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Dec. 11th, 2005 10:51 am
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54 rambling )

*compy is still making new noises, though it's THAT bad from last night* ;-;
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.. So yeah... Went to see Narnia today. Actually it wasn't too bad, not exactly what I was planning on it to be. But meh.

Yey talking animals. Honestly, that probably was the best part XD;.

Dammit I want 54 now ;-;. Bah, I bet I'll be able to read the translation pretty soon.

... and Eifa is making LOTS of noises, most I don't like... so I'm gonnna do her a favor and give her an early nap time.. Because I don't want anything to happen to my computer, like it frying out on me or something. Though I'm not sure why it's acting up right now =/.
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*murders internet modem* grrrr...

I believe this is the fourth day now where my internet dies out in the afternoon-evening times and then doesn't come back till late at night.. though today it came back more earlier than usual... *knocks on wood*

Thus, I been taking this time to begin FMA rewatch(that why I'll be all refreshed and such for when the movie comes.. not like I don't remember it or anything XD). And other things to make me unbored. Heh ^^;

Also I want to take this time for a short(or I plan to be short), rant about the movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... cuz there my a few things that majorly irked me..

- If I remember exactly from the older movie, Charlie's uncle(grandpa?) wasn't able to make it inside the factory, due to some sort of sickness/pain/regnew. Instead I think it was his dad in his place or something...

- Mike was only obsessed of those 'old' cowboy-indian tv shows.. not video games and daily tv of today. While I kinda understood they were taking a more modern look of the story, the whole fact about that bothered me.

- That really bratty spoiled girl (I forget her name now, bah) never said anything about wanting an Oompa Loompa...

- The whole last 20 minutes or so should have just died and never happened... at all >.>
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... sigh... the second I think my computer is all fine and dandy.. it pulls another unknown stunt on me with little reason why o.O.

So.. I've come to the decision to do a nice keep up on it, followed by massive scanning. Being that I know I have tons of clutter I can live without ><.... also want to see what's wrong with my Scanner/Printer. It been acting very strange o.O.

... And I WILL do that report someday too >.>...

In other news though... Damn, TT has gotten to a whole new level of weirdness... o.o.. Well... Good weird though.. I think O.o (too bad I never got to see the first part of it though ><)
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Ugh, that wasn't something I wanted to deal with -___-;

Yeah, I had this interesting idea for something and started to download some various stuff (which, somehow none of them want to work o.O).

Memo to self, it's always good to give your computer spyware scans every once and awhile. Had lots of stow-aways doing who knows what. Of course usually I would do scans often but lately I been lazy ^^;.

and the other memo... my computer is wanko.. Somehow I keep getting the feeling there's another virus in here someplace and it's just doing damage behind my back ><.

gah... not many things are being my friend right now >
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My internet was doing it again. Keep disconnecting itself and then just going veerry slow for a few hours. I finally reseted it, and now it seems to have stopped ever since *knock on wood*

mole!Envy lives! The infamous fancomic lies in my DA account now for those who haven't seen it yet. Expect for that gag to continue on for a bit longer. It starting to spread now too XP.

Anyways... I really don't want to do those reports for school.. I have until... Thursday I think >_>. 6 weeks end this Friday and the next semester's work begin Monday. Or something like that. I wonder what classes I will have next week. Or what credits I have. Even if I get 3 in each (though I'm pretty damn sure I that I have all 5 in atleast two of the classes) I'll be still one year ahead atleast. So meh, bite me. I feel lazy and don't want to do them, heh.

Gonna do an anime review for English, yup yup. Probably Slayers Try, lol. I'm saving my favorites for when I run into a wall, if you know what I mean. Or I might do Chrno Crusade. But I think that would be hard one to turn into a "book report" format.. And my mind is little fuzzy on it now. But you never know, heh.

I need new headphones! >_< Also I desprately want to make some new LJ icons..
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Yeah, MusicMatch ALSO decided to die on me. I don't know what really caused it. But it got me scared with the "great, I must really do have a worm again" thought. But, I did some scans, found nasty off, rebooted and it works again. Does this mean I won? I can't really say for sure. IE is still deader than a doornail. And no matter what I can't seem to bring it back =/. Which, now having Firefox and Mozilla, I don't really care. I've adapted to them well. But my IMs have fits about it. Since on a few options it has registered in their cyber heads that I ain't using IE anymore and have a new browser default... Stupid programs >_>.. Maybe if I was reinstall them it would help. But too lazy, and I don't want to meddle in that..

