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Ahh... nothing like having your kitchen soaked in Raid... the smell of death XD

stupid ants.... >.>

But anyway, it seems that there is a pretty good chance I'm gonna go to PMX now (Pacific Media Expo). Random con that I didn't think I was gonna do until getting talked into it o.o;. Plus, after AX, it's kinda even harder to resist them XD.

However because of AX my cash is very low... -__-.. Though I know my mom is gonna pay for me getting down there, and hopefully gonna help with the pass(not preregistering this time though.. plus I doubt it'll be nearly as big and long as that was x_x) for my other money, if I don't make anything by then, will have to be from selling soul to fangirls with Ed.. ^^;;;;..... god.. that's gonna be so weird doing that XD;;

So yeah, Dan, try to like, get those days like, open and such. Because I'm gonna have to probably crash at your place n' stuff (I think I'm comming down on the 2nd, but I dunno for sure). Becuase I think your the last person depending if I can go or not. Though it's probably just for driving to and from. Unless you wanna go there too... but maybe I'm just going over the barrel here =/.

I hear that it's also suppose to be some sort of film festival, but I could be wrong..


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Alright.. more of an update:

The remade trim is nearly done.. in fact I might be able to completely finish it before I go to bed if I pound at it for the next hour or so.

.. and jacket is still in peices.. -_-;;. Ran to some technical difficulties. So it's getting delayed to tomorrow. But hopefully it should be done by then and all would be good and happy, yey.

But in other somewhat pointless fandom news:

Tis not fair I say.. ;_;.. they only wish to taunt us with shinies. Though I'm starting to get a few predictions what's gonna happen. I just dunno if I'm right or even close though, heh.

Got only one more month left to go though.. and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be atleast one brave soul that's gonna video tape it and later manages to get fansubbed. So all might be good ^_^
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And interesting turn of events... O.o

So yeah, being that I suck at sowing (like, Tailoring level of 5 suck). I was getting pointers from my mom what to do and all.. But still gonna do it all myself.

Then sure enough right when I was about to cut it all... I couldn't o.O;. Turns out to be that there's no damn left-handed scissors anywhere ><. Sigh..

But in the end, she cutted it out for me. Which is good.. But the even better thing is she can probably get it all done in practically one night too. Rather than having me toil for even longer. So basically.. there's a hella good chance that I got the coat thing taken cared of.

So that = more time for me XD

Also I'm really tempted to start over my trim.. now that I have more time it would seem. And I know a better way of doing it which I dunno WHY I didn't think of it sooner.. sigh ><...
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Yup... got my hair more scary and shorter... XD;;. I felt like a damn tv dinner in the progress too o.O.

Sigh.. so long virgin hair. I knew ye well.... XD.

but in other news:

'Island Cosplay' outfit )

*goes back to cutting things... >.>.. <.< ...*
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Well, it's getting there..

Things done/found:
- The black overshirt (shitty as hell, but ehh.. I made it so it was done in care.. ^^)
- Black tanktop
- Workshirt
- Pants (both a navy for island cosplay and black for just restored)
- Black boots
- The infamous Aru gloves (*glomps DT for that* ^__^)

Things in progress
- Blue coat (still in the pattern cutting stage.. may begin on actually cutting things out later today)
- Neko plushie (maybe have to give up on that though ;_:)

Days Left: 5
Estimated time needed: 2-3 days

And I'm getting my hair done today as well.. so no more brown hair for me!! =O
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How to make a Grifstar

5 parts friendliness

1 part brilliance

1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add lovability to taste! Do not overindulge!

Damn, lots of friendliness required o.o

I only have about a week left to finish off my outfit D:! Though luckly, I'm close to finishing... more or less..

Left to do:

- finish collar trim (should get done today)
- cut out coat and sew that together >< (probably take 2-3 days to do, not gonna deal with adding the flamel now, seeing how I can probably skip it anyway)
- mess with hair some more (already going to be takened cared of)
- find a neko plushie.... (optional, but wanna do it XD)
- any other loose ends I'm forgetting...

Though if I work at it, I should get it all done in time, so life is good. Only issue is that I'm gonna have to wear glasses. Was hoping that I would have contacts until now but don't see that happening now.. but I can always just have them off during cosplay moments. Afterall, I can see without them.. just not all that well >.>..

Nothing else if worse comes to worse.. I can always just go as movie!Al.. just minus the red coat. Which I plan on doing maybe for one day anyway. Except my hair will be too short, but who cares? XD

Also making a debation and gonna snoop around if there's a black tanktop-thing and a white workshirt.. heh ^^;. Bringing my pocketwatch too just for the hell of it..... maybe even my Envy headband for a few laughs XD

All and all, I expect to have some fun at Expo ^__^

and in other news..... WTF IS UP WITH ALL OF THESE NOSEBLEEDS I BEEN GETTING?! >< This is my like.... my 4th one in about 2 days. I sneeze, nosebleed. I get an itch and scratch my nose, nosebleed. I even just yawned, nosebleed o.O. Geez, I may pass out from bloodloss if this keeps up ><

And yeah... new avi, me likes ^^
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My third chapter as begun, indeed.. Thus, new layout colors and icons to boot it off.

