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Oct. 16th, 2004 08:21 pm
grifstar: (Envy)
Damn those days where I can't stay home for atleast 5 seconds and have to go someplace else. I swear, the whole day felt like that. Top of that too I wanted to sleep in, so much for that -_-

Once again I hate it when I have to explain something over and over again yet can't get it to stick to people's heads. That or whatever I do say something everyone seems to take too literal and they twist it up making it seem like something completely different. Example of this would had to have been today.. I got the coat pattern for the cosplay finally. But my mom isn't getting the point of "what I want". There's a certain way it needs to actually look. And at the same time it seems like she doesn't even know what it's for yet I had to describe it 50 times to her already. Like that it's a costume, not something I'm gonna be wearing 24/7 >.<. And other stuff that I can't really explain, sigh.

Saw Bleach 2 today, it's getting more interesting now. Sorta reminds me a bit of Saint Beast in some way(from what I saw of it), without the shougen-ai and guys looking like girls. I get the feeling that I'm gonna be watching that anime more often now. Still waiting to finish CC. I been hearing that the ending to CC is rather sad, gonna have to see for myself. Something tells me that Joshua is gonna die... Which kinda sucks, since he's sorta one of my favs.

Too many things to do and not enough time >.

New Anime

Oct. 10th, 2004 08:39 pm
grifstar: (Ash)
Trying out some more anime now..

I think I'm gonna have to give up on Saiyuki due to rarity =(. Which really sucks, becuase now I'm gonna have to spend probably over $100 to find a boxset or something. Chrno Crusade is also falling into that same fate. However luckly I just found a boxtorrent of the remaining eps I need, plus probably 5 that I already have =/.

Started Bleach today though, a bit stereotypic, but still somewhat interesting. Hopefully it won't disapoint me too much. I find it strange now that most of the things I been getting/seeing are now ghost related o.o (Bleach, Phantom Brave, Hikaru no Go, etc). HnG is... odd though. I mght try out the anime, but finding it will be the hard part.

Still have that list I need to go through. Still have lots that I need to complete too.. Not enough time in a day I swear -_-

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