Apr. 25th, 2011


Apr. 25th, 2011 12:23 pm
grifstar: (07G - Haku - Study tiems)
I had a dream last night that I managed to buy a tinydragon plushie at a mall (a rather decent looking one even), it made me the happiest ever.

Until I realized it was a dream ;o;

I hate so much when stuff like that happens.

On that note too, I also made the really retarded decision to order some more figurines online that won't be arriving until the same day my mom was visiting again (... buuuh). Unless they somehow get here earlier, it's gonna be a blast trying to ninja those away from her.

Also I'm sort of having a love/hate relation with WA5 lately. It's like the more I play it, the less it feels like it belongs to the series, besides your classic item names and blatantly ripping monster/enemy models from WA3 (no really, 90% of these things I've already fought before).

Still love it way more than 4, but it doesn't feel quite up to par with 3 or the other two before it. So far whatever the reason WA5 reminds me more of Skies of Arcadia with just a Wild Arms aftertaste, plot and everything Despite not remembering much about it. It's not terrible or anything, there's just a lot of things from the originals I miss, which I blame 4 for taking everything in the weird direction it is now. And since it's unlikely a 6 might ever exist.. ;^;

... Unless there's something really awesome that happens later that makes up for everything, I don't mind XD

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