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So I come to find out that the light switches in both bathrooms all of the sudden stopped working. No rhyme or reason, other than it's probably the circuit breaker being stupid again At least that's what I'm hoping what happened because I'm at a lost what else it could be.

Calling Mark over tomorrow to check it since he knows more about electrical stuff than I do. It just means now I have to try to get up even earlier than I hoped. And just... yeah. I love getting paid and all, it's just times like this that make me also remember the other reason why I hate being employed, I swear to god it's like these companys just know which hours are gonna make everything else the most frustrating for you. Like yanno, giving you an early shift on the ONE DAY you have other things you suddenly have to take care of.

Oh and while I'm at it, Heald College: Stop. Fucking. Calling Me. Stop sending me crap in the mail. Stop everything. I thought I told you months ago, I'm not fucking interested.

Ugh.. how can so many things go wrong in less than an hour..
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