But ah, been very happy lately. As people may have noticed. No longer having breakdowns, all is good. I can thank Central for that. Never again do I want tharphy, that crap only made my suffence worse >_<. Healing my ass. Heck, I was breaking down BECAUSE of it... Grr.... anger....
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Yes, my beloved IE has kicked the bucket. Why it did it? HOW it did it? I have absolutely no idea. All I can say is, I an SOOOO thankful that I have Firefox. Otherwise, I'm would be internetless.

I tried reinstalling IE, but it still seems to just crash. Almost like that worm I got a year ago back. Which is what makes me so worried about it. Maybe I got a new virus? God damn, I really hope not >_<. I'm going to do some more scans, in hopes that I might resurrect my beloved IE.

Otherwise... Damn, I may be stuck using Firefox. Though I hear that it's better than IE, but it'll take sometime getting used to using it on a daily basis. Plus I got to convert all my shortcuts to it. In which, may exactly be a good thing seeing how I had so many that I didn't even use anymore.

Damn you Eifa and your ring crack...
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Ven/Phalanx gave me some new spyware scanners and whatnot. Alas, my computer feels cleaner than ever(I think that bridge program is official gone now =O!). I'm curious to see if maybe my downloading speed has increased due to it. I should test that soon.

For once, I have had a dream based off of one of my characters, Karn. It was a very strange dream though. Since it wasn't really the same person.. He had brown-ish hair too... Actually the 'overall senario' kinda reminded me way too much of Eragon o.o.. Partially because Karn also has a dragon. Only Tiacon isn't THAT big. But it was fuzzy like him, and roughly same color.

Ah, those dreams can be very interesting though. If only I had more, or perhaps remember more of them. Either in the "roleplay" format or narrative view (which this one was, being a random specator wataching everything being played out).

Tome of Caliginosity, expect to see that name someday.


Jan. 21st, 2005 01:37 pm
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Giving my computer a nice defrag, since I can't remember the last time I did one. Plus since it's been getting kinda slow and laggy lately it's probably a sign that it needs it. So in the meantime I'm stuck using a different computer until it's finished.

I'm officially at Central, hurzah. And with it I should be out of school a year and a half early. In which, is awesome and splendid to my standards. I hope to see some great things to come from it. Despite the fact of all the annoyances that occured during the transfering.

And so my "To Do" list has gotten a bit smaller (on the other hand, it also got a bit bigger):

- Get a job (might do some applying today actually, yey)
- Do my mission at Oakridge of getting research on any sort of anime clubs or regnew that's out there
- See if I can hunt down Broken Angel on Monday
- Buy Wild Arms 2*
- Probably won't play the last 2 until I finish Arcadia(or PB for that matter, been procrastinating that alot lately)
- Get my manga collection caught up*
- Drool over online stores*
- Hope that I get my driver's license soon
- Get caught up with anime so that I can burn them and free up my hard drive

* - Once I do get a job and finally get some spare money

Gah, I have way too many games to complete now.. I'm seriously going to have to finish up one at a time. However first will probably be Arcadia since out of them all that's the one I'm currently addicted to. I get the feeling though that I'm going to be much more busy to do things very soon, sigh
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Eifa appears to have that drinking problem again. Turned it on for the first time today and she was having bizarre issues. Didn't want to go into certain shortcuts/folders. Would try loading them for a few seconds then quit. So I thought maybe something didn't load up right when starting up so I rebooted. Now things seem fine. I better not have a virus again.. -_-*

Blah, finals are overrated, just as everything else lately. They are just like any other test to me, only much bigger and you got wacky period times to boot. But the fact that everyone keeps obessing with it bugs me.. grr..

And I wish it would get a few degrees warmer... Stupid weather. No rain, no snow (even though it never does, but I'm surprised it hasn't), just really cold dry windy air. I must be cold-blooded or something. Yey reptileness. Being a lizard or snake might be fun actually..
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Recently my computer has been possessed by more spyware demons. Evidently they went too far so I had to attemp to remove them. So I did (sure enough about 80% of them have probably returned back since then due to whatever reason). Then I left for about a half an hour, came back and continued reading my mail (which I left opened when I left..). However the first thing I clicked on caused that 'endless popup chain' to appear. Which I used to get that tons of times awhile back. Managed to break free from that them suddenly my computer wanted to shut down on it's own but stop about halfway through x.x;. I couldn't really do much about it. Luckly though task manager was still fuctional and I could restarted the comp from there. I think everything is working fine now. I'm a bit nervous though. Since I almost thought that my computer was going to crash.. Bad Eifa bad, no more drinking for you.. In which, I want to do a CT for now:


Elf In Futuristic Atmosphere. That is actually what it stands for. Yet ironicly, the name "Eifa" itself came sooner than the meaning.

