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Only had my 2nd day at Safeway and sadly enough, I think I actually do love it way more than my older job at Michaels.

Mostly because I'm not forever grounded in one area for 4+ hours and the only person forced to cashier for the entire shift, and people actually help you about where stuff is rather than only give you some register training and how to work the phone and then expect you to know everything. It's not like I didn't get along with anyone terribly at Michaels it's just that it got old fast being almost treated like shit everyday and on top of it occasionally getting bitched at by stupid customers.

Not that Safeway is the most glamorous job and I'd still rather avoid it completely if I could. It's just the little things I really appreciate about it, like having so much more freedom.

And just, income, I miss having that lovely thing too ;A;

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