I found my fabric yesterday, so I can begin to coat #2... Though I really do think that I got WAY too much. It erm.. drawfs my red frabic used to make the other coat (and I bet all the FMA!crack fans would be dying laughing at the irony of that, it wasn't intentional I swear! XD). I think I got like twice as much as I needed for the blue one, maybe I might do something else with the scraps. But it is also thicker, which might be way it's more large looking. Oh well, it doesn't matter that much. I really do like the material though I got for my Ed coat, it's too bad that I might not use it ;_;

And.. I was playing with my camra some more last night. If I get unlazy enough I might upload some of it. But now it's getting a dead battery so I have to charge it up before I do anythig else with it, aww...
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More fandom bamble )
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Fandom ramble that none probably cares to about )

Speaking of which.... WTF?! NOW that I want contacts badly I can't have them?! Grr........ I must kill.... Dammit mom, you're ruining all of my freakin' plans >_>. At this rate I also dunno if I can get my haired colored anytime soon either..

Gah, I have a couple of other rants I want to make, but I've save it for a different time.
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I fried my brains doing massive surfing on Gaia for events.. Taking a break for now (Just need that freakin' pin! >_<)

I am now on a non-Gaian quest: I've decided to hunt down the FMA tin boxset, eheh ^_^;. Sadly though, Target didn't have it, EB Games didn't either. Though somebody was nice enough to give us a hint that Bestbuy may have it. So maybe I can go there tomorrow morning, Julie was nice enough to take me to the other places, and she said that she might be able to help out more tomorrow, hurzah... Nothing else, if it's not there I'm just going to buy it online, though it might be more exspensive. But it is limited edition afterall and I dunno how long they will be out =/.

However.. I REALLY wish Julie will get off my case of not playing Arcadia and EQ anymore >_> (not like I can play Arcadia when SHE'S hogging up the tv 24/7). Reminds me, need to complete Broken Angel still, heh.

In other news: I have nothing to do now in both history and science, thus I usually spend the whole period drawing ^_^. Also I think my science teacher fell off the face of the earth because he hasn't been there all this week and last Friday o.o;.

But here is my week so far planned, goal wise:

- Work on coat
- Finish Arcadia and/or Broken Angel (which I feel close to the end, maybe not..)
- Work my ass off for Mark
- Find boxset
- Get all those wonderful items on Gaia
- Erm, draw

Plan B

Feb. 5th, 2005 07:21 pm
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Had to go with plan B of my genius plan.. didn't want to do plan B though, but atleast plan B is only a short-term effect.. hopefully.

Julie's birthday today.. Didn't get her anything though.. bad me, bad ^_^;. Well, sometimes she can be hard to buy for. So I'm going to have to put her on a reincheck for now. Plus I value my money right now XP.

Gah, I so want to do another Oakridge run after hearing about some... stuff, *shifty eyes*.. Had I not have this phobia of driving let alone not old enough to do it by myself I would literally get in a car and go there.. But alas, I'm just gonna weedle someone else to do it for me.. Plus I've already comitted the sin of eatting my con money as it is *cries*. However if the 'legend' is true, I might find some stuff that I would spend my con money on.. So it would be a win-win situation.

Speaking of which, I need to get the AnimeExpo dates, since that looks like a yes. I dunno if I'll make it for Fanime this year though =(. I've been a little lazy of getting the dates though (also need to work on me Ed coat... XP). Still want to do some club hunting too.. In fact, I might do that today... *ponders*

Aha, the classic episode 13 is tonight. That one is going to be an interesting one. And then one week from the Envy tableau.. that will be another must see.. I still can't imagine on how Envy will sound o.o (they better not wreck him or else)

(hurzah, different fox icon I've never seen before)
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Heh, ain't long till doomsday part 4.. Stinky ep.. more or less.. could be better, but it's not one of the best ones out there..

Another slacked off day though. I don't wanna start school on Monday, waa..

In one of those creative moods again though. This time though in writing. Makes me wanna do some rping again. Almost want to get a bunch of people together and start a rpg. Maybe someday I will.

Oh yeah, I got material for Ed's jacket yesterday morning. Soon I will make that. And then all will be left is the black shirt thingy... It's like Gaia questing. Except things not costing an arm and a leg.... in a metaphorical sense... though maybe if you're really that desprate and know alchemy, lmao XD.

Also I'm on a pirate hunt for more music, indeed I am.

