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I'm seriously thinking about taking a shot at making some chibi fanart to use to make pretty things you would find in the artist alley at anime cons. (Particularly keychains as I now just FINALLY found what the plastic cases used from them are and where to find them.) I figure whatever money I can make from it will be my funds to by fun things from now on rather than just using everything I make from working part-time. It's also something I think I'd enjoy doing a whole lot more anyway so it'd be really cool if I could doubtfully turn it to something much bigger down the line. Annnnd it'll make me want to draw again too, besides just screwing around in photoshop.

At the moment I already really want to try making a set for 07, possibly some things for N1 too. Both of which probably seem like terrible choices when their fandoms are so small, but at the same time I do want to keep my 'quirk' to be things that generally go completely unnoticed by the mainstream and give fans of those rarer fandoms something special for once. Even if I still think my art is crap anyway.

Right now I'm sort of 'reverse engineering' an FMA keychain I got several years ago at AX, now that I finally got it to open. I'm just using it as an experimentation to test out different kinds of paper, and most of all, how good a finished 'product' will actually look. Before I end up buying like, 50 or so more of these and realized this ain't gonna work after all.

Gonna try to get some stuff drawn later |3

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