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It seems I finally got back into downloading more anime again.. ._.;

Black Cat - I been hearing some good things about it so I finally decided to give it a shot.. Sadly I didn't know ANYTHING about the series itself when I first watched it. But it's nothing like what I was thinking it would be, so life is good ^^;

Bleach - More like getting caught up in it. I was into it like a year ago and then majorly fell behind. But now it's catching my interest again

Trinity Blood - Originally found the series from [ profile] dragontrap and still not very far in it. I actually started in the end of summer but just never continued until recently (I dunno why but I been out of an anime faze for more than a year now O.o;).. I honestly hate 'vampire' themed stuff, mostly because it gets way too overly done.. But I made an exception for Trinity Blood for it's lack of clicheness... which is a good thing o.o;

Shakugan no Shana - .... I'm really, REALLY glad I went to Expo last year. Because I doubt I would have gotten this series at all. In fact it's probably the only series right now I'm actually addicted to, and that's kinda scary o.o;. It still kinda has a Matrix-y Bleach feel to me.. Still weird, but I'm hooked XD;;;. It's shows like that that I wished weren't 26 episodes long.. I can only hope that they don't try to end it terribly..

Yami no Matsuei - Spoon-fed series by [ profile] pride_no_edo... Eh, I dig XD;;

... I have weird taste in anime... o.o;
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Instructions: Check those you have seen. For TV and OVA series, you have to have watched at least one full episode. For one-shot stuff like films, you have to have watched the whole thing.

Hurzah )</lj-cut
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Anime(and/or manga) I should really get back to:
Trinity Blood
Tactics(even though so far it's not what I thought it would be, but I'm still in the beginning of it)

Movies I must see:
Goblet of Fire (..... Why do I feel like I'm the last person who knew it came out? ~_~; )
Narnia/The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (ahahaha, I remember when my 3rd grade teacher read that book to us too, I barely remember anything from it though XD)

Giftarts - ... I'm sorry Izzy, but your piccie from me is gonna take a bit longer to do ;_;.. I doubt Shindou's will be on time too ><
Karn reffie - ... is actually drawn, but needs coloring.. unless I scrap it and start over again ><

... I can't wait for the next chapter for FMA... I get the feeling it's gonna be a good one.. Well, probably not good-good, but just interesting to say the least o_o;..... also kinda amazed at how much chaos 53 has made to the fandom XD(it's like Ed dying all over again XD;;)... *coughistillsayhelookstoomuchlikemoofycough*

.... so let's see.. I found ways to make that AMV easier to put together, still need to make my X-mas list for mom.... I have too much to do @_@
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I like no school.... because no school = sleeping in, and sleeping in = happy Grif ^^

..... This also makes Grif happy*however crosses fingers in hopes for no Gordon and the rest of that bunch* ;_;.

I also almost forgot about chapter 53 o.o;... *waits patiently for that to be translated* ^^;.

... *goes back to the millions of other things once started*
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I've waited SO long to say this..... FMA MOVIE SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD!! )
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Well... I now HAVE a sub.... but being that my bitchy internet doesn't want to be my friend... I can't downlaod it >
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Once again, I seems I accidently picked up things I rather not know about. And it makes me sad ._.. Though luckly, I didn't read everything, but still.. ><. Thank you people for not having warnings.

So, I guess that makes random vague/hintful spoiler of the movie #2.. or 3 ._.;. At least I still don't know much, and how everything goes in the long run. But at this point, I think the sooner I find a sub, the better ._.

It also seems like I'm usually a lighting rod for finding out character deaths sooner than I should know.. I can't name just how many times that has happened in many other series @_@
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Someone pinch me now *o*... *later gets pinched by a ton of people* oww.. x_X;;

*bounces around and waits for a fansub*
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Yup yup.. I'm now getting back into the downloading anime business (after getting rid of old ones I never finsihed and we just taking up space XD;;)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Wolf's Rain
Slayer's Next
One Peice
Star Ocean EX
El Hazard The Wanders
Inuyasha Season 5
Shaman King
Tweleve Kingdoms
Witch Hunter Robin

plus a few movies

Yes.. mostly older anime. And mostare ones I just need to finish still ><

And also I'm using Winmap now.. hurzah?
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This little message has JUST made my day:

