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Seems that there been a change in plans.. and I doubt I'll gonna go to PMX now.. =/. Oh wells... I was having a few second doubts about it anyway, one being money, the other just that I was getting so confused as to what was going on. So in a way, you could say I'm somewhat glad.

On the other hand, I found stuff online that has made me jealous and wanting to buy despite having no money pretty much(one having the the last plushie keychain thingy I need to complete the set, that I'm probably gonna order later today, w00!!). And there's gonna be a 10% sale tomorrow at the anime store I used to go to about once a week... and I'm pretty sure it's for only that day ><.

Being broke sucks ._.
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Ahh... nothing like having your kitchen soaked in Raid... the smell of death XD

stupid ants.... >.>

But anyway, it seems that there is a pretty good chance I'm gonna go to PMX now (Pacific Media Expo). Random con that I didn't think I was gonna do until getting talked into it o.o;. Plus, after AX, it's kinda even harder to resist them XD.

However because of AX my cash is very low... -__-.. Though I know my mom is gonna pay for me getting down there, and hopefully gonna help with the pass(not preregistering this time though.. plus I doubt it'll be nearly as big and long as that was x_x) for my other money, if I don't make anything by then, will have to be from selling soul to fangirls with Ed.. ^^;;;;..... god.. that's gonna be so weird doing that XD;;

So yeah, Dan, try to like, get those days like, open and such. Because I'm gonna have to probably crash at your place n' stuff (I think I'm comming down on the 2nd, but I dunno for sure). Becuase I think your the last person depending if I can go or not. Though it's probably just for driving to and from. Unless you wanna go there too... but maybe I'm just going over the barrel here =/.

I hear that it's also suppose to be some sort of film festival, but I could be wrong..
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anything for money.... right? XD;; )

I still dunno if I can even go to that one though...

feel free to shoot me for making such an awful(and yet highly effective x.X;;) plan...
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well, this sucks.

Damn, I haven't gotten this bored in so long.. Used to have this problem all the time.

Pretty much everyone I talk to is having their own personal problems going on right now, and then I feel bad having to. Which in a way, would give me the great excuse to go out and do that application gathering(go around places that I can walk to and see if I can get hired anywhere).. but it's been so damn hot here that I would probably fry myself to death doing that... but I seriously need a job though ><.

Still need to unpack too... not like I have much, but the stuff I brought(and bought ^^;) are taking up like 3/4ths of my floor ><.(I HAD to have had bought large things.... WHY did I have to buy large things..? ><)

Also have things waiting to be drawn (about 3 things on hold.. unless a bunny goes ><). Plus god knows how many fics to write ><.

....... and don't get me started on my anime.... ^^;

Hmm, I think I'm gonna flip a coin. A very big coin o.O
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Well, kinda halfway now.. Probably gonna do some huge report later when it's over.

But I ish still here...

Umm yey..!

Jun. 23rd, 2005 09:26 am
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Well yesterday was krazi.. >.>

Still only halfed packed.. I was spending most of the time burning cds to keep me unbored for like 6 hours -_-. So far I know my Digicam and Celphone are all charged and happy... not too sure about the SP o.O. But probably have time to charge that too. Cuz I'm probably gonna need it.

Other than that, I have unfinished manga to read and a huge-ass sketchbook to keep me entertained, heh.

Wanted to get up WAY more early than I did... but my bed was being all squishy and wanted me to stay ;_;("ehh.. gimme about 10 more minutes...... Zzzzz... *2 hours later* Okay, 5 minutes, I swear..... Zzzzzz").

So yeah.. gonna be gone till July 3rd..... I think o.O. So see yous all till then X3

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