
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: I dunno o_o;
Clefiea: .....
Clefiea: ........ so that's why you hardly find normal towns people in those cities XD;;;;;;;;;;
Clefiea: or maybe that's where all the unwanted mobs/npcs go XD
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: Well, I know where the mobs/npcs come from.
TAISA R0YMUSTANG: They rain from the sky! x3!
Clefiea: XD
Clefiea: and they stay up there if stuck on eachother O.o

(copied/pasted)"Clefiea: CelticFoxFyre: Wait... If you raise the dead in those games... Does that make them Homunculus?
Clefiea: ummm..
Clefiea: I don't know... o.o
CelticFoxFyre: lol
Clefiea: though I guess that does kinda work for EQ... considering when you die your stuff is left behind.... though I can imagine looting your corpse would be a bitch to do XD
Clefiea: XP
Clefiea: well, it is true XD;;;
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Stupid phone test... >.>

Yanno I just realised that the next manga chapter should be out soon.. o.o *waits impatiently* I wonder if it'll be anything like this XD. Actually I'm really lovin' the manga, or I have been since it completely different than the anime... but.. in a good way... >.>.. <.<...

... *goes do school crap now* ._.
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Someone pinch me now *o*... *later gets pinched by a ton of people* oww.. x_X;;

*bounces around and waits for a fansub*
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meh, alot of them weren't good but..

Full Metal Alchemist: Your Adventure in Amestris by crazydominodragongir
How It Begins:You fall off a roof - whatever you do, DON'T ask what you were doing there - and someone catches you. You look up into amber eyes... wait, down. Not up, DOWN. WOW, this guy's short.
You Call Ed Short:And he falls in love with you at first sight. Aww, how sweet! He bends down to propose to you with a ring he alchemied up from nowhere, except this tall guy with a scar on his forehead pops up from nowhere, grabs you, and runs!
Scar Tries to Kill You:But you reach over, grab him, and kiss his passionately. Then, when he's distracted, you run! He chases after, but a burst of fire stops him! You're saaaaved!
Roy Asks You Out:And you slap him, but get dragged into the date anyway. But while you're on your date...
Envy Kidnaps You:And you squeal and play with his long green hair! Envy isn't too happy, so he doesn't mind too much when...
Gluttony Tries to Eat You:And you try to eat him back, before escaping from the Homunculus hideout and to Central HQ...
The Fuhrer Tries to Recruit You:And you shrug and say yes.
You Have the Choice of One Bishie:Kain Fuery is your victim. Cute, innocent... stuck under the command of a pervert...
Your Relationship Lasts:It's alllll one-sided...
And By the End of It:You're still plotting to rule the world. Except this time, you're doing it in a subterranean jail cell. Mwaha. Haha. HAHAHA - *chokes* -HAHAHAAAAA!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

lol XD;;
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anything for money.... right? XD;; )

I still dunno if I can even go to that one though...

feel free to shoot me for making such an awful(and yet highly effective x.X;;) plan...
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(Note: the following content contains little sanity and may cause mind to break into itty bitty peices.. which I'm not responsible to clean up)

what happens when you stay up too late and read community entries )
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welp, I'm avoiding the FM community like the plague now.. there's already things I don't wanna hear floating there.

I'm being EXTRA careful that I don't end up finding something that I shouldn't know. Because I've had that problem many times, more than I care to count and then I end up hating myself for finding out. So, I'm trying harder than what I normally do, and the sub should come out probably this week or so.. Though then again I haven't even seen anything about the raw yet, just that it's out there someplace.

... I still find it kinda distrubing there's already so much talk about the actual movie itself when about 10% of those people of them have probably only actually SEEN IT(probably even less than that). >.> .... Makes me sad..

Also I think my internet is being kinder to me now *knocks on wood*. It had a few mock-ups yesterday, but then ran smoothly the rest of the day. And today it seems fine.

Of course now when it starts acting up better I get caught up in a project in RM2k3, which doesn't need to use internet(save for getting resources). I been having a idea for awhile about an interesting RPG, and beig that the connection keeps dying, I figured I could work on it.... And let me just say, game making is VERY time consuming ><. Probably started like two days ago, and now I'm finally starting to get to the actual scripting itself. Spent all of that other time just doing graphics.. which is probably the most irritating part of all, but has to be done -_-;
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It's been only out for a few hours, supposibly only been premiered twice thus far.... and there's ALREADY a raw

........ looks like I'm gonna see the FMA Movie MUCH sooner than I thought ^__^


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Alright.. more of an update:

The remade trim is nearly done.. in fact I might be able to completely finish it before I go to bed if I pound at it for the next hour or so.

.. and jacket is still in peices.. -_-;;. Ran to some technical difficulties. So it's getting delayed to tomorrow. But hopefully it should be done by then and all would be good and happy, yey.

But in other somewhat pointless fandom news: http://www.apple.com/jp/quicktime/trailers/shochiku/alchemist_large.html

Tis not fair I say.. ;_;.. they only wish to taunt us with shinies. Though I'm starting to get a few predictions what's gonna happen. I just dunno if I'm right or even close though, heh.

Got only one more month left to go though.. and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be atleast one brave soul that's gonna video tape it and later manages to get fansubbed. So all might be good ^_^
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Yup... got my hair more scary and shorter... XD;;. I felt like a damn tv dinner in the progress too o.O.

Sigh.. so long virgin hair. I knew ye well.... XD.

but in other news:

'Island Cosplay' outfit )

*goes back to cutting things... >.>.. <.< ...*
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Well, it's getting there..

Things done/found:
- The black overshirt (shitty as hell, but ehh.. I made it so it was done in care.. ^^)
- Black tanktop
- Workshirt
- Pants (both a navy for island cosplay and black for just restored)
- Black boots
- The infamous Aru gloves (*glomps DT for that* ^__^)

Things in progress
- Blue coat (still in the pattern cutting stage.. may begin on actually cutting things out later today)
- Neko plushie (maybe have to give up on that though ;_:)

Days Left: 5
Estimated time needed: 2-3 days

And I'm getting my hair done today as well.. so no more brown hair for me!! =O

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