"Disgaea Anime (2005-06-27 10:30:26)
Rondo Robe, a division of Geneon Entertainment Japan, announced at the 2005 Rondo Robe event that an anime based on the Disgaea PS2 game is in production. More details regarding the anime are expected to emerge at the summer Comiket. Thanks to Dennis R for this item. Source: MoonPhase [ discuss (17 posts) ]

I've waited for this moment to happen.... *ish happy* ^_^. I can only hope that it doesn't completely ruin what little, and mostly cracked out, story Disgaea had to offer(on the other hand, it could also make it a whole lot better)

Also: I saw a trailer for this series. Or at least, I pretty damn sure that was what I saw(judging by what I'm pretty sure look like magazine or manga covers I've seen). But now I wish to learn more about it, because that trailer thing at Expo really got me interested. Though I'm pretty sure it's not as good as it looks, as most things are.

And now pointless quizzes:

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

handcuff key
You're the key to handcuffs. You set people free,
or maybe lock them up. You can be sought,
fought over, and valued. Be careful who you let
use you; you can be an instrument of justice or
injustice depending on your choice.

What sort of key are you and what do you unlock?
brought to you by Quizilla



Jun. 20th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Alright.. more of an update:

The remade trim is nearly done.. in fact I might be able to completely finish it before I go to bed if I pound at it for the next hour or so.

.. and jacket is still in peices.. -_-;;. Ran to some technical difficulties. So it's getting delayed to tomorrow. But hopefully it should be done by then and all would be good and happy, yey.

But in other somewhat pointless fandom news:

Tis not fair I say.. ;_;.. they only wish to taunt us with shinies. Though I'm starting to get a few predictions what's gonna happen. I just dunno if I'm right or even close though, heh.

Got only one more month left to go though.. and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be atleast one brave soul that's gonna video tape it and later manages to get fansubbed. So all might be good ^_^
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..... 98.7% COMPLETED ON MY FMA REDOWLOAD!!!!! *early celebrate*

It should be done by tomorrow now ^_____^(actually... make that today O.O)... god... and just WHEN did I start that torrent? XD

Oooo... I so see a series rewatch happening when I get out of school this week... ^^
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Damn, today was movie day for me O.o

Today at school I ended up watching about the beginnings of 3 different freaking movies, all in the same class. First period in that class I ended up watching some boring movie about some little boy and a girl being standed in a desert-ish place in Austrailia. Which nobody was even watching(including myself >.>), and I had no idea why we were watching it when only ONE person chosed it. Which lasted the whole period. Then the next period in that class we FINALLY got to switch movies. Which ended up being "Edward Scissorhands" (never seen it before.... but sadly... crack was filling my mind just by hearing that name... god I feel awful XD). It was on VHS, and then about 5-10 minutes into it.... it suddenly when into 15 minute long infomericals... So..... yeah...... somebody really botched that recording. Unless appearently the whole movie is secretly about an old lady telling a story about the wonders of removing rust stains and electric toothbrushes XD.

So instead we just watched another movie that I forget the name of. Other than it was based on the 50-60s-ish era and had something to do with gangs and a kid stabbing someone, w00.

... Then sure enough later on today I went out with my sister to see a movie with some of her friends. Since they sometimes go to Blockbluster and rent something.. So, eh, I thought I would tag along. Then sure enough, turned out to be an anime movie, the first Inuyasha one(which I have fansubbed and already seen it). So, yeah.. Spent like almost 2 and a half hours watching that... again. Then, we just HAD to go a see the Special Features afterwards.. >.>......

Word of advice... do NOT watch the Special Features for that. You'll just be ending up watching recaps for the next hour or so over pretty much every little detail that happens in like the first 60 eps... and none of it in order mind you x.X;. Pretty much, it was nothing else than endless cycles... yes, we get it now... Kagome.. Kikyou.... love triangle..... Shippou is useless...... swords of happiness and evil.... WE GET THE DAMN PICTURE NOW SHUT UP!!!

.. Gah.... I ain't much of the Inuyasha fan as I used to be.. it sorta dug it's own grave with too many eps and not enough of an actual storyplot to keep it up. Basically, wide but shallow. That's how I saw it after awhile >.>.
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Damn.. things have been really going my way lately O.o

For once in I don't know how many months, my torrent speed has decided "gee, let's be super nice to Grif and go at an adverage 80-85kb/s speed and make is 8.8gig download done in less than 24 hours if I keep it up" .. If it DOES decide to keep going like it (which is has for about the last 2 hours..) I'm seriously thinking about keeping it on all night seeing how I may never have this chance again.