Random quote of the moment:
"I've been staring at your head for 1 hour! Still hasn't changed to green" ~Jen48, Gaia Online
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Indeed, a new avatar. Which had a pain in the ass story trying to get. In short, my players went screwy in the sense that I couldn't snap screenshots. Tried updating and reinstalling everything, nothing was working. One hour later, I snooped around and got bsplayer, which is quite nice and has a built in capture system. So yey!

Found Ed shoes today XP. Well, not purposely. Also went to jacket place.. damn those people and me trying the best way to describe stuff -_-(seriously, how hard is it to describe something so... basic?). Looks like I'm jacketless again. That's what I get for having my hopes up. However they say they could place the symbol on it if I bring in the coat, so not all is lost.

And no club meeting today, which strangely I was looking really forward too >.<. I'm having too many mixed feelings about it though. It's actually kinda kewl to be able to talk to other people face to face about the same things. However there is some stuff I dislike about them. But meh, beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

As I probably said before, friendship doesn't truly come natural to me... especially due to more times than not those people end up forgetting my existence in someway or/and they kiss up and beg for various things. Not always though. 95% of them do. Then there's the fact that I dislike 98% of everyone in the world, which makes things even more difficult.

Granted, due to my overly niceness to everyone despite how much I might urge to bite their head off, I give people chances.. Which usually ends up being too many. However, if I get rubbed the wrong way at some point, then I would obviously show some signs of hated, some way or another. Overall, I *ahem*try to put up with it, then there's times where I just can't help myself and have to let it out(like last weekend... fun times.. but hey, that's what blogs/journals are for ^_^). I don't care what people think of me, as long as they keep those thoughts to themselves.

Also my mom is acting overly nice again... hmm.... I think she's onto something.. Damn her sudden acts of kindness that happen only once in awhile that make me concern if they could be real or not. Meh, I'm just somewhat misunderstoodly scarred and mentally disturbed, ignore me.
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Meh.. Got over it again. Just needed to rant a little. That and I got a very bad headache to the point I could barely think anymore, so it shut me up =/. To tell the truth, I don't think most of things really are intentional. Yet since they all happen constantly, it makes me really wonder if they are.. Or just a very strange coincidence that has a 1/1000 chance of happening. But that's my luck for ya -_-. It's not really "big" things that happen to me, just small minor things that happen almost everday that eventually add up and can cause an even higher magnitude than a big problem.

I was gonna do some moe work on DS but freepgs was being stubborn. So instead I spent most of the day doing Gaia stuff... Need.. More... Gold.... Rah.. Hajallaan is still hiatus in development. So many things I want to do and not enough time.. Or web hosts hate me. One or the other

Also if I'm lucky maybe I can go to the jacket place today... hurrah.. I gots questions..


Oct. 8th, 2004 10:20 pm
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The gods loved me today or something O.o..

Hopefully I can check out and see if my insane theory is gonna work. To give a basic summary, I know a place (that I live very close to) that does "custom" jackets/coats and other shirts. Not only that but they emborder stuff on them. Well, I'm gonna see if I was to ask nicely if I could request an Ed jacket from them. Not sure if it'll work. But since it's only a very basic red coat with a black symbol, it can't be THAT hard. Come to think of it.. After that I'll just need the black shirt and that's it for the clothing area.. well.. sorta.. The rest will be very very easy, I think.

Today was the first club meeting. Due to the fact that there was only 10 people there, lots of different officers, and today was when people got to sign up for waht, I gots to be(or one of the two) Vice President of Anime ^_^! Of course it sounds like I'm gonna be sharing it will the other person, but regnew.. However it was the first time (since that small convo I had with a random person at Fanime last May) that I had a "geek-to-geek" talk with somebody, so it was somewhat fun actually.

Also I'm somewhat happy too for the fact that the class I thought I was getting the worse grade in I appear to have the 3rd highest grade in that period o.o. Now I get the feeling that my English class is gonna be the one that's gonna kill me... damn reading >.
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Gargh... brain... dying... bleh..

Erm, rather boring day today, for the most part. Had another session today. I'm getting really sick of having to fill everyone in with that "incident" that took place a few weeks ago >.<. However the meeting was kinda creepy. Had to doodle a little bit, but the strange thing was, everything I drew almost represented me (depending on how you take it).. And I had no intentions on doing that o.o.

Also I think I discovered another attempt to my cosplay plan... *maniacal laugh* XP.. Gonna have to clarify it though tomorrow if it's even possible. But it should..

Also I might be in a fantasy/anime club starting tomorrow, hurrah, more insane nerdy people that I probably would dislike.. Well, 2 of them seem somewhat tolerable. I've come to the fact that most nerds also annoy me greatly too. Comes to show you that I officially hate everyone, yey me.

And now I must discover a way to speed up human evolution so that it's no longer necessary to sleep as much.

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