Eifa has had some evolutional changes. At some point when I was first starting RM2k I wanted to also make a sprite comic, which would feature mostly characters from the rpgs I would make. Like with most webcomics, the author puts themself somewhere in the comic as well, normally for side fillers and whatnot. Which is normally more common in sprite comics, but not always. Anyways, I wanted some type a 'cohost' for my comic as well. As a patner that my 'sprite-self' could have. Later own while looking at some default sprites I had I found one of a sci-fi-themed elf charater. Normally, you never find a elf in a futuristic theme. In irony of this, I decided to based a character of this sprite plus use it in the comic. Thus, the manager Eifa was created.

Then shortly after I sold that comic idea for scrap. But I still loved the Eifa thing. So she was saved. Later I had an idea for another comic called "Offset". Which once I was to get some of my other works ready, it would be when everyone was going to act out of their roles, more or less, and live more in the real world. A pardoy thing to be more exact.

In the comic, Eifa was going to be someone that lived in my computer(my older one that barely wants to work now..). In which she was the caretaker of my computer and keeping it out of harm's way. Another edition of Eifa was that she was a expert hacker living somewhere else and helped out with my site managing and other computer problems.

Finally IRL I got my new computer (which is the one I own currently). Sure enough, I gave it the fitting name of Eifa. And my next computer would be named Eifa 2.0 and so forth, unless something happens till then. Ironicly too the color of my tower matches the color of Eifa's clothing. Which I found kinda amusing.

Thus Eifa is now the symbol of my computer. To whatever happens in it effects her too and vice versa. So if my computer was a real being, Eifa is what it would be like. Which is why I have refrence between the two.
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Yey, 2nd post today.

Made a spiffy(damn, haven't used that word in so long...) new wallpaper, finally. Some of you might reconise the image. Seeing how I used the same picture for my SM layout (before Freepgs killed it *gonk*). Kinda like it. Got a little rusty at graphics since I haven't done anything in a long time. Not that I was really good to begin with. But I was in desprate need for a new wallpaper. On the count that I've had my older one in use since August o.o. So fear it. Tribute to my Disgaea obession currently anyway. (PS: My new game hit ep 7 last night. Been taking a break from it lately)

Sigh, somehow I REALLY want to get WA2 now. I'm thinking about searching the official online Gamestop store in hopes they might have it. Reminds me though, still need to get the older one working. However I noticed that there might be ways around that. But I want to wait, partially due to laziness, partially due to time consumingness. Also might as well wait until I get WA2 or not, since then it would be needed for sure.

Also reminds me of how far behind I am in my manga as well. Speaking of which. The FMA manga was licensed about a week ago. Which makes me quite sad. I wonder if the online reader is still up... Stupid licensing companies and their evil ways.

Also I feel like drawing something. Not sure what though. Cale is sorta calling out to me. But so is some other people. Also feel like doing a cosplay parody thing. Those are sometimes fun to do.
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Aha, I'm starting to love this Disgaea OST now for some reason XD. It's making me want to replay the game so much now... Which I'll probably won't have the time till Sunday, grr..

And Julie killed my printer >_>... Evil ink-killer she be. Dammit, why can't she hook up her own scanner/printer? We have atleast 2 or each laying around somewhere -_-*..

Today was anothing meeting thing related to my constant breakdowns. Which mostly focused on stuff I knew and didn't help. And also was another time to "preach" that medcine will make you better, happy, and solve all problems.. -_-.. For the last freakin' time, I DON'T WANT ANY! It's pissing me off. That won't solve anything but waste money to hide something you need to fix on your own. Besides, I don't believe in chemical imbalances and all that crap they keep talking about. And I call myself athiest, heh. Well, 80% athiest. I just don't believe in gods and ordered religions.

Grr... So much hate right now... Hate for alot of things. Lots of misunderstandings that people get from me.. I just can't put it in terms without going on a different level.

Bah, I don't just feel wanted anywhere now.. Where's this love thing I keep hearing about? Certainly don't feel it that's for sure. And maybe it really was just never there. Just some stupid thing people use as a excuse to make you do things for them.. *starts slipping back to Laharl mode*
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Anger.. lowering.... must think... of happy thoughts... to keep... sanity. Still in that pissed off mood though. But who isn't these days -_-?

If all goes right I might be getting a call today. Frankly I don't believe the guy is gonna do it though. Don't really see a reason why, we already went over alot of plans for this month(even though I don't think any of it will actually happen -_-*). I'm loosing all hope for that club. It's going nowhere....

Ad now LJ appears to be running slower than dirt.. sigh... Also my computer seems to be having another spyware infest. Oi vey -_-
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Harold is telling me secrets again... Yes..... Harold knows all in case you didn't know. He is also secretly trying to eat my brain and make me be his host so that he can someday rule the world.... or something... I still haven't quite figured out Harold's plans yet. Hmm...