I've felt brave enough (finally) to make a cosplaying avatar on Gaia, using up the money I was going to use to buy one of those cat plushies (since I got a free one instead ^^ *glomps Dragontrap once again XP*). Which went as a success. But only leaving me flat broke again... Now if only I could use my Gaian clothes for IRL, sigh ;_;

Also, God.... Why must I wait so long for the movie >< ?! That trailer got me so hyped up now.. Damn... That movie looks awesome. Gah.... *has that sad "Why must FMA be over?!" groggy feeling again and sulks ;_;* I still haven't gotten over that sadly.. I really do hate it when stuff end.. But that's why god made fanfics and rps(but they are never the same ;_;).. Though many are just horrid fandom. But some are great too.

(Note: I don't recommend people to watch the trailer unless they've seen the whole series)

At times like this, I really do wish that I knew Japanese save for just a few words that can't really make a sentence out of. Or lived in Japan for that matter. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about maybe taking a Japanese class sometime this summer.

*insert more bubblily fandom emotions* Sigh.. ^^........... damn I feel like such a fangirl but I can't help it >

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.... *cries* Why must the internet world be so cruel to me? T_T

I had such a huge urge to rewatch more FMA for the hell of it.. But cannot, since they are being borrowed (I wants them back, my preciouss.. >_>)... I been trying many attemps to redownloading it, yes, I'm actually that krazi right now. But, asking for something over 8gigs is not easy.. And it makes me sad. Because I'm missing my eps dearly =(.. (since there was also stuff that I wanted to do that required them anyway..). But I'm almost done with Slayers now, yey. But if anyone would be nice enough to send me those episodes, I would love them forever ;_;
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Being home alone all day has good and bad sides to it. You get to do anything without having people bugging you, however more times than not after halfway through you get bored as hell.

FINALLY watched Kino's Journey (finally forced the subtitles into submission, aha). It is bizarre, reminded me some of something I've watched before but not quite. Damn familiarity and bizarrement (are those even words? O.o). I wish I had a talking motorcycle though =(.. And going to have to someday find the rest of the series, along with my other tasks >_<. And then there was a Saiyuki trailor in the features area that I had to watch to see what they say about it. Which I don't even call it a trailor seeing how it was mostly just clips of everyone blowing up/killing things and quotes from companies who probably get paid just for saying good things about some movies/shows.. But Sanzo sounds weird O.o

And then I spent the rest of my time watching Slayers and random tv movies/shows.. Yey

But speaking about Saiyuki: Weirdest. Comic. Ever
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Well, somewhat good and bad news. I got one of my goals done, however it ended up being twice as much than I hoped for =/. But nonetheless, I have it now, but I took a somewhat big chunk of my money doing it.. Annoying people overpricing things when I can't find it anywhere else >_>..

Speaking of which, those "rumored" Disgaea figures will be released soon. Great, more stuff to eat my money >_<. But atleast I'm on break and will PROBABLY be spending my mornings working for Mark. I can only hope that. Actually seeing how I usually get 20-40 a day, I can probably pay off the boxset and regain that 100 I 'regretably' used up(and maybe more) this week if I did work everday. But that is my goal.

Also boredom has lead me into once again signing up in that community. Since all my other daily forum hangouts seem to be having a wave of death(or already did have one and still hasn't been active since). But I also think LJ greatly hates me. Since for reasons unknown I now can't costumize my layout so I'm literally stuck using pre-made layouts AND color schemes. And I can't put up image backgrounds either, so I do any testing with those and how they exactly work >_>..

And I watched ep 15 last night. Actually, I thought that episode was well done. I'm really starting to like Al's VA, and I'm getting more used to Scar's (since it didn't seem to really fit him at first IMO, heh). So it is best to say that the dub is progressively getting more tolerable. But mreh, I still like the subs.. But atleast alot of the people are trying hard, so I give some credit to them
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I fried my brains doing massive surfing on Gaia for events.. Taking a break for now (Just need that freakin' pin! >_<)

I am now on a non-Gaian quest: I've decided to hunt down the FMA tin boxset, eheh ^_^;. Sadly though, Target didn't have it, EB Games didn't either. Though somebody was nice enough to give us a hint that Bestbuy may have it. So maybe I can go there tomorrow morning, Julie was nice enough to take me to the other places, and she said that she might be able to help out more tomorrow, hurzah... Nothing else, if it's not there I'm just going to buy it online, though it might be more exspensive. But it is limited edition afterall and I dunno how long they will be out =/.