Yey for spending the whole day doing absolutely nothing though.. Methinks I found somebody that wants my wallscroll, so yey for that. So I should try to get that other one I want soon. Probably tomorrow if my mom would sit down and let me borrow the damn credit card for at least ten seconds >_<. I'm worried that it's gonna be sold out soon... I already had that problem with another item before and I don't to have it happen again >_>. There's also some other things that have been taunting me lately, grr

Oh yeah, updated my playlist again, over 150 tracks =P. Even though they aren't new songs... Just ones I haven't heard in a long time. But that might change is a few days from now, mwaha

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Hurrah, my internet curse has been lifted.. Or it's feeling a little forgiving today... I'm not sure which.

I found more dubbing clips.. which took a decade and a half trying to make them work >.<. But they finally worked. Actually strangely, those ones didn't scare me as much.. maybe I am getting used to them o.o. Meh, it could still be many times worse than it is now. Ed still doesn't sound right though IMO. Perhaps someday DS will have special video clips I found.. someday.. Still little less than 2 weeks till the apocalypse... then the slaughter house will be open for business again -_-.

Also people are taunting me by going to cons. I wish I could get to do other ones someday. However Fanime seems to be the only one easy for me. I'm still wondering how I'm gonna get there this year. There might be a fundraiser for the whole fantasy club to go. But I also got plans with other people that I'm seriously starting to *cough*hate now.

I have some kewl ideas for FC.. What is FC? Umm, it's a giant mutant seagull made from decarbonated pineapples, really it is. Soon the Grif monarchy will rise though.. *maniacal laugh*

And.... I don't know what else to say.... I think the wibbles need attacking again.. but perhaps not


Oct. 22nd, 2004 08:40 pm
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Ok, this is starting to get old.... My sanity is getting drained day by day from not being able to do certain things. It's also giving me (dare I say it) time to do thing OUTSIDE of online stuff. Oh well, Gaia still works... sometimes.. which is the only forum that actually will it would seem.

This week has dragged for me, majorly. Partly due to internet connection. Times like this I wished I had more anime to watch, heh. Well, new ones. Speaking of which I should be able to start bring in anime to school to scare people with.. Unless it's gonna get delayed another ten billion times >.<. Only thing I just realised that is going to be a problem (despite everyone I got is .avi files) is censorship... Which cuts of alot of the anime I got. LOTS of them. Damn you immature people who can't grow up enough to ignore a little nudity and/or volience even though you see it all the time on mindless stupidity... However there might be some permission slip to fix that. Which is good for me because the amount of people there seriously scares me.
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Day 4 of my internet curse, argh, make it go away! I hate DSL now

Well, yet another blahish day. Today was that offical school holiday for clubs. Since I was so bored the whole time durring lunch I sat by the Fantasy booth.. getting my ass frozed off, yes, I was.

I'm once again reminded that I need to get more blank cds.. I have anime eatting up my harddrive, heh.

Just 2 more chapter/episodes till I finished Phantom Brave. Actually it's getting easy again. Considering I manage to kill a boss in one hit.. Such cruelness it was, since I quite liked that guy XD.

I also been doing some more drawing. Also maybe when my mom gets home prehaps I can begin buying an FMA pocket watch, then I can cross that off for my cosplay, huzrah.
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I believe this is day 3 that my internet went on stike and refused to load certain things, hmm..

Today just seemed to... normal >.<. To some extent. I'm not really sure why. Because recently most normal days to me are whenever something bad happens to me. Partly the reason why I updated this today is that I want to keep my "entry per day" record XP. Tis rather fun and keeps me determined, heh.

Oh yeah, I finished Chrno Crusade last night... it was... shocking I suppose. I can understand why people were saying it had the most "depressing" ending ever. Let's just say some rather important people died.. Got me a little sad I guess, considering one of them I kinda liked. Plus another that I didn't expect me to like but I ended up doing so. I swear, the minute somebody becomes a favorite to me they die shortly after. Happened to about 2 people in FMA and I think 3 in FY... Oddness it is.

So, with CC out of the way (and making me more desprate to get more blank cds to get some of this stuff off my harddrive), that makes Ragnarok next I believe. Which I think is about halfway done now, hurrah. I'm buzzing though anime like air XP.

Another thing I want to do is get back into drawing more. Lately I been doing pics of just a few people over and over again. Need to do some remodeling of other characters if I ever want to start that comic again. I need some good "refrence pictures" too for new character designs. I noticed that alot of my character are starting to look rather generic. So I need ideas. This is why it's good that I don't have alot of my stories really etched in stone yet, otherwise this would get more diffcult.

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