However.. I REALLY wish Julie will get off my case of not playing Arcadia and EQ anymore >_> (not like I can play Arcadia when SHE'S hogging up the tv 24/7). Reminds me, need to complete Broken Angel still, heh.

In other news: I have nothing to do now in both history and science, thus I usually spend the whole period drawing ^_^. Also I think my science teacher fell off the face of the earth because he hasn't been there all this week and last Friday o.o;.

But here is my week so far planned, goal wise:

- Work on coat
- Finish Arcadia and/or Broken Angel (which I feel close to the end, maybe not..)
- Work my ass off for Mark
- Find boxset
- Get all those wonderful items on Gaia
- Erm, draw


Feb. 14th, 2005 07:39 pm
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Why must my english/art teacher torture me so by forcing us to write horrid poetry? Let alone the fact that I actually hate poetry, but for it being the most idiotic stereotypical topics at I refuse to believe in. Whoever made the first love poem I hope was shot... or killed in some other form of death if projectiles weren't invented yet.

On the other hand though, I did in fact watched the first half of Princess Mononoke ^_^. That still feels VERY weird. First time I've ever watched anime in a school class (let alone something not a documentary or having limbs getting shot off.. Though sometimes around the last week of school some of my classes would have a 'fun movie' to watch)

Poor Envy, I can only hope you will sound better later on ;_;..

Yeah, lots of people weren't happy with Envy in the dub.. I wasn't too happy either. Gah, he sounds almost like some old lady *gonk*. I don't even think the voice itself even sounds good, and the 'delivery' of it doesn't seem to help much either... But for now. I can only hope that whoever is his VA (because right now I have no clue who it is) gets better ;_;. Otherwise, I can't imagine him sounding spiteful (with a pitch of twisted humor, yey) later..

Speaking of which though, I got the FMA vocal cds yesterday (erm, got meaning I downloaded ^_^;;). No like the Roy one, but the Ed has some kewl songs. Also got some other nifty OSTs ready to come in: Chrno Crusade, MKR, and Rearranged Zelda songs. But they are going slower than dirt, annoying bittorrent -_-*
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I never did like sporting.. Especially when people get very obessive over it for absolutely no reason.. *coughsuperbowlcough*

Also I wish my mom would stop giving me horrid things.. First that DBZ shirt, now the Yugioh crap. Heck, she even wanted me to go see the movie of it once X.x;.. Sure, right after I hang myself maybe. At this point, I don't her to get me anything anime related. Unless I say before hand.. Seeing how she only thinks of anime being idiotic cards games or people just screaming at eachother.. sigh. Pretty much anything "anime" she'll get me assuming I'll like it.. probably one of the worse ways to insult someone. It's like giving someone a basketball for Chirstmas when they just like soccer because it's both sport related (ironic example, heh).. it doesn't work out.

Yanno, really looking back at my "dubbie years"... Pokemon really is stupid when you really think about it. Series wise, it was probably the most unthought of, when it came to an actual plot per say. Ah, I'm so glad I've finally gave up on Pokemon though.. Sure the games help boredom.. but it seems that it's way too more obessive on bells and whistles rather than an "actual meaning". I think remember hearing that they are working on a new generation(as well as running out of duo versions), Diamond and Pearl. That's right, another 100 things to find, question it's existance, and wonder why the npcs act as stupid as they do... Reminds me of anyother ongoing game with lots of features than you'll ever use and still major story issues.. *cougheqcough*. Blah, no more Pokemon, I give. I could go on ranting about it for hours.. Some of the plotholes in it are just comical though..

I'm working for Mark again, hurzah for having some cash flow once again =P!

Episode 13 was actually pretty good I thought. I forgot that was also the first one with Fury (I THINK that's the first one with him, I can't recall any others).. He sounded a little odd, but meh. I think out of the recent dubs, I didn't like Fletcher at all. Didn't have much emotion at all >_<;.

I dunno, I still really dislike the dub.. Dispite the fact that actually I hear that Japan is being guidelines of what should be done and what shouldn't. Basically, ruling the dubbers with an iron fist XD, which is awesome because I've never seen something like that. Good to know that Japan is actually protecting it somewhat. But I still think that certain things really could have been better.. I guess they know what they are doing.

And in very random news... Laharl lost the grudge match ;_;.. Damn you Laharl haters...

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